Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 1908 - Sailing on the Same Tack

Chapter 1908: Sailing on the Same Tack

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When Zhang Tie killed Versatile Demon Emperor in Deities Plain, Zhang Tie had already acquired Tadpole Runes Sutra . Until now, Zhang Tie’s state still told him that he could only gradually recover despite with Tadpole Runes Sutra . His current state was actually much worse than that in others’ eyes.

To a certain degree, everything in this world complied with the law of cause and effect or the principle of equivalent exchange.

The law or the principle was suitable for energy exchange, individual achievements, trade, life for life and the development of a country or a society. If one wanted to acquire great strength in a short period of time, he had to pay a high price for that.

After activating his ancestral bloodline of battle god, Zhang Tie acquired 10 times more battle force immediately. Of course, he felt pretty satisfied killing two demon emperors and so many demon generals in Nine Heavens Big Domain. He even acquired great prestige across Motian Realm due to that. However, he had to pay a high price for that. To be honest, if it were not Zhang Tie, anyone else who could activate his ancestral bloodline to such a level must die together with his opponents in the end. For instance, in the contest for the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, when the elder of Lu Clan was heavily injured in the heavenly treasure ball, he activated his battle god bloodline and killed 6 opponents in a split second; meanwhile, he blew up himself too.

If not Zhang Tie’s abnormal Manjusaka Immortal Fearless Kingkong Roc King Body, his senior recovery body, his superb recovery speed of spiritual energy and battle qi, so many fruits, especially fruits of source that he had taken and everything of Six-Armed Demon Emperor, Zhang Tie might have long left a supreme legend about dying in his prime in Motian Realm.

To a certain degree, Elder Lu’s result was normal. By contrast, Zhang Tie’s current result was a bit abnormal.

After over one month’s recovery, although Zhang Tie had already come out, he had not fully recovered yet. He only got 70% of his overall battle force. It would take him at least 2 more months to completely recover his battle force. Even though he could completely recover his battle force in over 2 months, he could not activate his battle god bloodline in at least one decade. If he had to activate it, he had to face a sharp decline of his overall strength and the collapse of his chakras, in which situation, he would drop to a lower realm.

However, the others didn’t know these secrets at all. After seeing Zhang Tie killing two demon emperors in such a short period of time, no immortal emperors or demon emperors dared challenge Zhang Tie anymore. Even though someone had guessed that Zhang Tie had to pay for that to a certain degree, nobody would like to try it at the risk of their own lives. Additionally, it was easy for Zhang Tie to kill ordinary supreme immortal generals even now.

In the eyes of those elders and presidents of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, even though Zhang Tie looked a bit pale, nobody would doubt his battle force. However, if Zhang Tie had to kill another demon emperor at this moment, he might have to pay an unaffordable price for that.

Not knowing why, the Tadpole Runes Sutra floating in his mind sea suddenly reminded Zhang Tie of the bet between him and Feng Cangwu. ‘I wonder how Feng Cangwu would look like if the contents of Tadpole Runes Sutra could make my conception come true.’

Zhang Tie then revealed a faintly odd smile.

‘Dear friends in Taixia Country, I should come back soon.’

‘And Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion, when they see me back as a sage-level knight, Taiyi Old Man and the other sage-level knights might look very splendid.’

Unconsciously, Zhang Tie became a bit absent-minded…

“Ahem… ahem… there’s another thing that needs Your Majesty’s agreement!” When those elders and presidents saw Zhang Tie’s odd smile, they didn’t know what he was thinking about. They even thought that Zhang Tie was confident of completely destroying Dark Emperor Immortal Palace before killing Versatile Demon Emperor. Therefore, they were more in awe of him for his farsightedness and prudence.

“Go ahead.” Zhang Tie replied as he watched Elder Ying Gucheng.

“Over the past one month, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace has already received the requests of many supreme-level immortal generals for joining us. There are three supreme-level immortal generals in Dragon Emperor City who want to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Some supreme-level immortal generals have already sent their letters to pay a formal visit to Your Majesty.”

When Ying Gucheng spoke, Heavenlysafety Building became quiet at once. They could even hear their own heartbeats. Those presidents moved their eyes onto their own desks as if there was a flower on their desks. Those elders just lowered their eyes and watched their noses.

It was a sensitive and tricky problem. Besides Zhang Tie, those elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace were not even supreme-level immortal generals; instead, they were just fire-level immortal generals. Therefore, their positions would be threatened once new supreme-level immortal generals joined them. However, without the help of new supreme-level immortal generals, these elders couldn’t win enough respect on some occasions. Actually, their battle forces couldn’t even match the current position of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Star Emperor Immortal Palace and Force Emperor Immortal Palace had already absorbed a large number of supreme-level immortal generals. How could Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace lose the battle in talent contest?

Zhang Tie looked around as he became crystal clear about their thoughts immediately. He then asked them, “Elders, what do you think about it?”

“Your Majesty, I remember that you wanted to recruit some supreme-level immortal generals for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Now that some supreme-level immortal generals want to join us, it symbolizes the rejuvenation of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Additionally, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace indeed needs more supreme-level immortal generals. We’ve negotiated with each other about it. We will support Your Majesty’s decision!”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Tie burst out laughing suddenly as he said, “Elders, what was true then isn’t true now. At that time, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace indeed needed supreme-level immortal generals’ protection. Of course, I dreamed about having some supreme-level immortal generals’ help. But now, what those supreme-level immortal generals can do for us? Over these years, when Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was at the critical moment, it was you who sailed on the same tack and forged ahead with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is finally reaching its heyday. Why didn’t those supreme-level immortal generals join us at that time but now? Now that they didn’t share hardships with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, why do they ask for sharing happiness with us now? Therefore, it’s not necessary for them to join us, not necessary…”

Watching the heroic Dragon Emperor, all the elders almost dropped off tears sincerely. After hearing Zhang Tie’s words, they all felt worthwhile about their persistence over these years, worthwhile…

“Your Majesty, you can never do that. We’ve already known your opinion. We already feel do not regretful after hearing your words. However, we four will never hinder the development of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Your Majesty. We’ve already determined to resign and enter secluded cultivation after Your Majesty comes out and Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is on the right track so that Your Majesty could choose other capable talents!” Long Jiutian said immediately.

“Capable talents? What are capable talents? You’re capable of talents in my eyes. You’ve been fire immortal generals for hundreds of years. You’ve long laid a solid foundation. You’re only one step away from being supreme-level immortal generals. It’s just a piece of window paper. It’s easy to break it!” Zhang Tie said decisively with a smile.

After being temporarily stunned, those elders widely opened their eyes at once as they all gazed at Zhang Tie with unbelievable looks.

“Your Majesty, have… have… you got a method to help us… promote to supreme-level immortal generals?” Luo Yunshang asked as her voice quivered.

If others said such words, those elders would never believe in that. However, it was Zhang Tie who said that. Therefore, those elders became spirited at once out of their control…