A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 248 - You Became My Wife

Chapter 248 You Became My Wife

Calls came in on Lu Boyan’s phone incessantly since they had entered the room.

Lightly knitting his brows, he arranged the matters, which all related to Su Jianan, through incoming and outgoing calls.

The two tasks he needed to do now were clear: unveil the truth of the case, and minimize the impact on Su Jianan.

About forty minutes later, Lu Boyan finally set aside his phone. As he looked back, he was met with Su Jianan’s calm smile.

But Su Jianan’s tightly twisted hands betrayed her uneasy heart. She asked, “Is it complicated?”

“We are searching for the real murderer. Once we find him, our problems will be solved.” Lu Boyan rustled Su Jianan’s long hair to restore her peace of mind. “Eat first.”

Su Jianan nodded and smiled as she fiddled the food inside thermal container with chopsticks. “This is my first time eating the food my brother cooked for me.”

The three dishes and one soup were half veggie and half meaty. Su Yicheng cooked all of Su Jianan’s favorite dishes lightly, knowing that she couldn’t eat anything heavy.

Indeed, Su Yicheng had put some thoughts into it.

After a sip of the clam soup, Su Jianan nodded with surprise at the fresh and sweet flavor which overflowed her mouth and delivered a spoonful to Lu Boyan. “Perhaps Xiaoxi was conquered by my brother’s cooking that she easily accepted the relationship with my brother.”

Although knowing Su Jianan was just complimenting her brother, Lu Boyan still felt uncomfortable at heart and gloated, “It is the future father-in-law whom your brother needs to conquer now.”

Knowing that Lao Luo was only as stubborn as Luo Xiaoxi, Su Jianan could almost imagine the difficulties presented for Su Yicheng down the road.

She looked at her husband smilingly. “My brother is also your brother. Would you consider helping him?”

Lu Boyan lifted his brows and replied with an obscure evilness lurking under his deep eyes. “That depends on your performance.”

Su Jianan was stunned – what about her performance?

With some thoughts, Su Jianan vaguely comprehended his intention and couldn’t help but glare into Lu Boyan’s eyes – she was a murder suspect, yet he still had the mood to mess around?

“What were you thinking about?” Lu Boyan passed a bowl full of rice to Su Jianan and commanded, “Finish eating it.”

He just wanted her to eat?

Now that Su Jianan finally came to realize she took it the wrong way, she buried her face in the bowl of rice trying to hide her embarrassed hot cheeks.

In any case, Su Jianan happily finished eating the bowl of rice. In response to Lu Boyan’s request, she could say that “she performed well”.

Finally, she set down the bowl and said, “Boyan, you should go back.”

Lu Boyan’s eyes flickered and he stared at Su Jianan. Slowly, he understood.

Earlier, Su Jianan had purposely acted at ease so that he could go back free of concerns.

After all, she was still half of a law enforcement officer. She understood the regulations… and it was illegal for him to stay.

“I am well aware of the things I did not do.” Su Jianan looked serious and her thoughts were clear. “I also believe that Captain Yan will snatch out the real murderer soon and prove my innocence. The outsiders don’t know any better, and you have a lot more things to deal with. It will be more convenient for you to do it at home. I can stay here alone.”

“But I’m still worried.” Lu Boyan gently hugged Su Jianan around the waist. “I’ve arranged everything. Your brother and Shen Yuechuan will take care of it. Let me stay with you tonight, don’t worry.”


Su Jianan quietly dropped her eyes and brows and buried her head in Lu Boyan’s arms.

The previous rationality battled with the selfishness in her mind.

While reason told her to let Lu Boyan go back, selfishness told her to let him stay.

This was the first time she found herself in a position in which she couldn’t expect what would happen in the next second. Perhaps Captain Yan would snatch out the real murderer and restore her innocence, or she could be struck by graver news which would drive her into a deeper abyss.

No matter the outcome, she hoped Lu Boyan would stay beside her. But rationality had won the battle, and he should go back to handle the matters outside.

But Lu Boyan knew, more than anyone else, that she would be afraid so he would stay against all odds.

It was impossible for Su Jianan to admit that she wasn’t touched.

“The latest news, let’s take a look at the murder case which took place in central city at noon today…”

The TV was originally playing in the background, but news anchor’s voice immediately captured Su Jianan’s attention that she pulled her head out of Lu Boyan’s arms and looked to the screen like a little hamster.

Lu Boyan grabbed the remote control trying to turn off the TV, but Su Jianan held down his hands. “It’s fine. I want to see how the news had spread outside.”

Soon, Jiang Xueli’s face appeared on the screen.

In contrast to her usual arrogant appearance, Jiang Xueli had turned into a tragic mother within a half-day period. She looked into the camera with her swollen eyes and accused Su Jianan of murder in a hoarse tone.

Unlike when she was surrounded by multiple media, Jiang Xueli was actually serious about the interview this time and answered the questions in full details.

“I married into the Su family when Su Jianan was fifteen years old. She always thought that I was the cause of her mother’s death and she never accepted my daughter and me and always targeted us. I can’t believe that years of my sympathy and tolerance for her are in vain, and she actually killed my only daughter.”

“Yes, a few days ago at President Fan’s birthday party, she did say that she wanted my Yuanyuan dead. She had always spoken of such things over the years, and we usually endured her. But who’d thought she was this vicious…”

“Why did she do this? Now that she is the wife of President Lu, she’s got support. She doesn’t have to depend on the Su Family anymore. Her wings have grown strong that there’s no stopping her…”

Jiang Xueli cried as she spoke, projecting an image of a mother who had been tolerating her unreasonable stepdaughter for years but ultimately ended up losing her own beloved daughter. Without a doubt, all the audience in front of the TV probably sympathized with her.

As they sided with Jiang Xueli, they would surely grind their teeth at Su Jianan.

Had the news broadcast supported live comments, Su Jianan would probably be chastised to the bones.

Lu Boyan eventually turned off the TV and looked at Su Jianan. She was smiling with endless coldness and sarcasm.

“Su Hongyuan was the one who cheated in marriage.” Su Jianan ground her teeth. “At the time Jiang Xueli told my mom she had given birth to Su Hongyuan’s daughter, who was a few month younger than me, my mother was in poor health and was susceptible to stimuli. Now Jiang Xueli actually has the nerve to present herself as the victim?”

She had to credit Jiang Xueli’s ability to turn the facts upside down.

Soon, Shen Yuechuan called in and apologized, “The TV station wanted an exclusive interview with Jiang Xueli and she did not refuse. There was nothing we could do to stop. Jianan, I am sorry.”

“Jiang Xueli wanted the audience to wage war against me, while the TV station wanted higher ratings. It’s not your fault.” Su Jianan calmed down and asked, “How are they?”

Shen Yuechuan knew Jianan was asking about Su Hongyuan.

“Not so well. All affairs had been handled by the deputy general manager. Su Hongyuan… was last heard hospitalized in the ward on 7th floor. The financial crisis of Su’s company couldn’t hold any longer. Now that everything is a mess, if your brother had the heart to do so, he will soon be able to take over the company through a successful acquisition.”

“I understand.”

Su Jianan hung up the phone.

Understanding Su Yicheng’s character, Su Jianan knew that he would not make the move at this time period. Su Yicheng would never take advantage of other’s misfortune. But… was it a coincidence that Su Hongyuan lived in the ward downstairs?

Lu Boyan immediately read Su Jianan’s mind and asked, “Should I take you downstairs to see him?”

Su Jianan pressed her lips and eventually shook her head.

As for Su Hongyuan, Su Yuanyuan was probably his only and favorite daughter. He definitely did not want to see the suspect murderer of his daughter.

Besides, she had already terminated their relationship as father and daughter, why bother to see him?

Lu Boyan lightly sighed. “I will tell the hospital to take care of him.”

Su Jianan simply replied, “It doesn’t matter.”

The company assistant had brought over some urgent documents and Lu Boyan turned the living room into his office. Su Jianan followed him out for she did not want to stay in the ward which smelled like sterilized water. Clueless, Lu Boyan looked at her and she puckered a smile and vowed, “I promise I will not bother you!”

To increase the credibility of her promise, Su Jianan hugged a pillow, nestled on the sofa and watched Lu Boyan with innocence.

This was actually enough to affect Lu Boyan.

Feeling guilty, Lu Boyan quickly lowered his head and diverted his focus back on the document.

Although Su Jianan was not as active as Luo Xiaoxi, she couldn’t stand sitting like this for a long time either. Soon, her gaze began to sweep the room and finally rested on Lu Boyan’s laptop.

He didn’t seem to be using it, could he lend it to her for watching a movie? But would it disturb him if she suddenly asked?

Lu Boyan soon noticed Su Jianan’s longing look. He closed the laptop and handed it to her. “Don’t read web news.”


Feeling ecstatic, Su Jianan carried the laptop and rushed back to the sofa. She opened a video website and adjusted the volume to the minimum.

She was currently only watching one drama, and only one episode aired per week. Each episode was only twenty minutes long so that she finished watching them in an instant. Curiosity emerged once more.

Lu Boyan prohibited her from browsing web news, for he was concerned that the online discussions could affect her mood.

She also knew that she was looking for trouble, but… how her heart tingled with curiosity!

She peeked at Lu Boyan, who was focused on the documents. If she were to secretly browse the webpage, he couldn’t possibly notice it, right?

While she thought about it, Su Jianan clicked open a gossip website.

Expectedly, the entertainment gossip forum was almost swept by the news that the wife of President Lu was involved in a murder case.

However, this was not the most surprising finding.

What surprised Su Jianan the most was that several people suddenly emerged on the forum and claimed to be her college classmates. They welcomed questions from netizens who wished to know more of Su Jianan’s characters and the things she had done in college.

In college, she had always stayed away from any sort of disputes. Even she had forgotten what she had done.

Exactly when did she offend so many people?