I Found A Planet

Chapter 238 - Registration?

Chapter 238: Registration?

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Late in the night, in the south-facing Master Bedroom, Chen Jin was embracing the body of a beautiful lady and fondling her smooth and silky skin. Chen Jin thought it was still quite delightful. Although the beautiful lady with a conservative mindset was still reluctant for him to make the last advance, they still did surmount some obstacles and performed almost everything else… he was rather satisfied with it. And besides, Chen Jin figured that the woman’s mindset was not necessarily conservative; she might have been influenced by some ideas.

Father Su and Mother Su were not conservative in any way. Their elder daughter had not married the man. Yet, they consented for both of them to live together. It was a new age, and their daughter was already 28, she should be having a child about now.

Therefore, the biggest problem still lay on Su Yun herself. Numerous concerns jogged her to keep her most precious thing. Men were all as such. The best things were often the ones they could not obtain, if they got something easily, they would not cherish it. Su Yun did some homework in this prospect. She discovered that for many successful people, they had a rich love history. They had two, three, even four marriages, and many of them even had female intimates that they cater for outside their marriage. Not many of them were serious and loyal.

She did not wish to be hurt in entirety and to realize at the end that it was all a dream. She dared not go all-out in this relationship. Therefore, despite the many times that she thought of forgoing her upholds, that clear thought within her mind enabled her to persevere.

It was also not possible for Chen Jin to force her, he could only respect her view.

“Su Yun, you only make some 10 grand a month. Have you ever considered quitting your job and committing fulltime in honing your mothering skills in the future?” Chen Jin asked. He thought that going to work was a painstaking affair. One would have to commit to it five days a week, lose most of their free time, become obliged to do it well, have good relationships with colleagues… it required one to invest a whole lot of energy. The most important thing was that it was very hard to obtain satisfactory pay. 30 thousand, even 50 thousand dollars per month would not suffice. It was nearly impossible to achieve financial freedom by working for someone.

Of course, he was a company’s boss. Under him, was more than 30 thousand employees that would increase to 50 thousand, or even 100 thousand in the future. However, he was very much in favor of Ling Jun Dong carrying out some reformations so that his employees can “work happy and live happy.”

This effort, on the one hand, was to improve their welfare treatments. On the other hand, the attempt at practicing “7 hours work policy,””four days’ work and three days’ rest,” and “working from home,” helped solve their worries in housing, medical care, pension, etc. Thus, abolishing their troubles back at home. By doing so, even if they could not be inexhaustibly satisfied in terms of welfare, their happiness rating would still be brought up extensively.

Gradually, coming to work would be a happy thing. One might even get the envy and praise from the people around them just because they joined Xing Hai Technologies… earning themselves some extra sense of pride. Many people would certainly be willing to opt for such a job.

Upon hearing his question, the belle in his arms shook her head. “No, I will not quit my job. I’ll keep doing it. I will not stay at home to become a full-time housewife, even if I have kids.”

“But why? You pay isn’t that high.” Chen Jin was rather surprised.

“Money isn’t an issue. I have put in lots of effort back in the days when I was applying for this post. I don’t want my efforts to go to waste.”

That was one of her reasons. Secondly, she felt that women could not fully rely on men. They must always possess a certain amount of independence, economically in particular, and that women must actualize independence in this aspect. It must never become that, once they left their man, they could not survive. This would be a very scary thing to happen and a rather miserable fate for them. Besides, Su Yun had her own ambition. She intended to make her name exalted within the tax bureau.

Her director would be retiring in another two years. She might very well be the one to replace her position… her director used more than 10 years to climb up to that position, and she might just be able to accomplish it with just four years of working experience… she would become the youngest accounting director. This definitely did not reflect her exceptional abilities, but her underlying connections.

The whole of Shang Hai’s tax bureau knew who her director’s son was. Now within the tax bureau, from normal guards to the director and even the chief of the bureau, they were all very respectful towards her director. The director of the bureau often cared for her with kind words. The chief of the bureau, on the other hand, wanted to make her the deputy director of the bureau. He suggested she retire at 60, but she refused. She had been longing for retirement and to enjoy her old age surrounded by her grandchildren. Nevertheless, she brought up an excellent “talent.” Naturally, this talent was Su Yun.

Therefore, if she were to stay within the institution and be promoted to a director at the age of 30, nobody could guess what she might actually become when she was 40, 50 years old. But nonetheless, she would definitely attain greater heights than her director. Instinctively, Su Yun would hope to do something great on this smooth boulevard she was paved.

“Okay, do whatever you wish for. There’s another thing that I would like to discuss with you,” Chen Jin said.


“I would like to get us registered.”

The woman startled. “Registered? Are you f… for real?” Her heart was buzzing. “There are so many good girls in this world, and he happened to fancy me? An ordinary girl? Could it be that I’m really that important in his heart?”

“Yes, are you willing to?”

The woman lowered her head. Lightly, she said, “Yes.” How could she not be willing? At that moment, she was on cloud nine.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to agree,” Chen Jin said abruptly, “The main reason I’m getting the both of us registered is to make your father and mother happy, and we could make a baby earlier to please my mum.”

The woman’s face was shrouded by red clouds as she shyly held herself together.

“However, I won’t be using my real identity for registration. I will be using my fake ID by the name of ‘Chen Jing’,” Chen Jin continued, “I’ve got myself a special ID going through some relations. I’ll bring you to the civil affairs bureau after I get my hands on it.”

The woman was confused. There were question marks all over her face.

Chen Jin turned on the lights. He took out an ID with the name ‘Chen Jing’ written on it from the drawer of the bedside cabinet and placed it in front of her for her to have a detailed look. He explained, “You should know that for people like me, marriage will be very troublesome. I’ll need to find all sorts of lawyers, sign all sorts of documents, and it might even affect my company’s normal operations…it is very, very much of a hassle. You won’t be happy either because the procedures would be too alien for you. Su Yun, I know your kind of person. You’re not the materialistic kind of girl, and that’s what I admire the most about you. I would like to build a simple family and live a normal life with you. So, let’s not think about that complicated stuff. The most important thing will be us being happy. What do you think?” He massaged the woman’s shoulders as he spoke.

The woman, however, kept silent. Although the man was rather obscure in his speech, she understood what he actually meant. She looked at the ID that the man said could be used as a normal one… she was astonished by the man’s sweeping capabilities. She also understood the man’s considerations. According to the ‘Marriage Law,’ although personal deposits, real estate, gold antiques, lottery winnings, investment stock funds, company shares, and many other personal belongings obtained before marriage still belonged to the individual after marriage, the income generated by company operations, the income earned by the husband and wife through hard work, would become the common property of the couple. As long as one had an industry or a company, even if their company had expanded and made more money than before after marriage, it would still become the property of two people. Even if the wife was just at home cooking, bringing up the kids, she would still be entitled to half of the pie. Considering Xing Hai Technologies’s current value…

If he did not wish to make a “prenuptial agreement” and potentially damage their relationship, it was indeed a wise alternative to come up with a fake identity.

However… Su Yun can’t seem to make herself happy.

“What do you think?” Chen Jin asked again.

“It’s late, I’m going to sleep.” The women slipped out from his embrace. She wrapped herself in a blanket and slept with her back to him.