My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 825 - A Cold Breeze

Yang Chen was much angrier this time around as it had started to affect his friends and family!

This act from his enemy was no different than a tight slap on his face!

Yang Chen swore to himself that he alone would put an end to that person’s life once Jane had found out who they were.

Even the nicest of people have limits that cannot be crossed. What more a devil?

At this point, Yang Chen had realized that there was a potential spot for danger in his life. If his impersonator looked exactly like him and was extremely familiar with Yang Chen’s background, wouldn’t they target his women and family sooner or later?! What if he tricked them into doing things under the guise of being Yang Chen?

Yang Chen started to ponder further regarding this issue. The members of Sea Eagles were more than adequate to protect his women from ordinary threats. However, they might not be a match for this person who seemed to possess the same powers he had. It would be extremely dangerous for his women not to be guarded twenty-four seven.

Sooner or later, he was going to have to tell them everything that happened, including him undergoing heavenly tribulations in the Pacific Ocean and the encounter with his hidden enemy. How was he going to live with himself should anything happen to them?

He decided that he should discuss it briefly with them as they were only about to set foot into the world of cultivation.

By the time Yang Chen had returned, the dishes were already served and ready to be eaten. The ladies had already started eating while they chatted and laughed.

He decided to prepare them for his announcement. “I have something I need to tell you guys when we get back.”

Guo Xuehua asked, “What is it son, why are you being so secretive?”

Yang Chen puckered his lips and smiled. “You’ll know later Mom. You might lose your appetite if I told you now. The reality of it is a little… hard to grasp.”

“So secretive.” Guo Xuehua laughed.

Lin Ruoxi kept her silence as she started to wonder about his proclamation.

Everyone started rushing through their meals, eager to return and listen to what Yang Chen had to say. Upon finishing their respective meals, they wasted no time in paying their bill and left.

On the way home, Yang Chen contacted An Xin, Liu Mingyu and Cai Yan and requested that they come to his house.

Liu Mingyu was aware of their move since she worked in Yu Lei. An Xin, on the other hand, did not know as she was too caught up in her work.

They were both still at work since it was a Monday but decided that it could wait as Yang Chen sounded his rare serious self.

Lin Ruoxi was able to put two and two together but was still unhappy at the prospects of his other women entering her home.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about how awkward their meeting was going to be. He would risk one night of tension for the safety of the rest of their lives.

A few moments later, three cars pulled up to the front porch of the villa.

An Xin, Liu Mingyu, and Cai Yan had arrived from their respective workplaces. They immediately stared at each other upon exiting their cars. An Xin and Liu Mingyu knew each other but they weren’t all too familiar with Cai Yan. When they saw who had come, the whole situation became clear to him. He was planning on holding a meeting with all his lovers!

The atmosphere in the living room was especially thick with tension given the situation but the living room was wide enough for them to relax in their own respective corners.

Yang Chen wasn’t in the living room when they arrived. He had adjourned to his own room after stating that he had to contact someone.

Lin Ruoxi, being the hostess, was busy serving tea to the women present. She acted indifferent to the situation but held a frosty exterior.

Everyone was already seated, talking softly since they weren’t familiar with one another.

When An Xin, Liu Mingyu, and Cai Yan stepped inside, they looked at everyone before giving a shy smile each.

“You guys are here.” Guo Xuehua stood up and greeted them. “I know An Xin and Cai Yan, and you must be Mingyu. Yang Chen told me about you earlier. That kid… Sometimes I don’t even know what runs through his head. Please don’t be shy, have a seat.”

Liu Mingyu was surprised when she found out that this middle-aged woman was Yang Chen mother. But nonetheless, she quickly recovered and paid her respects.

Liu Mingyu and An Xin were shocked when Lin Ruoxi came over to serve them tea.

“Ah… Boss Lin, how can we….” Liu Mingyu tried to stop her.

Lin Ruoxi gave her a faint smile. “There’s no need to call me that outside of work. Please call me Ruoxi as I am your junior.”

Cai Yan had already forgotten about her conflict with Lin Ruoxi. She giggled and said, “Yeah, we should get to know each other since we’re all going to be here for a long time…”

Lin Ruoxi shot a cold glare towards her before she could finish her sentence.

Cai Yan’s heart skipped a beat and she turned around while hanging her head in shame.

Guo Xuehua laughed in amusement upon seeing this. “Ruoxi, stop glaring at her. She’s scared enough of you as it is. She’s just a little too straightforward. It’s nothing new.”

Cai Yan nodded in agreement and looked towards Guo Xuehua gratefully.

“Hmph.” Lin Ruoxi felt slightly uncomfortable that her mother-in-law was siding with Yang Chen’s lover over his wife.

“I didn’t say anything,” she muttered under her breath.

“Sister Ruoxi’s gaze was so scary, I felt a cold breeze from here,” Tang Tang mumbled while lying on Tang Wan.

Tang Wan covered her mouth immediately. “Now is not the time for your nonsense, you silly girl! That’s from the central air conditioning!

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. That cover-up was a little too obvious.

She sighed and turned around to ask An Xin, “Say, am I really that scary?”

An Xin was still traumatized by Lin Ruoxi after she’d cried when Lin Ruoxi forced her to compete in the ball-tossing game. She knew that it was right to deny but her body betrayed her words.

“No… not scary at all…”

She was obviously lying!

Zhenxiu couldn’t hold in the laughter she had held for so long when An Xin replied Lin Ruoxi.

She slapped the sofa and kicked her legs up in glee.

Lin Ruoxi blushed and pinched Zhenxiu’s face. “What are you laughing at? I’ve been nothing but nice to you and this is how you repay me?”

Zhenxiu blinked at her innocently. “But it was funny…”

Lin Ruoxi stomped her foot and ran back into the kitchen to assist Wang Ma. She couldn’t stand being in the living room anymore after that.

The atmosphere was much more relaxed because of this funny incident.

Yang Chen emerged from the second floor after a couple of minutes.

Hannya from the Yamata Sect contacted him to notify him that several ninjas from the Yamata Sect had recently entered China and are posing as regular workers in Japanese companies. She wanted to ask Yang Chen for further instructions regarding what to do with them.

Yang Chen ordered her to send a couple of them to Beijing and leave a couple here in Zhonghai. Sending them to Beijing would make it easier to locate the enemy since ninjas were generally better at scouting.

He could search for Yan Buwen’s secret base by himself since Cai Yuncheng and the others were reluctant to tell him.

Yang Chen was delighted at the sight of his ladies in the living room. What a life he would lead should all these ladies stay here with him under one roof.

But now was not the time for fantasies and wishful thinking. There were more important matters on hand. Yang Chen walked to the middle and said after letting out a breath, “I gathered everyone here today to talk about something important. It is related to your safety and I implore you to listen carefully and ask questions later. What I’m about to share is not so easily put into words…”

Everyone started to feel nervous and uncomfortable when Yang Chen came down all serious and somber. It was a far cry from his regular behavior.