Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 12 – Giant Golden Wolf

Chapter 12 – Giant Golden Wolf

There wasn’t a heat wave like on summertime and neither wind like a sharp blade on winter, only a gently mountain wind. If this place were in his previous life, then, this place would be certainly one of the most high quality resorts, a tourism place or maybe even a pension place!

Although Qing Shui was here, he didn’t understood completely, but the adults warned repeatedly that this place is dangerous. Although Qing Shui hasn’t found anything strange at the moment, he advanced forward carefully. Inside his heart, Qing Shui had an indescribable feeling, he wished to jump on the beast and unleash all his strength of his body.

On the head of the dead big bird had passed a pebble. Each one of the pebble that were on the hand of Qing Shui were not more than the size of a chicken egg!

Looking at his masterpiece, at the dead big bird, Qing Shui doesn’t know what type of bird is. The bird was very similar to the eagles he knows, but it size was very different. He endlessly sighed with sorrow because he used pebbles this time but if he had been his past self, the waste, the bird would have escaped!

The confidence comes from strength. Now Qing Shui knows; his future was brimming with infinite hope, like he could see his future happiness. He longed to live!

Suddenly, he felt like being looked, a feeling like someone was spying on him. You must know that when Qing Shui broke through the peak and reached the second layer, the ancient strengthening technique sharped his mind/spirit, so he was extremely sensitive. Even if Qing Shui doesn’t know from where he was being watched, he can roughly determine the place and the distance!

“Thirty meters behind a blue tree there are two people!” That was the place that he could feel. What are they, he doesn’t know!

Qing Shui was motionless, making an incomplete fist with both hands and tightly locked with his mind the two things that were behind the blue tree. Qing Shui didn’t dare to move recklessly because he is aware that if they were beasts, they could run the thirty meters in a wink so he can only rely on his strength. Qing Shui hopes on being capable to settle this dispute with his two pebbles, with his nimble solitary fist. He doesn’t know why, but he feels that the two things back there are going to be difficult to deal with!

The time was passing slowly, and in the hands of Qing Shui, the two pebbles were soaking with sweat. Qing Shui is aware that this cannot continue because if he no clears his mind, then, the enemy would succeed in their sneak attack!

The sunset was setting, and between the woods was filled of shadows. Qing Shui was able to focus on it, and behind the tree was exposed a shadow. Naturally, it was the shadow of a beast, which resembled a wolf, but it was a little bigger than it!

Qing Shui guessed that he was right, only a wolf would be so cunning and an expert to have such patience in mounting a sneak attack!

Imbued with strength, Qing Shui was determined to bring the enemy out!


Qing Shui fired the pebble that was on his left hand imbued with strength to the head of the shadow!

Pa! A burst of dust rose!

At once, a big shadow came out from behind the tree charging!

Although Qing Shui was mentally prepared but having it jumping to him startled him. This was a giant golden wolf; his body was more than three meters long and its height almost two meters. It had a huge body nevertheless was exceptionally strong and healthy. The muscles of its whole body full of strength looked extremely overbearing!

Its pair of eyes with ominous glint showed caution, like they were about to jump on Qing Shui!

“This is a wolf? It’s too big and compared with a water buffalo is more robust and big so without doubt it has to be more powerful. I remember in my past life when I went to the zoo. You cannot compare the golden wolf with a lion; its immense, robust and formidable strength of its claws cannot be compared!”

It cannot help that Qing Shui is afraid; it was his first time finding a situation like this. Even if he was aware that he has a big power, before his eyes is a big wolf weighing more than 500 jin plus its formidable agility and strength. Qing Shui can only think about being afraid!

Qing Shui is aware that the pebble on his right hand can be his salvation!

In a split second, Qing Shui though about many things, about his grandfather, about his mother, about his uncles comparing notes while practicing martial arts, and although no one ever compared notes with him, Qing Shui is aware that he cannot fall in fear. Rapidly he put his hand on using the solitary nimble fist to hold back the attack and retreat backwards!

Thanks to his enlightenment, Qing Shui reached the condition where he could use the solitary nimble fist as he pleases. He didn’t dare to approach the giant wolf, but he had to test how big its strength was!


Using rapidly the solitary nimble fist, he beat three times the front legs of the giant wolf, and between these, he slapped the wolf’s head but his arms went a little numb!

The wolf’s head was like iron, its tail like copper, and its waist like tofu. Qing Shui in this moment is aware that the wolf’s head was of iron but compared with the water buffalo’s waist was not inferior at all. Qing Shui knows that its composition doesn’t fit the giant wolf!

The golden wolf stopped in front of Qing Shui again taking measure of Qing Shui. Originally the wolf was going to eat the big eagle but didn’t expect a human child and less that it would make feel that it was dangerous to him, so the wolf decided to mount a sneak attack!

After fighting for first time, Qing Shui was no more restless like in the beginning, instead gradually he felt calm and excited, he felt like putting all his strength!

His first were tightly clenched but they were not holding any dead beast and in that time, the ancient strengthening technique was flowing though his body. Qing Shui felt like his strength were rising without stopping. At the beginning when Qing Shui was frenetic, he hadn’t displayed his true strength, so now he wanted to test how big his strength was. He decided to test his strength without holding back, but if he isn’t careful, he could lose his life!

Perhaps the idea of Qing Shui fighting angered the giant wolf; the wolf raised the head and howled. It was like with its howl, it was imposing under the heavens. That howl also let the instinct of Qing Shui satisfied. The Giant Gold Wolf’s momentum rose and its robust body were like a big wall!

Ao! (TN: Wolf Howl)

With a loud and clear yelling, one more time the Giant Golden Wolf threw his immense body with full force towards Qing Shui, attacking him. Afterwards the Giant Golden Wolf opened his ferocious mouth to take a bite of Qing Shui’s head!

This time Qing Shui gradually calmed down. Qing Shui was looking at the Giant Golden Wolf which was closer and closer. Instantly, Qing Shui extended straight his right hand and used all of his accumulated full strength, rapidly hitting it!


The pebble flied towards the Giant Golden Wolf’s mouth. The yelling was ear-piercing!

The moment when the pebble hit, Qing Shui didn’t retreated instead he advanced, and with his hands crossed, like an mud fish the pebble soared into the sky from downwards of the Giant Golden Wolf body!



Suffering a fracture, a loud scream came!

It hit the elbow of Qing Shui. Retreating, Qing Shui looked at the corner of the Giant Golden Wolf’s mouth filled with blood but then fell on his back legs, looking with fear of Qing Shui!

Qing Shui’s heart was very calm; just now he took big risks, if the pebble didn’t had any effect, then Giant Golden Wolf with all his strength could catch off guard at Qing Shui!

Wolfs by nature are cunning, even if they are in that condition, Qing Shui didn’t dare to be careless. He carefully was watching the Giant Golden Wolf, its whole body was already wretched and its highly willpower exhausted!

Now, looking at the seriously injured giant wolf, Qing Shui was relaxed. He feels his whole body lacking on strength and even he was only half-consciousness, but above all, he was swaying when standing!