His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 503 - Time Has Not Told You (3)

Chapter 503: Time Has Not Told You (3)

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“And he didn’t?” Shen Lingshuang could not help but blurt out.

Shi Guang laughed out bitterly, “Look there, look there! Right now, Chief Lu is merely standing there and chatting with her, yet your tone is already certain that he’s cheating on you. If they were to end up hugging or something, I’m sure you’d blow up and go demand a divorce from him right away, huh?”

Even though Shen Lingshuang said nothing, her reply was definitive.

“If he dares to hug that woman, why wouldn’t I dare to get a divorce?”

“And what if it’s that woman who hugs him instead?” Shi Guang reversed the question as she waved her hands. “And if you were to really blow up and get a divorce, you would have fallen for her trap. Also, look at the way Chief Lu is so straight-laced, it’s clear that he doesn’t want to get overly involved with Su Liping.”

“Is that so? Why do I feel as though his eyeballs are almost sticking onto her body already?” Shen Lingshuang replied sourly.

“Don’t worry, father-in-law isn’t someone like that. However, that Su Liping truly isn’t someone you should keep in the house for long. You’ve got to think of a way to have her leave soon.”

That woman’s intents towards her father-in-law were clear as day.

The way she looked at her him with those enamored eyes as though she was a petite woman who was aggrieved with a little bit of pettiness, she seemed to be waiting for him to go coax her with that bashful gaze.

Please, Chief Lu is not your husband. Why the hell should he go coax you? Isn’t that seducing him in broad daylight?

This was practically just like a girl acting spoilt in front of her boyfriend. Why don’t she take a look at her own age? Someone in her fifties acting as though she was a maiden who was 18 years old! Everything about feelings blossoming aside, even Shi Guang’s maiden heart was blowing up at this f*cking ridiculous scene.

Honestly, the more Shi Guang thought about it, the more she could not help but roll her eyes. However, she really had to give it to her father-in-law. The way he treated Su Liping was completely different from the way he treated his wife—maintaining his distance and acting as though he could not see her pain.

At the thought of the both of them once being in a relationship, Shi Guang could not help but chide in her heart about her father-in-law’s poor taste in the past—thankfully, Lu Yanchen did not inherit that.

“Littly, what do you think they are talking about?”

“Not sure! Should we approach closer?” Shi Guang suggested. However, Shen Lingshuang rejected that proposal instantly. “N-No…”

But in the next second, she was the one who wanted to rush up right away—she spotted Su Liping holding onto Chief Lu’s hands!

Thankfully, Chief Lu raised his brow and pulled his hand away.

“Shameless! She’s really trying to steal my hubby!”

Shi Guang hurriedly held back her mother-in-law that was on the verge of exploding. “Don’t get flustered now! Didn’t you see how Chief Lu peeled himself away…?”

Looking at how Chief Lu entered the house after keeping his distance from Su Liping, Shen Lingshuang pulled Shi Guang with her and headed forth.

The two of them walked into the courtyard looking as though they had just returned from a stroll, chatting casually along the way, “The pastry of that shop is absolutely delicious! I’ll bring you there for tea tomorrow.”

“Really? That’s great! I love peach buns and custard buns!”

At that point, Chief Lu and Su Liping were both seated in the living room. Looking at how both of them had returned, he spoke out, “You guys are back!”

“Good evening, daddy! I went out with mummy to shop a little and digest our food,” Shi Guang chuckled out before acting as though she didn’t want to disturb them. “I’ll head up first.”

“Hold on, I’ve got something to say!” Chief Lu called Shi Guang back. “Auntie Su here has just told me that they’ll be moving out in the next two days because their new place is ready. When you have time, help your mummy to see if there’s anything that Auntie Su might need help with for her new place.”

Shi Guang agreed to it readily. “Sure, daddy!”

However, her heart was in fact in shock, somewhat afraid that she might have misheard him.