Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1089 - Third Master Has Transformed Into a Super Dad (Part Seven)

Chapter 1089: Third Master Has Transformed Into a Super Dad (Part Seven)

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“It’s okay. I’ll bring you guys there,” Yan Rusheng said plainly. “I have to eat too, anyway.”

Immediately, he bounded for the door of the main lobby.

“Oh.” Su Yue followed behind Yan Rusheng, hand in hand with Bai Jing.

The hospital was located in the city area, so the entire vicinity was filled with restaurants, ranging from small to large or even high-class to normal ones.

Yan Rusheng walked along the road and swept his gaze over the area. He looked at Su Yue and Bai Jing and asked, “What do you both want to eat?”

Without waiting for a reply, he added, “I think all the restaurants sell chicken wings!”

If not, this little lass would definitely mention her beloved chicken wings.

Su Yue pressed her lips together, not saying anything.

“I’m fine with anything,” Bai Jing replied suddenly. Her voice was still soft, but clear.

She looked at Yan Rusheng and smiled faintly.

“Then let’s go there,” Yan Rusheng suggested, pointing at a restaurant across the road. The restaurant looked pretty decent.

“Mm,” Bai Jing agreed and nodded.

Although it was a mere reply, it seemed like it took her a lot of courage.

They crossed the zebra-crossing with Yan Rusheng leading the way.

Su Yue and Bai Jing followed behind him. Yan Rusheng looked like an adult bringing two kids out.

Yan Rusheng was recognizable anywhere he went. The moment he entered, a young waiter recognized him immediately, his eyes brightening.

“Third Master,” he greeted almost uncontrollably.

Yan Rusheng walked straight into the inner section of the restaurant. It was the peak lunch period, and since the restaurant was situated directly opposite the hospital, it was packed.

Everyone started taking out their phones to sneak a picture of Yan Rusheng.

Given Yan Rusheng’s status, to outsiders—as much as he didn’t want to admit it—he was considered a celebrity.

Naturally, everyone would try to ask him for an autograph or picture. People would crowd around him whenever he was around.

Yan Rusheng bowed his head and frowned. He stuffed his hands into his tuxedo pockets and followed the waiter to the second floor.

Of course, he wouldn’t have his meal in the main area and allow them to take photos of him.

“Isn’t my Third Brother just like a celebrity?”

Seeing the commotion that Yan Rusheng had caused, Su Yue whispered in Bai Jing’s ear.

“Mm.” Bai Jing nodded. She then sneaked a glance at Yan Rusheng.

Adoration and admiration filled her eyes as she smiled uncontrollably.

Su Yue kept her gaze on Yan Rusheng the entire time. “Do you wish for a boyfriend who’s as handsome as my Third Brother in the future?”

She turned to look at Bai Jing.

Bai Jing flushed red. “Su Yue, what are you talking about?”

“Mm…” Su Yue pursed her lips. “You seem very shy whenever it comes to this topic.”

Who wouldn’t be shy?

Bai Jing stared at Su Yue for quite some time before replying plainly, “That’s because you know nothing about it.”

She then quickened her pace and caught up with Yan Rusheng.

“Does that mean she knows a lot?” Su Yue asked to herself, blinking as she watched Bai Jing walk away. After recovering from her stupor, she chased after her. “Do you like someone? Who is it?”

She asked excitedly.

By that point, they were already directly behind Yan Rusheng. Su Yue had asked so loudly, so Bai Jing’s face flushed red once again. She pinched Su Yue’s arm with all her might and warned her sternly, “Don’t jump to conclusions. There’s nothing of that sort.”

Su Yue frowned in pain. But seeing Bai Jing’s embarrassment, she decided to let the matter rest.