Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 743 - Post-Abortion Syndrome

Chapter 743: Post-Abortion Syndrome

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After making a few changes, the photoshoot for the Sweet Angel began.

Xu Xinrou stared at Xu Xiyan, unable to believe that Xu Xiyan was able to make something out of it.

As she looked at how the people complimented Xu Xiyan, she regretted not going with the white dress.

After the photo shoot was completed, the editing and publishing were next.

In the meantime, it was time for them to begin the actual shooting for the commercial video at a beach in Fstan.

The dresses for the video were still the same, one black and one white.

Xu Xinrou quickly chose the white dress, leaving Xu Xiyan with only the black dress to choose.

Yet again, both of them attracted every person on the scene as soon as they came out.

The director did notice that they switched their dresses but did not comment any further because of the effect it gave.

As the shooting began, Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou walked down the beach, hand in hand, towards a handsome actor.

As the actor caught the scent of their perfumes, he approached them with the prepared script.

Xu Xiyan recited her line perfectly, and yet Xu Xinrou forgot what she had to say.

“Cut!” Mason shouted. “Ms. Xu, what is wrong with you?”

“I’m really sorry, I forgot my line.”

“There are only three lines, how could you even forget that!”

Mason was already fed up with the so-called “professional” actress.

Even Xu Xinrou had no idea what was going on with her. Her memory wasn’t as good as it used to be and she was always forgetting things.

She suspected that it was because of the post-abortion syndrome.

The director requested a reshoot and the second take began.

When it was Xu Xinrou’s turn to speak, she could only remember the first half of her line and forgot everything after that.

“Ms. Xu! What the hell are you doing?” Mason scolded as he pointed at Xu Xinrou. “Are you even using your brain? Did you read the script?”

Xu Xinrou could only bow and apologize for her mistake, and yet that was not what Mason wanted.

“Forget it,” Mason said. “Change places with Jing Xi, you don’t have to speak anymore.”

Because of Xu Xinrou’s mistake, Mason decided to make a few changes.

In the third take, Xu Xinrou had no line, and her position was changed to a much more supporting perspective.

The third take was successful, and they continued to the next few scenes before everything ended.

And thus the post-editing process began.

LK was fast with their work. The poster was already finished and published onto different media. The people were attracted to LK’s new line of products because of their new ambassadors.

In just three days, the sales for the “Bewitching Fae” broke LK’s record.

LK had received a lot of feedback asking who the one representing the product was.

With success in the new line, LK decided to hold a celebration dinner, inviting both of their ambassadors over.

Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou once again showed themselves in front of the crew. Xu Xinrou attended the dinner wearing a dress with huge cleavage just to attract more attention.