Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 720 - Angels Are Better Than Fairies

Chapter 720 Angels Are Better Than Fairies

Honestly, the Goddess of Magic was quite charming when she was bashful.

It was just that his body had been hollowed out by Andonara lately, and seeing a bashful beauty didn’t cause many ripples in his heart.

There was no way around it. Even if people had desires, they still had to have assets to harbor desires.

Andonara was truly quite shrewd.

She never restricted Roland when it came to other women; it was normal in this world for strong men, nobles, and such to have multiple lovers.

She also wouldn’t mention these things in front of Roland.

But she knew how to fight in a roundabout way.

She took his body in her hands and squeezed him dry whenever he had extra energy.

Plus, Roland was a Mage who liked to study magic at home…

This way, Roland could study magic while maintaining a sagely state.

If Roland had a little of that in mind, Andonara would set him straight.

Looking at the Goddess of Magic who seemed rather embarrassed, Roland said, “Don’t worry. That enemy of yours, I will find a way to kill him, but you still have to give me a bit of information. For example, his abilities, the school of magic he is good at, and such.”

“His original name was Jabezo, no surname, a commoner by birth, surprisingly handsome and very good at coaxing women. He was once known as the most handsome man of our time.”

Roland hummed a response. In his mind, that man probably couldn’t compare to Schuck. “As for his schools of magic, like you, he is very good at evocation spells, and he can also use Mage’s Disjunction.” Mystra thought for a while and continued, “Also, he has the advantage of being very straightforward and speaking straightforwardly. In reality, he and I originally had no animosity between us, and although that guy has a strong talent for magic, he’s rather poor at human relations and was always being used as a tool to get to me.”

Roland chortled. “We have a saying that when a guy likes a girl, sometimes the clumsy way to show it is to bully her.”

The Goddess of Magic froze for a moment, then laughed aloud, convulsing with laughter. “Impossible. There’s no telling how many women that guy had. In reality, I wasn’t that pretty back then.”

Mystra was indeed mediocre-looking before she became a god.

She was quite beautiful, but she lacked a unique charm and aura.

The kind of beauty that had no uniqueness.

She was so beautiful now mainly because she had become a goddess, which came with a Charm bonus, and she intentionally added more Charm to herself.

But even so, she was still a bit short in the looks and aura departments compared to the Life Goddess and the Light Goddess.

There was no way around it. After all, a mortal becoming a god was such a poor starting point compared to those two.

But she still became one of the four lawful main gods, so one could imagine how nature-defying she was.

Looking at Mystra, who could hardly stop laughing, Roland shrugged. “So where’d you seal him?”

“I didn’t seal him.” Mystra elaborated. “He appeared out of nowhere while I was consolidating the Divine Spark and fought to steal it from me. In the end, I countered him with a sealing spell when I was fully integrating the Divine Spark and was about to be rejected by the main plane to the Astral Plane. I remember it was in the plains of Tobrota in Fareins, which are now called the plains of Croatia.”

“Mage’s Disjunction…” Roland thought about it and said, “It’s a bit troublesome. Half of my attributes are raised by my equipment, so with one cast of Mage’s Disjunction, my combat power would be reduced by about half. Goddess Mystra, do you have any methods to restrain the Mage’s Disjunction?”.

Mystra walked up to Roland and said, “I’ll give you a blessing, and the Mage’s Disjunction will fight my blessing before it works on you. Right now, he should be very weak and probably incapable of breaking through my blessing.”

With those words, she reached out her finger and tapped Roland’s heart.

A lavender magic energy entered Roland’s heart.

Then the Goddess of Magic waved her hand and said, “Although you are not willing to say how you created the new spell, I still want to say… that I hope someday you’ll teach me that spell.”

After she finished speaking, Roland was sent away from the Divine Realm of Magic.

With his soul back in his body, Roland opened his eyes to find Nia waving her white, slender hands in front of him over and over again.

“How long have I been away again?” asked Roland, shaking his head.

“Just about five minutes or so.” Nia stood up straight and said with a smile, “Did the Goddess of Magic pull you to her divine realm?”

Roland nodded.

“Tsk, that woman is so shameless.”

Roland looked at Nia with some surprise; she seemed to dislike the Goddess of Magic a lot.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Nia puffed up her cheeks and said, “When she became a god back then, I went to her divine realm to wish her well on the goddess’s orders, but she ended up being suspicious and thought that I was going to do her harm, and almost beat me up.” When Roland heard this, he almost laughed aloud.


Just now in the Divine Realm of Magic, Mystra said that when she was coalescing the Divine Spark, someone attacked her. Although she won the fight, she was probably still hurt enough that she assumed anyone who approached was an enemy.

“Enough about that woman.” Nia waved her hand. “Take me to the Wetlands, I hear that’s the most vibrant place in the world right now.”

Of course it’s vibrant… players use it as a home base.

These creatures who didn’t need to rest had turned Wetland City into a city that never sleeps.

“Go right now?”

Nia nodded repeatedly in excitement.

Roland walked over and put his right hand on her shoulder, then the two of them instantly disappeared.

After a few seconds, the two appeared in the outskirts of Wetland City.

Taking someone on a stroll in Wetland City was something Roland was all too experienced with.

… The black cat, the white cat, the Holy Lady of Winterwolf, and now a wingless angel.

The same old routine.

Starting with the art and food streets, it would then be time to walk around the city to show outsiders the extremely convenient urban infrastructure of Wetland City.

“This city is so clean,” Nia said quite happily. “I didn’t like going into human cities before, just because they were so dirty. There were feces and the smell of it was everywhere.”

Angels were divine beings who were clean from head to toe.

It was normal for them to have an obsession with cleanliness.

“It can’t be helped. There’s no way to avoid the human metabolic cycle.” Roland laughed. “We have a saying amongst the Golden Sons that even the most beautiful fairies have to fart and poop. So, the conscience of a city is the sewer system.”

Because Roland now had Language Proficiency cast on himself, the meaning was automatically translated.

So to Nia’s ears, Roland’s sentence meant something like this: even the holiest angels have to fart and poop.

She stopped and looked at Roland seriously. “You’re being slanderous.” Roland: ???

“We angels don’t need to defecate.”

Roland’s eyes went even wider: ?????

Nia crossed her arms and said unhappily, “I told you, we angels don’t fart and poop.”

A group of pedestrians looked over.

Most of them were players. Some players saw Nia and wondered: I seem to have seen this beauty before! After all, Nia had shown her face in Roland’s livestream before.

But now a long time had passed, plus she was without her angel wings, so those players who had seen her did not equate her with an angel for a while.

Oh… Roland looked around, took Nia’s hand, and walked away quickly.

Being pulled by Roland, Nia didn’t squirm at all, except that her face puffed up even more in anger.

After walking a short distance and with not so many people paying attention to them, Roland said, “Okay, you angels don’t have to defecate.”

“Really, I’m not lying.”

Nia thought Roland still didn’t believe it.

“You guys don’t have an excretory system?” Roland was somewhat curious.

He was now considered half a researcher and had developed some researchers’ habits.

“Everything we eat is completely broken down into energy because we are energy beings ourselves.”

Nia held out her hand and waved it in front of Roland’s face as her hand changed and began to become transparent.

Curious, Roland reached over and tried to squeeze it.

As a result, just as he reached over, Nia snapped her right hand off with her left hand, and then happily placed it in Roland’s hand.

Roland took her hand and was quite speechless.

It still had a temperature, quite warm.

“Can it still be put back?” Roland asked.


Nia smiled as her severed hand moved in Roland’s palm, then she brought it over and reattached it to the stub of her right hand.

After a faint blue glow, the palm reverted to its original form.

She shook her hand and was quite proud. “It’s impressive, isn’t it?”

Roland nodded his head vigorously.

He couldn’t help but think that angels were quite interesting beings. They were obviously creatures of energy, but they had almost the same tactile sensations as humans.

I really want to study her internal structure, as well as the energy sequencing.

Of course, he merely thought about it.

After showing Nia around Wetland City, Roland took her back to Delpon.

When Andonara saw Nia, her expression soured immediately.

She found it somewhat unbelievable that he had managed to woo a new woman after she had milked Roland so cleanly and thoroughly —had Roland been hiding?

Then after listening to Roland finish speaking about Nia’s identity and where she came from, Andonara finally sighed with relief.

She also remembered that she had seen this angel once before.

Only then the angel had wings… Then again, an angel with wings and an angel without wings felt like two different people.

After placing Nia in Delpon, Roland gave Andonara some more things to handle and then teleported to Fareins.

Now, he had to go on a quest from the Goddess of Magic.

The Croatian Plain was in the northeast area of Fareins.

It was also inland and rich in cows and sheep, making it an important source of dairy and meat products in Fareins.

The Croatian Plain was quite large, and after so many years, the grassland changed along with the climate and temperatures. The Goddess of Magic wasn’t even sure where the prepared sealing point was.

Roland could only find it himself.

The Croatian Plain was quite beautiful.

The grass in a typical grassland would be dark green.

But the grass of the Croatian Plain was light green, a rather bright shade.

Then once in the period between summer and autumn, the grassland would be covered with pale pink flowers.

This flower had a light fragrance, but when many bloomed, it was just right.

It was fragrant but not overpowering, sweet but not overwhelming.

Roland came just in time to see the whole grassland covered with flowers, and a large number of digger wasps and butterflies were flying around the meadow gathering nectar.

Then more insect-eating creatures were drawn in.

For example, small lizards and various birds.

This formed a unique Croatian Plain ecosystem.

Roland hired a guide to bring him over.

If there was an exact target, Roland could find it directly.

But the information and clues given by the Goddess of Magic were so scattered that he had to take time to find it himself.

This was when a local guide could make a big difference.

This guide was a middle-aged man, dark-skinned, with a large, sun-burned, reddish-black, rough, and thick-looking face from years of farming outside.

“I tell you, Master Mage, there’s nothing like coming to our Croatian Plain at this time of year.”

Roland nodded. “Indeed, the sea of flowers is beautiful.”

At this time Roland opened the system’s recording function, intending to take pictures of the surrounding sea of flowers and then save them to his network cloud as a souvenir.

After all, this place was truly beautiful.

“More than that, Master Mage.” The guide turned back around and said with a smile, “There are girls from the town looking for a man at this time.”


“It’s not surprising that young women of marriageable age are looking for husbands.” Roland quirked his head to look at the guide. “Is there something special about them?”

“Of course there is.” The guide revealed a smile that any man would understand. “This event is a local custom. The girls will wear beautiful clothes to participate in the bonfire and drag men who they see eye to eye with to a dark place. You won’t have to be responsible afterward. If they have children, they’ll raise them themselves.”

“That’s not a very reasonable custom,” Roland said, a little puzzled. “Wouldn’t their lives, without men, be affected?”.

“It’s because they believe in the Goddess of Love.” The guide laughed mischievously.

Roland was speechless.

It all made sense.

The Goddess of Love not only advocated liberating desire but also defended that women didn’t have to rely on men.

Men simply had the role of providing seeds for the followers of the Goddess of Love.

In reality, the Goddess of Love was generous to her followers.

Even for partial believers, she was willing to lend her power to women. So the women who believed in the Goddess of Love, more or less, knew a few spells.

And most of them were strength enhancement, stamina enhancement, light healing spells, and so on.

Roland smiled. “I guess you attend the festival of these villages every year.”

This guide lost his smile at once, and said, with a repentant air, “I used to go there a lot when I wasn’t married. But now… my wife will break my legs if I dare go.”

“Is your wife a believer in the Goddess of Love?”

“No.” He shook his head. “She’s a believer of the Goddess of Storms.”

Roland couldn’t help but laugh.

The Church of Storms had a unique tradition; their priestly robes were the shortest of all.

It was short to the point of being flush with the private parts.

Moving around casually, they would reveal their bottoms.

More importantly, the Goddess of Storms’s followers and clerics all valued chastity.

They would only give away their virginity after marriage.

Because of this attitude and faith in chastity, they had a lot of confidence after marriage. Unlike the majority of women in this world, they dared to shout at their husbands.

Because in their eyes, respect went both ways.

Giving them the best of themselves was to live as equals seriously.

And the men who married the believers of the Goddess of Storms were also quite into this.

For example, the guide in front of him.

Seems like he’s also a “victim.”