Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1600 - If You Dare to Fight Me

Chapter 1600: If You Dare to Fight Me

Master Xiao was almost choked by blood because he nearly spat out some when he was utterly irritated by Ye Xiao’s trash talk. He looked around and found some weird looks from the others. That made him so angry. With a shaking voice, he said, “Ye Xiao, stop the nonsense now. Answer me. Did you say that you were the descendant of the Great Ye Clan? As I know, the young master, Ye Yunduan, is sitting in the headquarters of the Great Ye Army. Are you still going to lie about it, you shameless liar?”

Ye Xiao coldly smiled and said, “The descendant of the Great Ye Clan? When did I say these words? I am confident about my memory, and I don’t remember when I ever said these words! I have no idea why you would have that illusion. I wonder if your ears are fine, or is it your brain that is out of order. There are plenty of ways to fix it if you only have a hearing problem. But if you have a broken brain, I don’t see who can save you from that. I am good at saving people. Well, I don’t know how to save you from your stupidity!”

Master Xiao was furious. “You…”

“Oh, right. There is a third possibility. Master Xiao, you love fantasy. That is much more terrible. Ears or brain, they are physical problems. If you are lost in fantasy, that is mental.” Ye Xiao coldly said, “As I remembered, I was telling you I wasn’t the descendant of the Great Ye Clan. I don’t understand. I was surprised. You know. I am curious about why the hell the famous Master Xiao was so weak and cowardly. It seemed anything I said could scare you. What a coward… You fled away in the end. Come on… You are worse than a man who only knows how to blow…”

He sneered and said, “I learned the truth from your behaviors. I was impressed by your fame, but then I realized… Now knowing that you have been thinking that I am the descendant of the Great Ye Clan… You actually scared yourself away… How weird! I never knew how weird things could be! You opened my eyes, Master Xiao! You are an excellent man who is good at blowing… It is such a pleasure to meet you!”

Ye Xiao kept teasing Master Xiao.

Master Xiao was shaking because of anger. He couldn’t forget what had happened that day, and he couldn’t think of any way to fight back. He was so angry.

He remembered it. Ye Xiao didn’t say he was the descendant of the Great Ye Clan.

Master Xiao scared himself because he thought Ye Xiao was.

How could he admit that? He had a good reason to imagine things that way. Ye Xiao had done a great job in acting!

Master Xiao breathed heavily for a while. He finally calmed down and fiercely smiled. “Ye Xiao, you can say whatever you want today, but nothing can change the fact that you are going to die in a nasty way!”

Ye Xiao showed him a mocking look and said, “Oh, is that so? Do you think I and my Monarch’s Hall got lucky the other day?”

Master Xiao coldly smiled and said, “Didn’t you? Ye Xiao, I don’t want to talk about the other day anymore. Let me ask you something else.”

Ye Xiao said, “What?”

He did not care about Master Xiao at all. Master Xiao was famous but turned out to be such a loser. Even if he dared to attack the other day, Master Guan and Master Song wouldn’t let him. If Master Xiao had started the fight, they would have died. In fact, they did the right thing to flee.

The Monarch’s Hall had lost the support from the seven clans now, but the Monarch’s Hall was a different organization now. Meng Youjiang, Bu Xiangfeng, and Ye Xiao were a lot more powerful now. They truly did not care about Master Xiao and his men. Ye Xiao didn’t want to waste time on this loser anymore!

Things always went weird. Master Xiao asked him something that successfully drew Ye Xiao’s attention.

Master Xiao took a deep breath. He was calm and cold, but he felt depressed. “Ye Xiao, are you from the Land of Han-Yang?”

Ye Xiao was shocked. He stared at Master Xiao’s face and said, “What do you mean?”

Master Xiao saw Ye Xiao’s reaction, and he was surprised, too. He suddenly became crazy and angry. He said, “It is you! It really is you!”

Ye Xiao made a step forward and said, “You know where I am from. I guess you have met some of my old friends. Who is it?”

Master Xiao suddenly laughed and said, “Old Friends? I have met some of your old friends? You cunning f*cking bastard! Do you have any old friends?”

Ye Xiao calmed down again, but in his heart, he was emotional.

Nobody in the City of Chaos knew about his background.

The Land of Han-Yang was a secret of him that he had never told anybody.

Where did Master Xiao learn that from?

He even knew Ye Xiao’s real name.

There was one possibility.

Master Xiao could have met a person who knew Ye Xiao. It could be Jun Yinglian, Xuan Bing, Li Wuliang, Shuang, or Han.

If any of these people had fought Master Xiao, it wouldn’t be a good thing!

They weren’t a match to Master Xiao!

Master Xiao could never be friends to weak people like them.

Master Xiao knew about Ye Xiao… What did that mean?

Ye Xiao suddenly gathered some murderous qi around him.

“Hah hah hah… I got you. Aren’t you mad at me? Do you want to kill me?” Master Xiao fiercely looked at Ye Xiao and said, “Ye Xiao, I should think of a word to describe you. Should it be arrogant or stupid?”

Ye Xiao didn’t talk anymore. He made three steps forward. The power he gathered became stronger and stronger like there was no end to it.

Master Xiao coldly said, “Ye Xiao, do you dare to fight me?”

“Fight you…” Ye Xiao repeated and then showed him a fierce smile. “Master Xiao, since you asked for it, I don’t think why I should turn it down.”

“Oh, Master Ye agreed to fight! That is out of my expectation. You have four men, and I have four men too. Let’s have five fights, and who won over three of the five is the winner. What do you say?”

Master Xiao smiled and said, “I don’t want you to live any longer. I just want you and your men to die one by one, and you will watch! The fabulous doctor can save others, but I wonder if he can save himself! I think not!”