A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 434 - Too Innocent

Chapter 434 Too Innocent

“Fox, Jinx, Havid, and three powerful demons. Who would have thought that the conference would be held at Mamy Restaurant this time?” Outside the restaurant, Elizabeth was hiding on a large tree, and she peeked out from between the branches with a slightly surprised expression.

Looking at Fox’s expression… Is he holding a grudge against this restaurant? That half-dragon girl, Yabemiya, is also working here. Could it be… that Fox is onto her? Elizabeth thought to herself with furrowed brows. She didn’t know how she had ended up here, but when she saw this restaurant, the first person that sprang to her mind was Yabemiya.

That shouldn’t be the case. Her blood didn’t react with mine, and there was no reaction from the golden dragon pearl, either. But if Fox is onto her, maybe I should keep an eye on her as well. Elizabeth shook her head, and she looked on as Fox departed with difficulty through the use of a spell formation. Her eyes lit up upon seeing that, and she thought to herself, Fox seems to be really feeble at the moment, so perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to sneak into his living quarters. There might be more information about Father there.

A white large white snowflake appeared beneath her feet, and a white light flashed, upon which she instantly disappeared.

After everyone had departed, including Sally and Yabemiya, Mag closed the door of the restaurant before carrying the sleeping Amy and Ugly Duckling upstairs.

“Phew… That sure was an eventful day.” Mag smiled as he looked at two little fellas that he had just tucked into bed. A sense of exhaustion washed over him, and he made his way over to the bathroom.

Mag closed his eyes in the warm bath that he had drawn for himself, and he said internally, “System, I’ve secured the land, so the mission has been completed, right?”

“The rental contract has yet to be signed, so you don’t have the right to use that land yet. As such, the mission has not been completed.” The system’s serious voice sounded in response.

“Alright, then let’s wait for tomorrow.” Mag wasn’t in a hurry. He could afford to wait for a day.

Mag bathed in silence for a while before asking, “By the way, system, what tier is my power level at the moment?”

The system contemplated in silence momentarily before delivering its verdict. “Your situation is a little complex. Your physical properties are only comparable to a normal person’s, but your swordsmanship is comparable to a 4th-tier knight’s, your speed is comparable to a 2nd-tier knight’s, and your overall power level is somewhere around the pinnacle of 2nd-tier knights. You can briefly display explosive power comparable to a 4th-tier knight’s.”

Mag thought about this evaluation for a moment before asking, “So this is my interpretation. I can crush all 2nd-tier knights, I can put up a fight against 3rd-tier knights, but I might not win, and if I encounter a 4th-tier knight, I have no chance of victory unless the battle takes place at really close quarters. Is that correct?”

“That’s a good assessment. If you don’t want to die, then try not to engage opponents above the 3rd-tier in battle,” the system replied.

“I’m just a chef, so there’s no way I’d end up fighting a 3rd-tier knight. The more renowned I become as a chef, the fewer the people who will draw the connection between me and Mag Alex, and everyone will think that I’m just an ordinary chef with no combat prowess to speak of.” Mag raised his head, and a smile appeared on his face as he continued, “To be able to refine a certain craft to the extreme requires wholehearted dedication. Back then, Alex refined his swordsmanship to the extreme, so no one would believe that his sword-wielding hands would be holding chef’s knives instead. Cooking is the perfect way for me to defend myself.”

In the city lord’s castle, Vivian was holding onto Luna’s hand with a smile on her face as she said, “Luna, it’s so late already, so why don’t you sleep at my place. I’ll tuck you in.”

“I can’t, I still have lessons tomorrow.” Luna shook her head, and looked at Vivian with a stern expression as she said, “Besides, your symptoms have only gotten better recently, so you have to rest. Once you’re completely cured, you’ll be able to eat and do whatever you want, so just stay home and focus on recovery for now.”

“Tsk, you used to hold me and call me little sweetheart, but now, you’re pushing me away like a heartless lover. Have you found a boyfriend to replace me?” Vivian refused to let go of Luna’s hand. Her eyes narrowed as she inspected Luna’s face, and she said, “Have you fallen in love with Boss Mag? I can see your eyes sparkling whenever I mention him! When I think about it, though, he’s pretty handsome. He’s a little thin, but he’s quite tall, and his cooking is out of this world. He’s really kind and well-spoken, with good IQ and EQ. With the way his restaurant’s going, he must be really rich as well. He’s perfect in every single way, isn’t he?”

“Stop spouting nonsense! How could I have fallen in love with Mr. Mag? I only admire him for his personality and cooking skills. There’s nothing going on between us.” Vivian chuckled as she gently slapped the back of Vivian’s hand.

“Really?” Vivian fixed her skeptical gaze on Luna for a while longer, but it appeared that the latter wasn’t lying. Thus, a smile reappeared on Vivian’s face, and she said, “That’s a real pity. If you became his wife, as your best friend, I’d be able to get free food from his restaurant every day, and he might even let me eat a second helping of tofu pudding!”

“You sure have an active imagination!” Luna flicked Vivian on the forehead before releasing her hand as she said, “Alright, I have to go back now. It’s going to get dark soon.”

“That’s alright, I’ve already spoken to our coach driver, and he’ll take you home. My Young Mistress Luna is so beautiful, I wouldn’t let you go back on your own in the night.” Vivian smiled as she latched onto Luna’s hand again, and the two of them walked out the room.

After Luna got onto the carriage, Vivian looked at her with a cheeky smile, and teased, “Luna, you’re the young mistress of the Field Family, so you can’t just go falling in love with anyone. I’m the only one for you.”

“You can laugh now, but when you’re cured, your father is probably going to start setting you up on dates again.” Luna chuckled.

“If that’s the case, then I’d rather never be cured! When the suffering becomes unbearable, I’ll just go to Boss Mag’s restaurant for a grilled fish, and I’ll be able to live on.” Vivian clasped her hand over her heart with a pained expression.

“Don’t say that!” Luna glared at Vivian before stroking her hair with a sympathetic expression. A sweet smile then appeared on her face, and she said, “I don’t have any lessons on Tuesday afternoon, so I’ll go with you to eat some spicy grilled fish on that night.”

“It’s a date, then! I’ll go pick you up on Tuesday!” Vivian was immediately revived, and she turned coach driver as she said, “Charlie, take Luna back to the dormitory. You have to watch her go upstairs with your own two eyes before you come back.”

“Yes, Young Mistress,” the middle-aged coach driver responded before urging the horses into motion.

“Luna is perfect in every way, but she’s too innocent. I really do worry about her sometimes…” Vivian heaved a faint sigh as she looked on at the departing carriage.