Gate of God

Chapter 1088 - Solve for XXX’s Area of a Psychological Shadow

Chapter 1088: Solve for XXX’s Area of a Psychological Shadow

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Mu Qingfeng was speechless but Ping Yang, who was beside him, did not have any hesitation.

“Attack!” Ping Yang roared loudly and attacked straight away. She pushed her hands forward and flames rose from her entire body up into the sky.

Apart from Ping Yang, Bi Fang also breathed out a mouth of flames.

The two balls of flames merged to form a gigantic palm. It was extremely huge and blocked the gigantic ax of Xing Tian.


The ax struck.

And the gigantic palm turned into dust.

Blood trickled down the corner of Ping Yang’s mouth but she looked extremely determined.

“Xing Tian, I am not afraid of you!” Ping Yang roared loudly and was about to attack again.

This scene caused Mu Qingfeng to tremble. As one of the five sects of the Holy Region and the Pavilion Master of the Heaven Dao Pavilion, how guilty must he had been when he saw that Ping Yang was braver than himself.

“Ping Yang, move back, I will fight with him!” Mu Qingfeng clenched his teeth and a long sword appeared behind him. “Dao creates one, one creates two, two creates three, three creates all living things!”

As he chanted, the long sword turned one into two then three, and a forest with mountain rocks was formed. The mountain rocks had many variations in sizes and trees grew on them.

Ir was a bizarre scene.

The stone flew up and shot towards Xing Tian.

However, Xing Tian was not afraid at all. He took a big step forward. Without any signs of retreat, he placed his shield in front of his chest.


The mountain rock broke and turned into dust.

Meanwhile, Xing Tian charged out from the dust and placed his shield in front of him. He raised his gigantic ax with his right hand and struck Mu Qingfeng.

Mu Qingfeng turned pale.

He was too powerful!

Not only did he have an extremely strong attacking power, but his defense power was also surprisingly strong. The shield seemed to be able to block all attacks.

However, despite that, Mu Qingfeng would not retreat.

That was his dignity!

He had to fight till he died.

“Take that!” Mu Qingfeng roared again and countless trees flew. The leaves rolled up and the tree branches turned into vines and wound around Xing Tian’s arm.

At this moment, another voice was heard from the golden haze.

“Yan Xiu, trap Xing Tian with Mu Qingfeng!”

“Roger!” A gigantic figure leaped out from the golden haze. It was none other than Monster Emperor Baizhi who had turned into a Nine-Tailed White Fox and Yan Xiu who was standing on the back of Monster Emperor Baizhi.

When the two of them charged out, they attacked Xing Tian from the side.

“Roar!” Monster Emperor Baizhi made a furious roar and her nine tails turned long instantly. In a blink of an eye, her tails, along with the trees, wound around Xing Tian’s arm with the gigantic ax.

At the same time, a beam of red light landed.

The beams of light turned into thin strands of light. Although they were thin, radiance flowed on them.

Dao of Asura.

Millions of Asura Strands.

Yan Xiu stood on Monster Emperor Baizhi’s back. The Silver Blood Fan on his hand was the end of the Millions of Asura Strands. It tied around the other hand of Xing Tian like a puppet.

“Scram!” Xing Tian roared loudly. He almost went crazy with both his hands tied up and he flung them vigorously.

The powerful force caused Mu Qingfeng, Yan Xiu and the rest to fly into the air as they could no longer stand still.

“Yan’er, help them!” At this moment, Fang Zhengzhi’s voice was heard from the golden haze.

“Hmm.” Chi Guyan nodded. She flew towards Xing Tian and swung her gigantic snake tail, winding it around Xing Tian’s waist.

Although the strength of his arms was terrifying, those who knew martial arts would know that the body part with the biggest initiation of power was not on the arms but the waist. The waist was the core area for strength control.

As Chi Guyan attacked, Xing Tian slowed down.

Although he was still waving his arms, he was unable to completely get rid of Yan Xiu and the others.

“Xuanyuan Five, it’s a chance!” As Fang Zhengzhi said that, he dashed out of the thick golden haze with Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five.

“Fang Zhengzhi, do you really want to kill Xing Tian?” Mu Qingfeng was stunned when he saw the approaching Fang Zhengzhi and Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five.

“Are we able to kill them?” Fang Zhengzhi asked.

“…” Mu Qingfeng fell silent.

Of course, he knew that he could not kill Xing Tian. Xing Tian was too powerful. Although the combined attack of a few people could trap Xing Tian for a moment, it was only a very short moment.

That was because Xing Tian was almost about to get rid of the nine fox tails on his arm when Fang Zhengzhi and Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five charged out.

If Fang Zhengzhi attacked Xing Tian now, there would not be any effects.

However, if that was the case, what was their purpose for going all out?

At this moment, Fang Zhengzhi’s voice was heard again.

“Xuanyuan Five, throw it now!”


“Throw?! Throw what?” Mu Qingfeng was stunned.

Then, he widened his eyes as he realized that someone was hanging from Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five’s stomach.

It was none other than Nangong Mu.

“Swoosh!” With a light stream, the “unconscious” Nangong Mu was thrown from Xing Yian’s “head” to the ground.

That felt like…

He was throwing a sandbag.

Mu Qingfeng was stunned by this scene.

Besides him, Yan Xiu, Ping Yang and Chi Guyan looked surprised too.

“Shameless brat, what are you doing?”

“Why did you throw… Nangong Mu out?”


The atmosphere suddenly became strange.

Even Xing Tian stopped moving for a while and raised his “head” to look at an unconscious human above him who had his eyes shut.

“Bam!” Nangong Mu’s body fell heavily on Xing Tian.


There was no ‘then’.

The entire world fell silent and time seemed to have stopped.

So Fang Zhengzhi planned to throw Nangong Mu at Xing Tian?!

“Run, run now!” Fang Zhengzhi raised his long sword and struck at Xing Tian after he saw how Nangong Mu was being thrown out.



Instantly, Mu Qingfeng was stunned.

However, he could still make out the “run” said by Fang Zhengzhi. Without hesitation, he turned and pulled Ping Yang as well as Bi Fang and ran towards the golden haze.

Of course, apart from Mu Qingfeng and Ping Yang, Yan Xiu, Mu Qingfeng and Chi Guyan also regained their senses and stopped their tactic of trying to put a restraint on Xing Tian.

They turned and went towards the thick golden haze.

Meanwhile, Xing Tian figured it out. He raised his shield on his left hand and blocked the sharp sword radiance made by Fang Zhengzhi.

Boom! Xing Tian’s body was as sturdy as a mountain.

However, Fang Zhengzhi made use of this force to retreat backward with Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five and vanished instantly.

Only Nangong Mu was left “sprawled” on Xing Tian’s body.

“Scram!” Xing Tian did not bother about whether Nangong Mu was conscious or not. He swept his right arm and was about to slap Nangong Mu like a housefly.

However, at this moment…

The unconscious Nangong Mu suddenly opened his eyes and golden and red radiance flickered in his eyes.

“Fang Zhengzhi, how dare you sabotage me!” Without hesitation, Nangong Mu leaped and was about to run into the golden haze like Fang Zhengzhi and the rest.

“Don’t let Nangong Mu in!” Fang Zhengzhi’s voice was heard.



Mu Qingfeng, Ping Yang, and the rest were speechless.

He threw Nangong Mu out…

Yet he did not allow him to run?

Was Fang Zhengzhi treating Nangong Mu like a spear?!

Although they were speechless, what else could they do apart from believing in Fang Zhengzhi?

“Swoosh!” A bean of red light appeared within the golden haze and forced Nangong Mu out of it.

“…” Nangong Mu turned pale.

If he could, he really wanted to ask Fang Zhengzhi if he could sleep peacefully by doing such immoral things.

‘What the hell!’

Fang Zhengzhi did not let him in.

Nangong Mu admit that he had tricked Fang Zhengzhi and the rest. He had woken up long ago under the Heaven Zen Mountain

However, could he really “wake up” then?

Fang Zhengzhi and Chi Guyan, as well as Ping Yang and Yan Xiu who had managed to break through to the Godly State were standing around him. He would be stupid to wake up then.

After that, it was even more impossible for him to “wake up”.

That was because Fang Zhengzhi was in the midst of a battle with the Godly Beasts and was fighting for the territory. Moreover, he was extremely arrogant and claimed to take down half of the territory of the Source of God.

Nangong Mu definitely did not believe that.

He waited for both Fang Zhengzhi and the Godly Beasts to suffer a great loss before he could reap the benefits. However, the outcome disappointed him once again…

Fang Zhengzhi obtained half of the Source of God!

Nangong Mu was astonished.

After that, the troops of the Four Great Empires appeared and hundreds of thousands of them gathered at the Heaven Zen Mountain to share the land that Fang Zhengzhi had obtained.

Nangong Mu could not “wake up” at this point too.


Xing Tian appeared.

Nangong Mu wanted to wait for Fang Zhengzhi and the rest to get involved in the battle before he made use of that opportunity to escape.

However, to his surprise, Fang Zhengzhi wanted Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five to bring him up to Xing Tian for a fight.

Then, like a “beanbag”, Nangong Mu was being thrown onto Xing Tian.

Everything was out of Nangong Mu’s expectation.

He did not expect Fang Zhengzhi’s so-called plan with “50 percent chance of success” was to throw him towards Xing Tian without giving him a f*cking warning.

Whatever happened was simple…

He could no longer act dead even if he wanted to as he would probably really end up dead if he continued to act.

“Nangong Mu, fight, that’s your only choice!” Fang Zhengzhi kindly reminded Nangong Mu as he stared at his pale face.

“Fight for f*ck!” Nangong Mu roared furiously and ignored Fang Zhengzhi’s kind intentions as he ran quickly towards another direction.

Swoosh! A snake tail was flung.

It whipped Nangong Mu extremely hard and caused him to turn a few rounds in midair before he barely stabilized himself.

“Didn’t you break through the Godly State already? Then fight, what are you afraid of?” Fang Zhengzhi reminded Nangong Mu.

“Fang Zhengzhi, if I can remain alive, I will definitely kill you!” Nangong Mu growled.

However, he evidently had no other choice as Xing Tian was already moving closer to him and he had no other ways of escaping.

He could only fight until his death.

Boom! A gigantic tree appeared out of nowhere.

Nangong Mu attacked. He turned into an ancient tree. His power increased multiple times after reaching the Godly State.

The White Tree of God was dozens of feet taller than before.

It was comparable to Xing Tian’s height or perhaps even taller than him. White flowers bloomed on the white tree.

However, Xing Tian acted as though he did not see it.

Boom! He struck the white Tree of God with his ax.


A gigantic tree branch was cut down and it turned into white sparks of light. It floated in the sky and fresh blood could be seen.

Nangong Mu had a powerful defense ability.

Especially after he turned into the white God of Tree, he could be said to be “immortal”. He could heal himself and the tree branches as long as he was not completely dead.

Therefore, Fang Zhengzhi was not worried at all.

“How do you know that Nangong Mu was awake?” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five was confused. When he knew about Fang Zhengzhi’s plan, his largest concern was whether Nangong Mu was awake or not.

If Nangong Mu was still unconscious…

It was a tragedy.

Nangong Mu would definitely be cut into half by Xing Tian.

“Haha, if I said I saw his eyes twitch at the foot of the Heaven Zen Mountain, would you believe me?” Fang Zhengzhi smiled.

“This reason is really…” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five fell speechless.

“Alright, let’s watch the show seriously.” Fang Zhengzhi stretched out his head from the golden haze.

“…” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five was speechless again.

Meanwhile, Nangong Mu looked as though he could not last much longer as Xing Tian’s ax fell like raindrops on his body.

Instantly, he almost turned into a “bare wood”.

“Fang Zhengzhi, are you guys not attacking? I have already followed your instructions and held him back. Are you guys not continuing with your plans?!” Nangong Mu’s voice was heard from the White Tree of God.

“The plan as already begun.” Fang Zhengzhi said seriously.

“What do you mean?! You mean, you plan to ask me to fight against Xing Tian? You guys are not attacking?!” Nangong Mu was stunned.

He had thought that Fang Zhengzhi only threw him out as he knew that he was pretending to be unconscious. Fang Zhengzhi wanted to make use of his power to hold Xing Tian back before attacking when the opportunity was right.

However, his heart sank immediately when he heard what Fang Zhengzhi said.