A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 568 - Too Impatient To Wait

Chapter 568: Too Impatient To Wait

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“I really never received them.” Li Lei said and took his phone out for her to check.

Her call record was really not present in his call history, but Nangong Qingya’s was. Xia Ling stared at her name with a heart filled with anger. She could not help but look at the chat under her name. A short message was seen. [Young master Li, thank you for your companionship tonight. I look forward to meeting you next time.]

Li Lei replied with a smiley face.

Xia Ling glared at him. “You’re treating her so well!” She felt very wronged.

Li Lei was utterly overwhelmed. “Listen to me…”

At this time, his phone rang again. The caller ID was “Nangong Qingya.” Before Li Lei could react, Xia Ling directly answered the call and said, “Nangong Qingya, I advise you to give up. Li Lei is my boyfriend, not yours!”

She then viciously hung up the phone.

“Xiao Ling!” Li Lei was unhappy and snatched the phone back.

Xia Ling looked at her empty hands first and then unbelievably at the man in front of her. “You’re upset with me.”

“I will settle my own business.” Li Lei’s tone was a little dark. Old Master instructed him to treat Nangong Qingya well. If that woman went to report to Old Master, his relationship with Xiao Ling would be severely affected! He looked at her and said, “You’re too impulsive.”

“You’re blaming me for being impulsive?” Tears brimmed in her eyes. “Li Lei, have you had a change of heart?”

“How could I?”

“Well, you aren’t answering my calls but are having an ambiguous relationship with another woman!”

“I already said that I didn’t receive your calls.” Li Lei was restless with anxiety. “Xiao Ling, my phone signal is sent and received through a special satellite. Grandpa can easily intercept your call and not let me know!”

She shook her head and did not know if she should believe him. “But you promised to send me home. You sent Nangong Qingya home instead of me…”

“She said that she lived very far away. She also sprained her ankle and was afraid of being alone. In this sort of situation, I could only send her home. If she wasn’t happy and told grandpa, grandpa will only vent his anger on you.” Li Lei said.

“She sprained her ankle?” Xia Ling was very low and laughed mockingly. “Yesterday when I saw you two, in what way did her ankle looked sprained? On the other hand, I…” On the other hand, she truly fell flat on the floor and hurt her ankle so bad that she could not walk. “Li Lei, you believe such a pathetic lie?”

“I can’t not believe it.” Li Lei was even more irritated. “I have to treat her well in order for grandpa to treat you well.”

“Treat me well?” Xia Ling asked. “In what way has he done that after organizing a wife selection ceremony and inviting me over to humiliate me?! Li Lei, why can’t you just reject that banquet?!”

“That was part of the terms and conditions set by grandpa.” Li Lei said, “From now until three years later, I have to listen to him and go on blind dates. I can only marry you if I can’t find any suitable match after three years.”

“You’re lying. Your grandpa promised me that as long as I lived next door to Pei Ziheng for three years, he would accept me.”

“Accept you? Xiao Ling, do you realize the loophole in this statement? Accepting you doesn’t mean that he will agree to our marriage. He can marry you to a side branch of the family or someone else, and what will you do about it? A few days, I went to look for grandpa to negotiate, resolved this loophole, and immediately agreed to the blind date.”

Xia Ling did not expect the situation to be like this. Old Master Li was so insidious, using the same thing to control her and Li Lei. However, she asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was afraid that you would overthink.” If it weren’t for that fake invitation, Xiao Ling would not have known about his blind dating banquet. After this event peacefully ended, she would still rely on him unknowingly.

Why would he bother to make things more troublesome?

However, Xia Ling said, “I was really scared from last night until now, Li Lei. Do you know how awful I feel? I would rather you tell me the truth than live in the fear of losing you.”

Li Lei lowered his head to look at her.

In the faintly lit container, her cheeks were pale and her eyes were faintly watery. It was a sad sight. He couldn’t help but hug her and kiss her gently. “I’m sorry that you were wronged.” However, he said, “But Xiao Ling, you haven’t explained. What happened with you and Pei Ziheng?”

“Pei Ziheng and me?” Xia Ling was slightly stunned. She rubbed away the tears in her eyes. “It was just a coincidence. Last night, he found out that I was injured and came over to take care of me. Li Lei, you don’t care about me but also won’t let others care about me?” She aired her grievances and sounded childlike.

However, Li Lei grumbled. “He took care of you until you slept with him?”

“What rubbish are you talking about?!” Xia Ling’s eyes widened. “Li Lei, am I such a person in your eyes?”

“You already gave birth to a son for him.” His voice was gloomy. He really did not want to believe it, but Pei Ziheng’s words in the morning made sense, and he was also wearing pajamas in her bedroom. After she woke up, she did not realize anything strange. Perhaps in this game of love, he was really an outsider.

Li Lei tightened his arms around her.

She sniffed. It turned out that her son was now her sin. He did not know how desperately she tried to protect that child. In the end, the child still died… She was so sad but could not explain it and had to keep him in the dark to prevent him from being sad too.

However, he cared so much about it.

She decided that it was better if she told him the truth.

She should tell him that the child was not Pei Ziheng’s but his. In that case, would the thorn in his heart fade away?

However… if she said, the effort she put in to keep this a secret would be wasted. He had already tolerated so much jealousy and pain. Did she really want him to go through another bout of pain?

Her mind was in a mess.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Li Lei lifted her chin, heartbroken. “Xiao Ling, I only left for a night and you rekindled your romance with that man. Did you even consider my feelings?”

“Haven’t I considered your feelings enough?” She sobbed.

Li Lei looked at her deeply, lowered her head and kissed her. That was a very aggressive kiss which sought to proclaim her as his. She felt the pain and struggled a little, but she could not escape him.

After a long time, his lips finally parted from hers briefly. With a husky voice, he said, “Have you considered my feelings? Use your body to prove it to me.” He could not wait to have her and leave his mark on her to wash away what he saw in the bedroom that morning. Otherwise, once he thought about how intimate Pei Ziheng and her were, he would go crazy.

His hands snuck into her clothes.

“Li Lei, you’re crazy!” Xia Ling screamed and pushed him away. This was the crew’s container in the wilderness! He wanted to do this here? What if someone saw it by accident…