A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 544 - A Wild and Bold Idea

Chapter 544: A Wild and Bold Idea

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Merlin was allowing the Matrix to absorb and refine a large amount of the Terra Maxim when suddenly his surroundings switched, and he was back in the castle once more. Before him stood the Legend Zado.

Merlin still held a huge “grudge” against the Legend Zado but this time, within the Maxim Subspace that the Legend Zado had built up so painstakingly, Merlin had wantonly “siphoned off” the Maxims. This had already caused the Legend Zado a “grievous loss”, so his current attitude toward the Legend Zado was more apologetic.

Nonetheless, the Legend Zado was overjoyed as he measured up Merlin, before nodding in satisfaction. “Not bad, Merlin. You’re able to survive for two months in the Maxim Subspace and must’ve obtained a special understanding of the five types of Elements. Essentially, you’ve established a foundation for becoming a Great Legend in the future. As my disciple, if you’re not even able to become a Legend, then don’t call yourself my disciple… Thus, although my methods are extreme and dangerous, they truly provided you with a foundation for becoming a Legend. I believe that even those Honored Legends wouldn’t have created such a Maxim Subspace purely for the sake of their disciples. The successful creation of this subspace had taken me numerous centuries.”

As a Spell Caster with five Maxims, the Legend Zado was naturally very proud. His disciple must become a Legend. Therefore, he had gone to such lengths to create this Maxim Subspace.

It was just that this method was fraught with danger. Out of all the Spell Casters who had entered, only one out of ten would survive. The Legend Zado had previously taken on a few genius Wizards but all who entered the Maxim Subspace, without exception, were incapable of enduring even the first Flame Subspace.

Merlin was the first Spell Caster to have “endured” the entire experience, and had thus passed the Legend Zado’s test. Naturally, the Legend Zado was ecstatic.

Nonetheless, Merlin felt rather helpless. He feared that there were no Spell Casters who would be able to survive the Legend Zado’s Maxim Subspace. This time, if he had not used the Matrix to absorb the power of the Maxims, he would not have survived either.

Moreover, even though he had come out of the Maxim Subspace in one piece, in truth, he did not gain much understanding and was still a long way from the Legend Zado’s expectations.

It was just that Merlin had no way of explaining all this. The Legend Zado smiled, and returned the Spatial Ring to Merlin but the black cat Didimoss remained in his grasp.

“Merlin, this cat is rather significant, being a life form that reverses the natural order. I want to research him properly… Be rest assured, I’ll return him to you after my research, and it’ll only benefit him!”

The Legend Zado gently stroked the black cat Didimoss while Didimoss gave two disgruntled snorts, “humph humph”, after which he closed his eyes and resumed his contented manner.

Merlin was quite powerless when he saw Didimoss’ attitude. During the two months he had spent on the Legend Zado’s shoulder, Didimoss must have had received many benefits, and had immediately “flung” Merlin to the back of his mind.

Following that, Merlin left the castle. The Legend Zado would stay in Arcane City for a while longer, and Merlin could look for him at any time. In truth, there was a limit to what the Legend Zado could impart to Merlin. Helping him establish a foundation for becoming a Legend was his greatest gift to Merlin. Other Spell Casters, even Great Honored Legends, would have no way of doing the same.


The Legend Zado instantly entered the Maxim Subspace. He came to the Terra Subspace, and examined the heavy Terra Maxim. After a long moment, a puzzled expression came over his face.

“Huh? Why does it feel like the Terra Maxim has diminished somewhat? It’s only a few years – has the Terra Maxim really been used up so much? Looks like this Terra Maxim I’ve consolidated isn’t stable enough, and there’s still a long way before it reaches its peak for me to become an Honored Legend…”

The Legend Zado thus started to replenish the Terra Maxim of the Terra Subspace. To become an Honored Legend, his Maxim must be comprehended to its peak. When one had a complete understanding of a Maxim, one would become a Great Honored Legend.

The peak Maxim of an Honored Legend was eternally stable, never fading away. Even if it had existed for millions of years, it would remain there if it was not acted upon by external forces. It was even more stable than the divinity of natural gods.

In fact, the Terra Maxim of the Legend Zado was already stable, very close to the peak of a Maxim but how could he possibly know that the Terra Subspace was missing a portion of the Terra Subspace because Merlin’s Matrix had absorbed and refined it? No matter what, he would never have thought that a mere Fifth-level Spell Caster could steal his Terra Maxim…

After flying out from the Legend Zado’s castle, Merlin left the place at the greatest speed possible.

“There are so many Maxims in the Maxim Subspace. Although a part of them was absorbed and refined by the Maxim, it’s only a drop in the ocean in terms of their overall volume. It’s such a tiny portion – surely the Legend Zado won’t realize this?”

The more Merlin thought about it, the more his lingering fear grew. His true secret was the Matrix, something which even the Great Legends were unable to understand. Though Merlin had never met the Ultimate Arcane Wizards, perhaps even they would have no inkling of the miracles of the Matrix.

If the Legend Zado’s suspicions were aroused because of this, then Merlin would lose more than he had gained.

It was fortunate that Merlin was merely a Fifth-level Spell Caster. No one would believe that a Fifth-level Spell Caster would be able to steal Maxims. It was a power on a completely different level.

Although it was risky, Merlin’s current harvest was huge. He checked on the special energy accumulated by the Matrix. Sixth-level spells would not be a problem, and he could even derive six new Seventh-level spells.

As to whether this energy could derive Eighth-level or Ninth-level spells, Merlin had no way of ascertaining. After all, each increase of a level of meant that the required energy would increase by multiple times.

Previously, Merlin had decided on attempting the Mind Tower but since he had so much energy, he changed his mind and returned to his residence in Arcane City. Following that, he started to derive the remaining four Sixth-level spells.

At present, Merlin already had an Eighth-level Mind Heart, and his Mind Power was more than sufficient, comparable to a Ninth-level Spell Caster at their peak. Constructing four Sixth-level spells was a walk in the park.

Of course, he had to derive first. Now, Merlin had two Sixth-level spells, Endless Flame, and Immense Thunder. Following those two would be Darkness-type, Ice-type, Earth-type, and Wind-type spells.

“Matrix, began derivation of Sixth-level spells!”

Merlin gave the Matrix this command. Instantly, a huge amount of energy was consumed, and the Matrix began deriving the remaining four Sixth-level spells.

“Hum hum hum.”

One after another, the Spell Models appeared in Merlin’s mind. First, it was Darkness-type spells. As there was enough energy or because he still kept any spell he came across in database though he had stopped focusing on populating it, therefore, there was a greater number of derived Spell Models for Darkness-type spells.

In general, Merlin had ascertained that a Spell Model with a hundred percent compatibility was a Perfect-grade spell. The more stable the Spell Model was, when he fused spells in the future, these Spell Models could withstand any slight tremors through sheer force, and would not simply collapse at a touch.

This would be very helpful when he fused had the Spell Models to become a Great Wizard.

“Begin simulating the Spell Model!”

The Matrix first derived Darkness-type spells. Merlin did not delay and directly picked a Spell Model. He mobilized his immense Mind Power and simulated the Spell Model in his Awareness.

His Mind Power was so tremendous that simulating the Spell Model was much easier. Merlin only had to spend two days to simulate his third Sixth-level spell into his Awareness.

“Not bad, there’s not even the slightest tremor. It should be a Perfect-grade spell as well!”

Merlin cast this Sixth-level Darkness-type spell. Instantly, Darkness Element pervaded the air and blanketed the entire room. It looked just like a cage but there were dangers hidden within it. Merlin only had to use his thoughts, and countless attacks would spring out from the darkness.

“This Sixth-level Darkness-type spell shall be named Darkness Cage!”

Merlin was very satisfied with the Darkness-type spell derived by the Matrix. Its might was decent, and it had a hundred percent compatibility. Even without testing it, Merlin knew that this was certainly a Perfect-grade spell.

Merlin found it difficult to imagine what kind of Wizard was able to rely solely on themselves to derive Perfect-grade spells. Wizard Nelar, who did not have the Matrix, and who was still first in the spell ranking, had constructed thirty Perfect-grade spells. What a number of Perfect-grade spells! Even Merlin was taken aback in pure admiration. This was expected of the foremost genius in a thousand years, a rare Seven-Elemental Spell Caster!

After deriving Darkness Cage, Merlin continued to derive the final three Sixth-level Spell Models. Spells which were derived by the Matrix were at least Excellent-grade.

Of course, Merlin had selected those Perfect-grade spells with a hundred percent compatibility. Respectively, they were the Wind-type spell Formless Wind, the Earth-type spell Enervating Loop, and the Ice-type spells Solid Ice.

These spells were basically built upon the Fifth-level spells with further strengthening and consolidation in terms of the spells’ might. In short, the Sixth-level spells were not an absolute upgrade. Merlin’s abilities were somewhat improved, but not significant.

Only Seventh-level spells could do that. Once he became a Seventh-level Spell Caster, Merlin’s six types of Pandora Demon Abilities could be upgraded once more, and their strength would flourish many times over. Many Pandora Demon Abilities could be upgraded to the third stage. Even those with only two stages could be upgraded to their second stage with Seventh-level spells.

Therefore, the Seventh-level was an inherent barrier. Once Merlin had passed it, his capabilities would increase tremendously. The power of his spells alone would be a match for a Great Wizard!

“I should go to the Mind Tower and see if I can expand my Mind Power. Then, I might as well directly construct all the Seventh-level spells, rising to the Seventh-level in one go!”

Merlin was now a Sixth-level Spell Caster. His cultivation pace was very rapid but he was still unfulfilled. With that colossal reserve of energy, the Matrix could immediately construct all Seventh-level spells. What was missing now was Mind Power.

As a Mind Power Master, Merlin’s current Mind Power was considered decent. If he could augment it by a bit more, he would be more assured in constructing Seventh-level spells, becoming a powerful Seventh-level Spell Caster in one stroke!

At this moment, a wild and bold idea had formed in Merlin’s mind.