Perfect World

Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 - Loves Drinking Milk the Most

Void God Realm was full of activity. Many people came over, all of them wishing to see the Little Stone for themselves, if he really did appear.

Ge Gu was still rather unwilling to accept things, but now, it seemed like the Little Stone’s past reputation really was too great, far exceeding its imagination. Just his appearance triggered such a huge commotion.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t make a stop. He brought Ge Gu with him, disappearing with a flash, quickly leaving into the distance. Apart from a few people, none of the others saw him.

“We were fooled, right? Did Shi Hao really appear? Why don’t I see him?”

“Where is he? I came to Void God Realm to see the Little Stone’s power myself.”

Many people appeared, Void God Realm becoming noisy. However, most people missed out on seeing him.

“Where are those two old things?” Shi Hao mumbled. When he really wanted to find Bird Grandpa and Coid Elder, they were instead nowhere to be seen.

Even now, he didn’t truly understand those two old fellas’ backgrounds. They were definitely not ordinary, having their own secrets.

Through the bit that he did learn, he knew that those two had lost their physical bodies, only their souls remaining in Void God Realm. It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of years had passed, both of them already about to lose their sense of self.

A will to attain enlightenment, a will to fall into depravity, this described precisely these two.

Ge Gu was also searching, but he didn’t find them.

“Normally, they come and go unpredictably. They always make the first move, never sought out.” Ge Gu said.

Those two cherished geniuses. Whenever a heaven warping figure appeared, they would usually appear.

For example, when Shi Hao was just a newcomer, just having entered Void God Realm, he immediately drew their attention.

Moreover, in recent years, Ge Gu and Xi Gu’s intense clash also drew their attention, appearing at their sides.

Void God Realm erupted into discussion, full of activity. Many people came to see the Little Stone, yet in the end, they didn’t see anything. It really was regretful.

Shi Hao and Ge Gu exhausted great efforts to find those two old fellas, but ended up with nothing.

“Something isn’t right. There is such great activity, so they should have appeared, especially after knowing that you came back.” Ge Gu said.

When Shi Hao heard this, he laughed coldly and said, “I know what’s going on. Those two old things are doing this on purpose, not wishing to meet me. They want to act shamelessly, not acknowledge their promise!”

“What do you mean?” Ge Gu was confused.

“In the past, they would always use all types of excuses, not willing to honor their commitments, now they’re running from me on purpose, not wishing to give me my reward.” Shi Hao said, sniffing out something.

“Then what can we do?” The crimson dragon Ge Gu’s face fell.

It now completely acknowledged Shi Hao. It was a True Dragon, yet actually didn’t know its clan’s secret technique, this was a bit humiliating. It felt like if Shi Hao really could teach it the unmatched secret technique, even… if it had to take him as his master, it wasn’t something it had to resist to the death.

For a dragon to be forced to this extent, one could see how anxious it was.

Otherwise, it might become the most unreliable True Dragon of all of history, as well as the weakest True Dragon, truly a laughing stock recorded in the history books.

These were what the golden lion secretly muttered to him to add pressure.

Of course, this was also incited by Shi Hao. Who could blame him for wanting it as his disciple?

“It’s easy, I’ll settle it and force those two old fellas to appear.”


When Shi Hao saw an altar, he walked over, and then took a deep breath. A fist directly smashed out.

Then, he continued forward, smashing everything in his path, from the mountains to the rivers, and then to the palace halls, smashing everything in his path.

In the end, this triggered a huge commotion.

This was a spiritual world, rumored to be a world created by the deities, formed from order and natural laws.

It was extremely sturdy, like a perfect world.

However, this rigidity also had a limit. When faced with Shi Hao’s power exceeding the limit, these natural laws could be destroyed and crushed.

Back then, when he broke the records, he had done precisely this type of thing.

“Heavens, who is that? Has he gone mad? Is he going to completely trash the Void God Realm?!”

The people in the surroundings were shocked. They saw that wherever that person went, the void would collapse, as if worlds were being destroyed, affecting the stability of Void God Realm.

Then, steles appeared in many places, record steles.

“Number one in fist strength!”

At this moment, in all different areas, everyone couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

Someone broke a record, moreover a world-shocking record! It was actually fist strength that oppressed the present world, overlooking the experts of all clans throughout the ages.

This was not a normal record, because fist strength, from a certain perspective, might be close to true combat strength!

Number one fist strength, even if their fighting strength wasn’t number one, it was likely not far off.

There were many records, but there were some that were extremely special, having great weight. Without a doubt, number one fist strength was just too shocking, stunning the world.

Even Ge Gu was stupefied. This fella who kept trying to make himself its master was too ferocious, right? It was almost as if he didn’t even have any intention to break records, only randomly destroying things, yet this glorious achievement was made!

The crimson dragon felt a bit dizzy. It saw the resplendent stele. Not only were there characters there, there was also a fist that released glorious divine light, illuminating the dome of heaven.

This proved that his fist strength was terrifyingly great, exceeding all past records by a good amount!

Everyone was shaken, momentarily finding it hard to speak, a bit stupefied.

Soon afterwards, everyone noticed the name left below the stele.

Who was the one who broke the record? Everyone felt that it was most likely that person. The Little Stone returned, who else could it be?


When someone saw the name, he couldn’t but spurt out what he was drinking.

Even some aloof and reserved young ladies had strange expressions, truly unable to hold themselves back, all of them holding their mouths, laughing until their bodies rocked back and forth.

Haha…” As for the men, they laughed even more openly.

“It really is him!”

Haha, it’s still this name! If it didn’t appear now, I would have almost forgotten!”

Everyone roared with laughter.

Everyone was already sure that this was done by the Little Stone, he returned.

However, the name that was left behind wasn’t Shi Hao, but rather a long weird name: Loves Drinking Milk the Most!


Forget about others, even Ge Gu who followed at Shi Hao’s side couldn’t hold back, immediately spurting out his saliva, laughing until his body bent over, small face becoming red from laughter.

Dark lines covered Shi Hao’s face, giving him a hateful stare. Right now, he really felt like one’s dignity was not protected from their past, that all of his reputation was being lost.

Back then, he was still a child, undisciplined and out of control, doing whatever he wanted. Back then, he hadn’t even completely stopped drinking milk, leaving behind this name when breaking records.

Thus, the Void God Realm remembered him as such, this name becoming his title in this realm.

As a result, whenever he appeared, truly wishing to break a record, make a stele appear, this name would appear.

After all these years had passed, he had long matured from being a child, now a young man in his twenties, in his golden age. However, it was actually still that name.

Even though Shi Hao’s skin was extremely thick, right now, he still felt his face burning. This really let down his heroicness and decisiveness!

Loves Drinking Milk the Most, just how embarassing of a name was this? He really wanted to run.

However, in front of the disciple he had already decided on, as well as everyone’s faces, this name was ‘ignited’ again, everyone knowing of it.

It was because that stele would appear in all places, informing all under the sky. Everyone knew about this.

Shi Hao really wanted to just smash this stele to bits, destroy all traces of its existence, and then make his getaway.


He immediately put his thoughts into action, striking the record stele before him, smashing it to pieces with a single fist.

This made Ge Gu’s expression change!

This was enough to prove the strength of Shi Hao’s fists. Otherwise, how could a record stele be smashed? Normally, it was impossible!

However, what left Shi Hao shocked was that this stele shattered, but immediately afterwards, another appeared, on it a new record.

It was still related to fist strength. In that instant, he broke his own fist strength record.

What was inscribed on it was still the ‘Loves Drinking Milk the Most’ name, just too striking.


Many people couldn’t help but laugh.

It was because it was written clearly, stating that out of shame and humiliation, he destroyed the recording stele, deserving of punishment. However, at the same time, he broke another record.

Shi Hao really was about to faint. Even this was a thing?

His face was incredibly overcast. This was too shameful!

Haha, it really is the Little Stone! Heheh, he still has the same style as before, undisciplined and out of control, still trying to erase all traces, only to make that title even more prominent.”

Haha, I believe he is feeling extreme regret right now. Back then, when he decided on this name, it really was too outrageous.”

Many people were laughing, at the same time taking joy in his calamity.

Being able to see the Little Stone suffer, driven crazy, this was something that made many people feel amusement.

While Shi Hao’s face was darkened, he finally saw Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder, the two appearing together.