My Range is One Million

Chapter 194 - The Fall of Tokyo 2

Chapter 194: The Fall of Tokyo 2


Besides Jaehwang everyone looked at the screen in shock.

“Will it explode? I don’t think it’ll be able to just stay like that.”

The raid team leader asked.

“Apparently the gate hadn’t always been this big and it seems to be only getting worse.”

“No, that information actually turned out to be incorrect.”

“Didn’t they call for help? I thought that the Japanese government said they needed someone to help them. The media didn’t really have the correct information. Luckily those living in Japan are safetly evacuating to Korea.

“The Japanese government should handle the situation better…”

“Hopefully he has something in the works. There’s a lot that needs to be done there. And what’s to come isn’t even their biggest problem. If I’m not wrong then I heard that the Japanese citizens feel that they were blindly trusting their government.”

“Wow, that is a problem.”

Japan was the most unstable country of them all. They had many monster attacks and things were only getting progressively worse over time.

“Should we go back first? Even though they didn’t send out a raid request we should go and try to help them even if they don’t want it. They need help.”

“You’re right.”

It was a shame what was happening to the people but it would be hard to try to plan a raid there when they didn’t want the help. But maybe they would be able to do it considering Jaehwang just successfully completed an eighth tier monster raid.

“There’s no better person to do this besides Jaehwang.”

Rumi said as she turned towards Jaehwang.


“Looks like we’ll need our department’s official name.”

Rumi said and Jaehwang then tilted his head and asked,

“Do we need the official name?”

“Uh. Yes. The system is actually now the supporting system. Usually the soldiers would make the decision with the leader and come up with a name to use but we need something right away. But, whatever it is we can let you approve of it first.”

Rumi said and Jaehwang then took a moment to think and soon nodded his head in agreement. He just didn’t want anything that would have his name directly in the title.

“Do you have any name in mind?”

Jaehwang looked around but couldn’t come up with any name. The raid team manager then said,

“What name do you think would be best for the raid team?”

“I want something that will fit all of us but I don’t have anything in mind.”

“Whatever you come up with, we’ll be fine with it.”

Rumi said.

Jaehwang then heard the spirit.

-Just use your family name.

The spirit suggested.


-It’ll be easier for you to get a new upgrade and then I can use more magic.


The spirit’s advice did help. Besides, using his family’s name wouldn’t be a terrible choice.

-But, if I use my family name then I’ll have to tell them about my family members.

-Isn’t everyone in your family fine? There should be nothing to worry about.

-No, it’s just, would they even believe it?

-Of course they would. What could they say? It wouldn’t be that surprising considering how powerful they see you as anyway.

-I guess you’re right.

Jaehwang replied. He then looked around at everyone. It hadn’t been that long since they all met but it is unlikely that they would doubt him.

“Let’s just use my family name.”

“Your family name?”


Jaehwang explained his family name to them and everyone had a shocked look on their faces.

They couldn’t believe it. His family consisted of generations of powerful hunters.

“It’s not a big deal.”

Jaehwang said hoping that wouldn’t change their behavior towards him. He wanted things to stay just the way they are.



The giant helicopter flew through the sky.

Everyone was wearing their headset ready for the mission.

Rumi had a strange expression on her face as she checked to see if everything was all clear up ahead. She checked again and again to be completely sure and then spoke to everyone through the headset.

“Hello, this is Rumi speaking.”

She said through the headset getting everyone’s attention.

-Yes, hello Rumi. This is an official form the Korean Nation hunter association, Bae HyunJoon.

“Hello, sir.”

There were five officials of the national hunter association team. One of them were Gwanjae.

-Haha, because of you the National Hunter Association has been doing really good these days.

“No no.”

Rumi said not trying to take all of the credit.

-Tokyo has been suffering a lot lately because of an incident with a gate. Before you guys g over there to help I’ll need to talk to Jaehwang.


She asked in reply to his request.

-I thought he would be tired after the raid in China but this is a good chance for the Korean Hunter Association to get an even better reputation…

“One moment please.”

Rumi said cutting him off.

-What problems could there be?

“Isn’t it something that could solve the dispatch?”

-Haha, you’re right about that. This is our chance to catch up with a lot of things…

“No. Why does the hunter association have to make the final decision?”

-Rumi. This is a very important decision that has to be made. This isn’t just Japan’s problem, the monsters could easily escape to our country as well. Also, this could really backfire on us and our image if our interference is unsuccessful. So we need to think this through carefully.

“But sir?”

Rumi said cutting him off again.

“What is it?”

“I understand what you’re saying but Jaehwang can do this. I’m sure of it.”

She insisted.

-Hm. I’ll think about over with the other officials and get back to you. Gwanjae may be the most difficult to convince…

“Our clan is not a low rank team. We can do it. You don’t need to get any approval.”

Rumi said as she turned to Jaehwang and nodded her head in assurance.

She asked and Jaehwang also nodded his head in agreement.

-I don’t know… I think it’s best that we still get approval from everyone first…

“We’re going to do whatever we want no matter what.”


He said in reply to Rumi’s demand.

“I said we’re going to do what we want no matter what you and the other officials say. We already have a plan have started to go through with it. So it’s too late for us to turn back anyway. We’ve made up our minds.”

-Listen here!

Deuk… deuddeuu

Rumi then hung up the phone before he could say anything else.

“Wow, that was refreshing.”

She said.

Jaehwang looked at her in shock. He had never seen her like that before. She was usually a very calm person.

“I’ve never known you as such a demanding person.”

The raid team leader said to Rumi.

Rumi then laughed and replied,

“This is just too important for anyone to try to ruin.”

“What do you think he’s going to say to Gwanjae?”

“I don’t know but I don’t think that’s anything to worry about. It’s not like Gwanjae and I are strangers so even if he does hear about it and get mad he won’t be too harsh.”

“That’s good.”

He said.

“Besides, there’s nothing at all to worry about because the mission will surely go great since we have Jaehwang here with us.”

Rumi said and Jaehwang smiled.

Jaehwang did feel kind of regretful for what just happened with the officials.

He usually wasn’t one to care much but he felt a little disappointed in himself.

“Let’s go.”


The Fall of Tokyo 2, The end.