Lord of the Mysteries

Chapter 603 - Conditions

Chapter 603: Conditions

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10 p.m. Swordfish Bar.

After waiting an entire afternoon and having not received his bounty, Klein deliberately went out. He went to Oz Kent and received the news that the process had been kickstarted. However, he would only receive the money tomorrow morning.

He disguised himself and participated in a private exchange among the adventurers in the Swordfish Bar, but he didn’t find the main ingredients of the Nimblewright Master potion or any mystical items.

After restoring his appearance, Klein pressed down on his hat and attempted to squeeze through the crowd. He left the bar which was in its rowdiest and noisiest time of the day.

At this point, gazes swept past his face as most of them were momentarily taken aback before they clearly froze for two seconds, as though they had recognized something.

Suddenly, they retracted their gaze and retreated far away from Klein like the receding tide.

They had already learned of Gehrman Sparrow’s appearance and strength in the papers and rumors. More details had gradually spread in areas where adventurers, pirates, and gang members gathered. Many people gained a basic understanding of the present situation and knew that Gehrman Sparrow had taken the crazy action of instantly drawing his revolver once he discovered Wormtongue Mithor King. Therefore, everyone knew better and chose to stay away from the dangerous man.

The merchant, Ralph, was drinking in front of the bar when he suddenly sensed the disturbance. He instinctively half-turned his body around and looked over.

He soon saw a quiet gentleman with a thin face and cut features, and the corresponding portrait which appeared on News Report surfaced in his mind—Gehrman Sparrow who hunted Wormtongue!

Following that, Ralph recalled his conversation with Resistance leader, Kalat, in the evening. He confirmed that the crazy adventurer before him wasn’t averse to Sea God, and he had even witnessed the private trade between the Resistance and Vice Admiral Iceberg.

Perhaps I can develop him into being a believer of Sea God… Even if he has no interest in the archipelago in the future, he might be able to provide certain help in certain matters… Ralph clasped his hands and held them to his mouth as though he was blowing at a sea conch. This was one of the gestures used to pray to Sea God Kalvetua.

Then, he suddenly got up and walked to Gehrman Sparrow with a beer in hand.

At this moment, Klein also noticed Ralph’s approach and recognized him.

That was a devout believer who was willing to offer up a third of his twenty-thousand gold pound wealth to Sea God!

That was the former pirate and the present merchant who he had convinced to set up a children’s charity foundation!

Based on the news regarding the charity foundation and his frequent pious praying, he understood Ralph in all aspects. Therefore, he was very puzzled as to why the man would attempt to approach Gehrman Sparrow.

He has a job to entrust to me? Things that the Resistance isn’t able to do for some reason or another? Klein looked at Ralph as he slowed down his pace.

“Mr. Gehrman Sparrow?” Ralph raised the cup of beer in his hand.

Klein nodded and maintained his persona by saying, “I don’t know you.”

“Haha, it’s always so simple to get to know each other among adventurers. Perhaps a cup of beer is all it takes.” Ralph pointed at the bar counter. “Are you interested in a drink?”

“Alright,” Klein was deeply puzzled as he answered simply.

They sat in the corner of the bar as he ordered a cup of Southville beer. As he drank, he looked at Ralph without saying a word.

Being stared at silently by a powerhouse at the level of a pirate admiral wasn’t a good experience. Ralph drank a mouthful of beer to hide his high-strung nerves and laughed.

“I’ve heard about you. Before what you did today, I know that you’re a true gentleman that shows no discrimination towards the natives of the colonial lands.”

Different things to say flashed through Klein’s mind as he finally decided on a few sentences that corresponded to his persona.

“Get to the meat of the issue.”


Ralph nearly choked as he cleared his throat.

“Do I have the honor to introduce you to our god, the savior of the archipelago, the Blessed of the sea, Kalvetua?

“As you know, the sea is so vast. The storms are that terrifying. It’s impossible to guarantee that one can defeat the various difficulties at sea and live on, even for the Four Kings. We need a god, a god that can respond to you and hold authority over the sea and storm.”

Introducing me to myself and then getting me to believe in myself… Klein resisted the urge to twitch the corners of his face as he turned to say, “I’m more interested in whether you have any mystical items, the kind that has powerful offensive strength.”

Ralph revealed an honest smile.

“We don’t have any.

“However, as long as you piously believe in Sea God, there might be a day when you would be bestowed with one.”

I don’t have one… Don’t make promises for me! Klein instantly found it amusing and laughable.

He felt that he couldn’t carry on the conversation. Hence, he downed his half-filled cup of Southville beer and said, “I’ll consider it.”

He was about to leave when the bartender suddenly came over and squeezed a smile.

“Mr. Gehrman Sparrow, someone entrusted you with a mission.”

“What is it?” Klein glanced at Ralph.

Knowing his place, the latter left his seat with his beer.

He was already very pleased with today’s outcome. This was because he never had the intention of developing the crazy adventurer into a believer of Sea God in one try. His goal was only to let him know of the possibility and to think about the pros and cons of doing so.

After the silence in the corner of the bar resumed, the bar counter immediately said with a smile, “He says he’s an apothecary you know. He has a mission to entrust to you. If you’re interested, you can wait here for him. We will contact him with the previously established method.”

An apothecary I know? The chubby Darkwill? The Darkwill who rears a plump owl? What kind of mission would he have for me? Rescue his teacher, Roy King? That isn’t something I will do. The risk is just too high… As his thoughts raced, Klein decided to first figure out the details of the mission.


At nearly 11 p.m., Klein met the apprehensive Darkwill in Billiard Room 3 of the Swordfish Bar.

He had already changed into a rather eye-catching witchdoctor robe and was dressed as a native. He was in a Taraba shirt, pantaloons, and a brown jacket. As for this round-faced owl, it was perched silently on his right shoulder, observing the adventurer with his penetrating eyes.

It’s very similar to the feeling of how Miss Justice observes the other members of the Tarot Club… This owl might really be a Beyonder creature. A Spectator? Klein made a judgment as he said in a deep tone without a change in expression, “What mission is it that you have?”

“It’s this.” The chubby Apothecary kept his left hand in his pocket and clenched the ring box tightly. “I’ll be making a trip to another island. Heh heh, it will probably take three days. Due to certain developments, I might encounter danger. Of course, it might not happen as well. In short, I need a bodyguard, and I think you’re the best choice.

The way you put it sounds like I’m actually not that impressive; it’s just that you know a few people… You aren’t rescuing your teacher and had chosen to leave Bayam to seek out helpers? Or he has already been saved and the danger comes from the military’s pursuit? Klein pondered over the truth behind the matter as he calmly asked, “How great would the danger be?”

Darkwill’s lips trembled as he said, “I can’t be sure. I-if, the danger exceeds what you can handle, you can directly hand me over to the other party. This will be a promise we make now. It will not spoil your reputation.”

If I didn’t know that you just have a nasty mouth, then I would’ve imagined this as a form of goading… Klein thought and said, “What kind of payment can you provide?”

Darkwill originally wished to directly give the answer he had considered long ago, but he felt hesitant for a moment. This was because the matter was indeed very dangerous. Without enough chips, he couldn’t move Gehrman Sparrow into agreeing. He was afraid of the appearance of the councilor, and that before the matter reached a level of despair, his bodyguard would give up resisting. This was also the reason why he had to hire a powerhouse.

Klein glanced at him and coldly said, “You can first consider it for a moment.

“I’ll use the washroom. Tell me your answer when I’m back.”

With that said, he turned around and walked to the door. Pulling the handle, he stepped outside.

The way he responded made him seem experienced, having the coolness and coldness of an adventurer and bounty hunter, but in fact, he wasn’t really giving the chubby Apothecary time to think. He was only finding an opportunity to head to the washroom to divine the matter above the gray fog.

This was key to whether he accepted the mission!

Once he left the billiard room and arrived in front of a washroom. He got in line before finally getting an empty cubicle.

When he entered, he frowned as the dirty environment and disgusting stench left him grossed out. He nearly turned his head and left.

He held back his disgust as he pulled the flush lever in contempt. As he sighed at the terrible environment for his divination, he took four tiny steps counterclockwise and began the ritual.

Inside the billiard room, Darkwill agilely went to close the door after he saw Gehrman Sparrow’s back completely disappear. He asked the owl on his shoulder, “Will he betray me?”

“No,” the owl mumbled. “Also, when asking me questions, be polite. Call me Mr. Harry.”

The fat on Darkwill’s face trembled.

“Mr. Harry, what kind of payment do you think he will accept?”

“I can’t see through him. He’s good at concealing his emotions,” the owl said frankly.

Darn Mr. Harry. No, darn silly bird! Darkwill cursed inwardly as he paced around and considered the chips he could offer.

After a while, Klein returned to Billiard Room 3 and asked, “Have you thought it through?”

He had already divined above the gray fog that the mission’s danger was acceptable, and he happened to plan on leaving Bayam for the time being.

“800 pounds for three days, as well as our friendship. I’m referring to the friendship of my teacher and his friends,” Darkwill said without confidence.

Klein remained silent for a few seconds and said, “1,000 pounds for three days.

“In addition, your organization needs to help me obtain a mystical item with powerful offensive abilities. I will pay in cash based on a reasonable price.”

1,000 pounds. How could I have that much… Darkwill hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ll pay an advance of 300 pounds. The rest will be paid by the person I’m looking for when we arrive at my destination.”

He planned on getting his teacher’s teacher to pay the rest.

Klein nodded slightly and said, “Deal.”

Darkwill immediately heaved a sigh of relief before puffing his face and said with a smile, “Can I believe that the protection is in immediate effect?”