Seized by the System

Chapter 796 - Divination

Chapter 796: Divination

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This time around, Fang Ning took action quickly. This had an impact on whether he could continue with his future undertakings peacefully…

He immediately remembered Sir System used to capture a disciple from the Azure Mountain. What was his name?

He thought long and hard. Finally, he discovered that he had indeed forgotten the name.

“Huh, that couldn’t be. Didn’t they say that after cultivation, you’ll acquire a photographic memory? Don’t tell me my cultivation was fake?” Fang Ning wondered anxiously.

“Eh, you’re finally aware of your own condition. You got your powers through eating pills, so of course, you don’t have this ability.” Sir System ridiculed his host.

“Nonsense, this is obviously soft inheritance. The difference is that I don’t need a photographic memory, hence I didn’t cultivate such an ability.” Fang Ning justified.

“Yeah, you never take notes. And when you forget stuff, you ask me but never pay me back.” Sir System retorted.

“Don’t be so petty. Tell me, System, what’s the name of that disciple you once captured from the Azure Mountain?” Fang Ning pacified him.

“Chen Tianxiao. His work at the construction site is done and now he’s left to rot in the Draconic Penitentiary. These are turbulent times and not many people have the attention span to play games. Farming gold’s out of the question, but the mech tournament’s still ongoing. The Truth Department keeps funding the tournament and trains fighters in the process.” Sir System recounted every single detail.

“I see. I remember now. This fellow’s a brute, but he’s also the kind of fellow that preys on the weak and fears those stronger than him. I bet if you make a golden fillet for him, especially the type used on souls, he won’t dare to resist wearing it. After that, we’ll let him out and he shall gather news for us. Best that it has a Shared Vision function as well.” Fang Ning proposed excitedly.

“Yeah, great idea. I’m just a warrior system and I ain’t that powerful. It’s good enough that I can activate System Bind, and now you expect me to have a Shared Vision function?” Sir System was incredulous.

“Ugh, you’re so weak. Forget it, we’ll just let him report to us regularly.” Fang Ning caved in.

“Please excuse me, I’m in fact extremely frail. You need to give me more money and experience points so that I can strengthen myself…” Sir System replied sheepishly.


A moment later, Fang Ning, accompanied by Anderson, met Chen Tianxiao at the Draconic Penitentiary’s office.

After Sir System’s reminder, Fang Ning finally recalled this fellow.

He used to be a haughty and oppressive disciple of the Azure Mountain. He achieved Pond-level at a tender age and was a noteworthy figure of his time.

However, like those people who began terrorizing others after attaining great power, he was beaten to death by Sir System…

Lucky for him, his high intelligence proved him useful and despite getting wrecked by the System, his soul remained intact. He was locked up in the Draconic Penitentiary and received education about the values of love and righteousness.

“Forgive me for I have sinned, Sir Warden.” Chen Tianxiao greeted sincerely.

He was an average-looking young man with a golden fillet bound to his forehead, giving him an eye-catching appearance.

Having been in the Draconic Penitentiary for approximately two years, he witnessed the incarceration of countless mighty beings, but not one inmate had managed to escape.

The luckiest of them all was his junior Qi Mei, who got bailed out thanks to relations.

Apart from that, he never saw other inmates leaving the penitentiary.

There were demons, ghosts, spirits, deities and even priests…

Everyone had to be honest and obedient, or else, the inmates had to be re-educated again, and imagine the horrors! Moreover, it was hard to imagine what tricks Anderson had up their sleeves.

“Today, I shall give you a chance to redeem yourself.” Fang Ning announced.

“Please explain, Sir Warden. I’m willing to do anything.” Chen Tianxiao replied hastily.

“The job is simple. I shall let you return to the Azure Mountain. Your goal is to find out why Shang Qingshan is so egoistic to the point of ignoring the Upper Realm deities.” Fang Ning instructed.

“I shall humbly accept and fulfill this task, Sir Warden, and I shall unearth the secret.” Chen Tianxiao agreed.

Even if Fang Ning wanted him to assassinate his Grandmaster, he would accept it without a moment’s hesitation.

He could not tolerate another second of staying in this sh*thole.

The boredom ate away at him, not to mention his fellow disciples were working hard and attaining skills that were far beyond his ability. The very thought of this made him red with envy.

His only regret was not being a good person earlier…

Apparently, pretending to be a do-gooder had its benefits. At least he would not be noticed by these busybodies.

He hesitated, and then Fang Ning said something which was music to his ears.

“Perfect, you may leave now. Oh right, remember to hide that golden fillet of yours and don’t let anyone see it. Also, the Azure Mountain School has moved to the Lunaette, right on the highest mountain peak.” Fang Ning gave his final instructions and let the System release him.

He was not worried about this fellow divulging the System Space’s secrets. The prison area was segregated from other areas, so he would not be able to view the core secrets.

Slowly, Chen Tianxiao shuffled out of the penitentiary. When he set his eyes upon the sun, both of his eyes filled with tears.

It was not because he was touched, but his eyes were sensitive to the sun due to his prolonged seclusion from the outside world.

At this moment, he realized his psyche was still solid. He thought for a while and concluded that these two years spent in prison were not wasted after all.

All those sessions of forced education, coupled with the occasional pills rewarded to him for good behavior greatly improved his spiritual cultivation.

If he could find a suitable body, he believed he could still advance as much as his fellow disciples did, maybe much more.

Right, which body did Qi Mei use?

When he thought of this, he felt a surge of jealousy. Perhaps those fellows had already prepared a high-quality body for her… Apparently, she benefited from this mess after all.

He heaved a long sigh and flew towards the piece of land on the top of the planet.

Not long after, he arrived at his destination.

From afar, it looked barren and devoid of life.

Strangely, within the barrenness, a patch of greenery could be seen at the horizon. One could vaguely see that it was a rather high mountain peak.

As this was a flat piece of terrain, one could take in a complete view of the area from a high vantage point.

Chen Tianxiao pondered for a moment. That should be the highest peak mentioned by Sir Warden, where the new School was situated.

He then flew towards the green mountain.

He was halfway there when he noticed someone familiar up ahead.

“Brother Chen, you’ve finally returned. This is such a joyous occasion.” In contrast to his words, there was no trace of delight on Gu Buwei’s face.

“Oh, thank you for welcoming me back, Brother. I feel bad for not fulfilling the School’s duties and got into deep trouble instead. I managed to regain my freedom today.” Chen Tianxiao said this with shame.

“It’s alright. The Grandmaster had already predicted that today is your day of freedom. Hence, I’m here to escort you, and also to prevent you from being ambushed by our enemies.” Gu Buwei explained.

“I thank the Grandmaster for remembering me.” Chen Tianxiao suppressed his astonishment. He could not believe that Shang Qingshan predicted his recent release so soon.

Apparently, the Grandmaster’s Precognitive Divination had reached wondrous levels after two years. It was impossible to hide anything from him.

He was in awe. Furthermore, he knew clearly that the warden was a merciful fellow. Assuming he could not complete his task, he could just seek forgiveness from the warden as long as he did not do anything bad again.

On the other hand, the Grandmaster was not as kind-hearted. Whoever had the audacity to betray him would suffer a horrible end.

Thus, he spoke. “Brother, please lead the way to the Grandmaster. I wish to seek his forgiveness.”

“Alright.” Gu Buwei did not query him about his sins. Instead, he showed him the way.