God Emperor

Chapter 1520 - Slay First Marquises Like Chopping Vegetables

Chapter 1520: Slay First Marquises Like Chopping Vegetables

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Although Blood Pluto Python had only become a first-step saint king, it had strapping veins, giving it the power to fight those who had been first-step saint kings for a long time.

 The saint might from that saint king seemed to be sweeping across the mountains and rivers.

 Meanwhile, five first marquises also made attacks with Blood Pluto Python, two of them were young Luosha females, one of them was an elder, and the other two were horrendous but built Luosha males.

 One of the Luosha females took out an illusion mirror and wielded it against Zhang Ruochen. She performed an illusion technique, trying to drag Zhang Ruochen’s mind into the illusory world in her illusion mirror.

 As for the other Luosha female, her body exploded and turned into a cluster of evil fog. It then disintegrated into more than a hundred traces of mist, spreading toward Zhang Ruochen like snakes.

 The elder gathered ninety-nine Luosha marquises to operate a thousand-patterns saint weapon, trying to combine all the evil sha Qi to activate the Second-Yao Complete Power of the weapon.

 As for those two hideous Luosha males, they were both three times taller than Zhang Ruochen, and they’d been born with tremendous strength. They teamed up with Blood Pluto Python to attack Zhang Ruochen at the same time.

 The six great beings cooperated in a perfect way.

 Ji Hua stood outside a demonic palace at the top of a saint mountain. “Now they’re finally showing their real power. I’ll be thrilled if Zhang Ruochen manages to break their encirclement.”

 To Ji Hua, an absolute saint could only be powerful to a limited extent, no matter how gifted he was.

 Zhang Ruochen should be thinking about how to save his life facing the attack from six great beings.

 Ji Hua certainly didn’t think Zhang Ruochen could survive this. After all, he still needed to protect the saints from Kunlun’s Field, which was his weakest spot. He couldn’t just run away himself.

 “How long do you think that priest from Guanghan Field can stay alive, your highness?” Ji Hua said smugly.

 Princess Luosha stayed silent.

 Suddenly, Ji Hua was dazed and whimpered as she saw Zhang Ruochen dash toward the six great beings.

 Zhang Ruochen was wearing twelve Buddha beams, which could ward off the reflection light from that Luosha female’s illusion mirror.


 Zhang Ruochen raised his arm and formed the phantoms of a divine dragon and a demonic elephant, clashing with the two hideous Luosha males.

 Saint light tumbled in that area, making cracking sounds.

 Both the hideous males were half-step saint kings who were strong enough to carry mountains and to rival first-step saint kings, yet they were still suppressed by Zhang Ruochen.

 “How is he so strong? I rarely meet any rivals among those at the same level when it comes to strength, yet I can’t even fight against an absolute saint?”

 “Is that the strength of someone with supreme complete body constitution?”

 The two hideous men blushed, and they felt that their organs were about to explode.

 Suddenly, a huge shadow showed up above them.

 It was a claw of Blood Pluto Python.

 “Fantastic! Blood Pluto Python is heaps more powerful than we are. It’s got to suppress Zhang Ruochen.”

 Both those ugly studs cheered inside while thinking how they were supposed to help Blood Pluto Python attack Zhang Ruochen after it suppressed him.

 Zhang Ruochen also saw that claw-shaped cloud above him, and he then activated the second-level power of Hundred Saints Blood Armor and gathered it in his arms, knocking those two ugly studs away.

 Obviously, he could tell that Blood Pluto Python was a huger threat to him.

 Zhang Ruochen bent his legs while all his saint power flowed toward his right arm, and the hundred saint shadows floating around him also gathered toward him.

 “Dragon and Elephant Divine Furnace.”

 Zhang Ruochen’s body burnt like a furnace, and masculine Qi and Divine Fire Jingmie gushed out with his palm print, hitting the center of the claw of Blood Pluto Python.


 The ground under Zhang Ruochen’s feet crumbled as the two forces clashed with each other.

 “He…he warded it off! Even after the space was frozen, his strength can rival mine.” Blood Pluto Python was shocked, as there was a huge gap between the power of absolute saints and saint kings, not to mention Blood Pluto Python, who was considered strong among first-step saint kings. Yet an absolute saint was able to rival it, which was totally beyond its expectations.

 Just as Zhang Ruochen and Blood Pluto Python were in a stalemate, those hundred traces of evil Qi were already less than a hundred feet away and winding toward him.

 It was a Luosha female who managed to gasify her entire body after performing God knows what techniques, and normal physical attacks weren’t able to hurt her at all.

 On the contrary, she could penetrate the bodies of monks and eat their flesh.

 Zhang Ruochen sneered and opened all one hundred and forty-four of his apertures. Divine Fire Jingmie gushed out of his apertures, permeating the space around him.

 A blood-curdling scream came out of the evil Qi.

 Forty percent of the evil Qi was burnt, and it immediately rushed out of Zhang Ruochen’s body and turned back to its human shape, which was an exquisite woman.

 However, that beautiful woman looked pale and sick.

 “Damn Zhang Ruochen. He domesticated Divine Fire Jingmie. He doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses whatsoever.” That Luosha female was upset, but she was also impressed by Zhang Ruochen’s power. If Zhang Ruochen were a talent from Hell World, she would definitely chase him, as it’d be a glory for her to get a man like him.

 As for Blood Pluto Python, it was also having a hard time. It warded off the Divine Fire Jingmie using the blood-gold gemstone, but it couldn’t hold it off for long with that blood-gold gemstone.

 Blood Pluto Python had to retract its claw.

 “It’ll be wonderful if I can get Zhang Ruochen’s Divine Fire Jingmie. If so, no first-step saint king can rival me anymore.”

 Blood Pluto Python was both upset and jealous.

 Zhang Ruochen’s force only became stronger, and a golden dragon shadow flew out of his palm.

 The dragon shadow hit that Blood Pluto Python, knocking the python away.

 Just as Zhang Ruochen was about to make another attack, the two ugly studs raised two saint weapons that looked like long spears and dashed toward them.

 Both those saint weapons carried destruction Qi.


 Zhang Ruochen picked up the Abyss Ancient Sword and performed Sword Technique of Time.


 Before anyone could see what happened, those two studs had been cut in half.

 To prevent them from recovering, Zhang Ruochen slapped their broken bodies into blood mist.

 “Those two were first marquises who could rival some of the first saint kings. Why would they get chopped up like vegetables by Zhang Ruochen?”

 “I felt some time ripples.”


 Zhang Ruochen walked out of the bloody mist like a God of Slaying and rushed toward that Luosha female who was able to gasify her body.

 “So fast.”

 Just as that Luosha female was about to step back, Zhang Ruochen had stabbed her body with the Abyss Ancient Sword.


 He didn’t manage to kill her with that strike.

 She gasified her body again, turning into traces of evil Qi and trying to run away.

 Zhang Ruochen sneered and slapped forward, wielding Divine Fire Jingmie, which burnt all the evil Qi, leaving only a gut-wrenching scream of that Luosha in the air, which withered away after a short while.

 Even Blood Pluto Python wanted to run away, but it couldn’t. It was a first-step saint king after all, and it would have no place in the Luosha race if it was scared off by an absolute saint.


 A trace of gleaming saint light rushed out of Nine Nine to One Formation, and then, a bloody hammer ascended to the sky, releasing terrific saint might.

 Blood Pluto Python was thrilled.

 “First Marquis Yuanyi triggered the Second-Yao Complete Power of Star Sky Demonic Hammer! Fantastic!”

 Blood Pluto Python was a bit intimidated by the idea of facing Zhang Ruochen himself, but with the help of Star Sky Demonic Demonic Hammer, he gained more confidence.

 Star Sky Demonic Hammer, whose Second-Yao Complete Power was activated, was strong enough to kill a first-step saint king.

 Zhang Ruochen had activated the Second-Yao Complete Power of the Golden Dragon Carriage before, so he knew how powerful a ten thousand-patterns saint weapon was after that.

 And besides, the Golden Dragon Carriage was great at speed and defense, yet Star Sky Demonic Hammer was a pure attack-type ten-thousand-patterns saint weapon, so the latter would definitely have stronger destructive power after Second-Yao Complete Power being triggered.

 “Zhang Ruochen, you’re going to die soon!”

 The evil sha Qi of Blood Pluto Python gathered in its pupils, and the two traces of light were charging against Zhang Ruochen with Star Sky Demonic Hammer.

 The traces of light kept hitting the ground, melting it.


 Zhang Ruochen took out his Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron and wielded it.

 Blood Pluto Python waved its tail, hitting the cauldron and making a banging sound.

 And then, Pluto Winter Water stored in the cauldron poured onto the body of Blood Pluto Python, and suddenly, its body became so stiff that it couldn’t even mobilize its evil sha Qi.

 “Sword Seven.”

 Zhang Ruochen merged his body with his Abyss Ancient Sword, and he rushed out into a trace of sword light, stabbing the right eye of Blood Pluto Python.


 The sword light pierced through the head of Blood Pluto Python.

 Blood Pluto Python yelled in agony as it shook its body. It rolled on the ground in pain. Zhang Ruochen seized this perfect chance and dived toward Blood Pluto Python, piercing through the lower abdomen of Blood Pluto Python.

 Divine Fire Jingmie gushed out, burning from the belly of Blood Pluto Python, and after an instant, the entire body of Divine Fire Jingmie was engulfed in flames.

 “Zhang Ruochen… You’re going to die! You’re going to die tragically!”

 Blood Pluto Python was burned into ashes.

 Zhang Ruochen walked out of the flames carrying his Abyss Ancient Sword. He sensed an incredibly dangerous force coming against him. “No… It’s a ten-thousand-patterns saint weapon.”

 Star Sky Demonic Hammer located Zhang Ruochen, and it dived against him a hundred times faster than sound speed.

 Zhang Ruochen looked up at the sky, and his eyes were hurt by the light coming out of Star Sky Demonic Hammer. He felt as if his shoulders were being weighed down by two godly mountains, and they were only getting heavier and heavier.

 He felt that the demonic hammer was about to crush him before it actually hit him.

 First Marquis Yuanyi, who was standing at the center of Nine Nine to One Formation, combined the power of the ninety-nine Luosha marquises, mastered Star Sky Demonic Hammer, and laughed, “We’ve finally located you. No matter how fast you are, there’s no way you’ll run away.”

 First Marquis Yuanyi was naturally excited, as even Blood Pluto Python was killed by Zhang Ruochen, yet he might have a chance of killing Zhang Ruochen.

 He would be crowned as a king after getting back to the Luosha race.

 Zhang Ruochen still stayed calm, yet he didn’t choose to confront Star Sky Demonic Hammer. Instead, he grabbed the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron beside him and covered his body.

 Zhang Ruochen released saint Qi from all one hundred and forty-four apertures of his, sitting in the cauldron, and infusing the cauldron with his saint Qi.

 And then, the Kaiyuan Deer Cauldron released blue light, and the characters on the cauldron glowed with golden light, while the two traces of light intertwined with each other, looking divine.