One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 118 - Mates’ Rate (3)

Chapter 118: Mates’ Rate (3)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

He Bai thanked her with courtesy when he took an unobtrusive look at her figure. What Professor Xu Ying taught him suddenly occurred to him, which rendered him an inspired guess, “Miss Yan, have you learned dancing?”

“Yeah, but how can you tell?” Yan Meng looked at him in surprise, nodded and said, “I’ve learned to dance, but it’s been some time before I restarted practicing it.”

It must be done after her figure recovered to former level, guessed He Bai. When he glanced at this beautiful lakeside villa of Yan family, an idea struck him, “Miss Yan, how many wedding dresses do you have?”

A tall charming lady in knee-length wedding dress stood bare-foot on the grass, dancing trippingly to the music. A few steps away, a photographer was patiently looking for angles to shoot her.

As it grew darker, lights came on in a row, and girls arrived at the party one after another. It’s some time since Yan Meng had a dance, so she got completely excited and joined the sequence. The steward came timely, taking dozens of well-prepared costumes with him.

He Bai asked a few servants to act as juicers for the time being, and he took several snaps while reviewing what Xu Yingrong once taught him in the heart. Then he walked closer to arrange for the girls in place.

When he finished shooting, He Bai moved outside sensibly and left room for them to revel.

The party ended with dance as it did in the beginning. He Bai patiently looked for angles and snapped timely, occasionally coming forward to remind the bride and her friends to adjust their positions and expressions.

As night fell, the hall began to empty.

Girls all went to rest, while He Bai stayed to snap the servants and stewards who were busy in cleaning up the house.

Next day, the bride got up early to put on make-ups. He Bai also rose at dawn to capture the process with his camera.

After that, bridesmaids arrived one after another well-dressed and took a few photos with the bride. Then her family came in and continued to photograph, and then her relatives and friends turned up…

Once the indoor shooting finished, He Bai ran downstairs to take photos of the groom’s wedding car and then upstairs to photograph the bride who wore a shy and cheerful look.

Happy smiles were everywhere, and some even let out cries of delight.

After seeing innumerous families as icy as Di’s, He Bai rejoiced at the prospective couple in his camera but also felt a pang of sorrow for Di Qiuhe.

Why did he grow up in nobody’s care?

Given that he found his true love, would Di Qiuhe also give a happy smile and dispel all the negative feelings resulting from the icily cold family?

His words “I hope to live a happy life with my sweetheart” flashed through He Bai’s mind when he pressed the shutter to record a lovely kiss. He felt his thinking was clearer now.

He might be favorably disposed to Di Qiuhe, which, however, was not enough to shake his principles. Also, he would never cajole him or take forcible possession against Di Qiuhe’s will and sexual orientation. If he was straight…

Through the camera lens, the groom was seen to hold the bride in his arms, ready to take his loved one to church and make a lifetime promise.

Outside the lens, Zheng Ya shed tears of joy, and Niu Junjie cautiously took a handkerchief out, intending to wipe her tears.

He Bai put down the camera and recalled the picture where Niu Junjie clumsily carried their baby and Zheng Ya looked at them smiling in the last life. He tapped his nose, lost in thought. If Di Qiuhe was no gay, he would snuff out his slight adoration and remain friends with him.

The poor guy died young in the previous incarnation and continued to live an unhappy life in this world. How could he cause more trouble for him? Besides, Di Qiuhe looked so good, and could definitely have a cute baby if married.

In this state of mind, He Bai shot the whole process of the wedding, spent three days on retouching, and finally got his work done, sending a full set of 108 photos, together with the original ones and edited videos, to Zheng’s house before Zheng Lei and his wife left for their honeymoon.

Three hours later, Yan Meng transferred a good half a million yuan to his bank account.

Dozing in his chair, He Bai totally got a shock when he saw the six-figure number, his mouth agape. He called Yan Meng immediately to remind her of the excessive pay.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. Nowadays top photographers are all paid by the hour, so it’s quite normal. He, as your fan, I have to tell you that you’ve already won great popularity, and only those luxury brands and stars like Jun Chen are qualified to hire you as their photographer! You must offer a higher price next time you receive an appointment.” Yan Meng advised in an earnest way, as though she were his agent, “Before you, I hired a wedding photographer. Guess what! A set of photos was priced at 20,000 yuan! Besides, he only worked for one day! You’ve shot for two days and handed me 108 fine photos as well as a video clip. Half a million yuan may be a little lower, if anything!”

Dumbfounded, He Bai explained, “But your former photographer took his team with him, while I did it by myself. Work like make-up, lighting arrangement was carried out by your domestic helps, and my equipment must be not as good as his…”

“Despite this, you sure did a good job. I like your pictures very much.” Yan Meng smiled and interrupted him. Seemingly finding his stunned look adorable, she explained in a low voice, “He, do you have any idea that Jun Chen’s album hits the market? The cover you shot is displayed on a variety of platforms, whose popularity soars. Unlike other industries, one’s popularity in the entertainment world is of much higher value than work itself, so you can no longer look at the fruit of your labor based on the traditional notion. Photographers in the entertainment and fashion circles are completely different from those in portrait studios in general. I suggest you employ an assistant to deal with shooting appointments, and that you should get familiar with the rules in this world. After all, you are also a big shot now.”