Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 313 - Levelling Up Starts From the Fiery Scorpion

Chapter 313: Levelling Up Starts From the Fiery Scorpion

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Zhang Che couldn’t help but wonder after hearing what Sun Lan said. -What matter is it? Why haven’t I heard her mention anything about it before?-

“Mom, what is it? Just say it; I think Uncle Huang will be happy to help.”

Sun Lan looked to be thinking of the past. She began to slowly talk about it.

It turned out that she wasn’t born and raised in Qian Wei City. Her hometown was actually Tian Xing City, about ten thousand kilometers away from Qian Wei City. The day before the new age dawned upon Mercury, she was coincidentally here at Qian Wei City on vacation with her parents, and went through the cataclysmic event on that day.

During the chaos, Sun Lan’s mother died from the attacks of the exotic beasts, and her father was severely wounded, too.

What happened after was very simple. After the dawn of the new age, traffic between cities was cut off. After Sun Lan’s father recovered from his injuries,they found out that it was already impossible for them to return to Tian Xing City due to the exotic beasts’ threat to human safety.

In addition, due to his lack of spiritual strength, Sun Lan’s father was unable to become a beastmaster and could only work odd jobs, barely managing to raise Sun Lan into an adult, and died to a sudden break out of a hidden illness in the end.

After Sun Lan married to Zhang Che’s father, since he was only a low-tier beastmaster, their family wasn’t able to support Sun Lan to look for her relatives in Tian Xing City. This matter was thus left unsettled.

Now that Zhang Che had achieved success, and was soon to become the Huang family’s son-in-law, Sun Lan’s suppressed wish naturally surfaced and grew stronger by the day.

Of course, Sun Lan’s ancestors were probably gone after decades. In her parents’ generation, her mother was an only child, but her father had a younger sister. She was only about ten years older than Sun Lan. If everything went well for her, she would surely still be alive.

“Don’t worry, mom. I’ll tell Uncle Huang about this matter later and ask him to help investigate. If that aunt is still alive, we’ll surely find out,” Zhang Che nodded and promised her.

It was only after listening to Sun Lan’s story that Zhang Che found out how lonely she had been all these years, especially since they came to Bei Du. She didn’t know anyone here, and it was impossible for him to always be with her at home. Naturally she would miss her kin from long ago.

Zhang Che could even foresee Sun Lan becoming ill again from depression if this dragged on. This was something he didn’t wish to see happen.

So, he gave her his promise very straightforwardly. He even thought to find Huang Juyun and tell him about this matter later, and ask him to help investigate this great-aunt of his whose life or death was unknown.

“Xiaoche, forget it if you can’t find her. It’s not good to trouble others,” Sun Lan told Zhang Che, worried that this might be too much of a trouble.

“It’s fine, mom. This is only a small matter,” Zhang Che smiled. This was indeed no big deal for the Huang family. Given their status in the army, they only needed to make a call to the military stationed in Tian Xing City, and they would probably find out very soon.

After thinking for a bit, Zhang Che opened his personal terminal and called Huang Juyun right then and there.

“You’re home, Xiaoche?”

“Mhm. I just got home. It’s like this, Uncle Huang. I want to ask you for a favor…”

Zhang Che went straight to the point, and told Huang Juyun about Sun Lan’s matter.

Huang Juyun laughed out a hearty laughter and immediately gave his word, “Hahahaha, it’s fine. This is no trouble. Let me know the specifics. I’ll make a call to Tian Xing City later; I’ll let you know immediately if there’s news.”

“Thank you so much, Uncle Huang.”

Zhang Che hurriedly told Huang Juyun the specifics regarding Sun Lan’s aunt, and thanked him once again. After ending the call with him, Zhang Che looked at Sun Lan and said, “You can rest at ease now, mom. With Uncle Huang helping, as long as that great-aunt of mine is still alive, we’ll surely find her.”

Sun Lan revealed a hopeful smile and nodded, saying, “I’m so grateful to Sun Lan’s father. Xiaoche, maybe we should find a day and invite their family over for a meal as thanks.”

Zhang Che waved his hand, “No need for that, mom. Uncle Huang is very busy with Qian Wei City’s matters. I suppose he’s already heading back on a plane. Maybe in the future. We’ll have lots of time for both our families to have a meal together.”


Zhang Che had lunch with his mother at home, then went to visit the villa next door.

This place was bought by Huang Juyun. Now, Liu Gang’s squad of three were stationed here permanently, protecting Sun Lan in the dark, in case the Japanese came to stir trouble.

Meeting Zhang Che again, Liu Gang and the others were very respectful of him.

When they witnessed Zhang Che’s strength while helping with his training previously, they only admired him. Now that each of them had received at least one mid-tier legend-quality subdued beast, their view towards Zhang Che was completely different.

It could be said that in their hearts, Zhang Che was as good as their young master.

-What should I do now?-

Zhang Che wasn’t someone who could stay quiet. Without having something to do, he kept feeling a void in his heart.

He would definitely be going to the beast world, but now was not the time.

He just returned from the secret plane, and had multiple near-death incidents. He needed to rest for some time first.

However, he just couldn’t feel comfortable if he stayed at home every day.

-Why don’t I try to see if the cultivating direction according to my data eyes work? Many of my babies have the potential to advance to divine-quality. If I can’t increase their levels first, they’ll be stuck at this bottleneck…-

Zhang Che was moved when he thought of this. At present, he was already very strong, but had come to an important bottleneck. Without an epic-quality subdued beast, he just couldn’t feel truly assured.

Zhang Che wasn’t really worried about the threat of the Japanese Miyazaki clan, however. It was mainly about the fourth beast swarm in about three years’ time. If he didn’t have a few epic-quality beasts at that time, Zhang Che was worried that he might not get through it.

Also, that mysterious force behind the demonic flower was like the Sword of Damocles, ever hovering over his head. Gods knew when would it suddenly came slashing down at him with an unstoppable force contained in it.

If he didn’t plan ahead, was he supposed to just surrender obediently when the time came?

However, at present, finding the ingredients his capable babies needed to advance to a higher level wasn’t something that could be done in mere days, either.

Not only that, Miss Tienan was only barely at the entry level of beast card cultivation. She would probably not be able to concoct the more complicated cultivation fluids.

She still needed more practice!

Zhang Che immediately thought of the Fiery Scorpion.

That fellow’s level was only at two-star. Using it as practice was the best choice.

Moreover, it was his and Miss Tienan’s love token. Choosing to raise its level first held extraordinary meaning!

Of course, the most important reason was that the Fiery Scorpion was a poison-type beast card. The ingredients needed to raise its level was mostly the venom of various poisonous exotic beasts, or poisonous plants found in the beast world. Although many ingredients were needed, they weren’t rare, after all. Wanting to gather a set of them was truly not difficult.

Zhang Che immediately said goodbye to Sun Lan and went out. He flagged a taxi and went straight to the exotic beast materials trading hub at northern Bei Du.

Here, he could buy pretty much all of the ingredients he needed to raise the Fiery Scorpion’s level!