Soaring of Galaxia

Chapter 704 - A Face to Face with the Divine Beast

Chapter 704: A Face to Face with the Divine Beast

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As Ling Tianzhi saw this advantage, he split with his combat blade from above the sky. “Jiang Kui, go onto the shore!”

All of Jiang Kui’s routes were sealed. He shouted and screamed, “You have joined hands to take me out! You broke the rules, you’ve both broken the rules!”

Ling Tianzhi roared in laughter. “An alliance? In your dreams? Qin Wushuang, that kid, has been chasing after me for more than a day!”

Currently, Qin Wushuang was urging the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings at a rapid speed. Holding the Supreme Dao shield before him and the Graceful Spiritual Bow with his other hand, he shouted at Jiang Kui, “Jiang Kui, if you take another step towards the water area, I will shoot a hole in you!”

Jiang Kui knew that his plan of waiting and watching the war from the side lines had fallen through. He said angrily, “Even if not inside the water, you will surely die before me!”

After he had finished, he transformed into a burst of meteoric lights and dashed towards the inland.

For now, Qin Wushuang did not bother to fight with Ling Tianzhi. Rolling the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings, his entire body had transformed into a ball of light as he shot into the middle of the sky.

Upon performing the Cloud Garment Feathery Technique, his body had turned into a ball of green smoke and already merged with the blue sky and white clouds, as if displaying an entertaining air show.

Ling Tianzhi pinched off his hand spells and did not dare to neglect the situation. Sparkling translucent lights spread forth and instantly, he had also transformed like stardust as he too disappeared into the sky as a clear and crystalline ray of water.

Although Qin Wushuang was hiding amongst the clouds, he had been watching Ling Tianzhi’s movements. Upon seeing this Ling Tianzhi leaving, he was moved. “If this Ling Tianzhi has indeed lured the divine beast, he must know the location of the cave dwelling of the divine beast. Most likely, this guy wants to seize the Supreme Dao Fruit first and rob me of the championship. I must not let him gain all the advantage.”

Ling Tianzhi’s method of leading the source of calamity to the east was incredibly brilliant. It had lured the divine beast to deal with Jiang Kui, while at the same time luring it from its domain in the mountains which allowed him to explore the Supreme Dao Fruit with leisure.

However, now Qin Wushuang had some doubt. After all, he was unsure how many divine beasts were at this tenth island in total.

What if there was more than one? What if that cave dwelling did not have any Supreme Dao Fruit and he could be stepping into the trap with this trip?

Therefore, while he maintained his tracking of Ling Tianzhi he must also prepare a second strategy in case the disturbance of the divine beast’s dwelling had lured more divine beasts, that would be greatly troublesome.

Inside the island, the roar of the divine beast still sounded like it was right next to their ears.

As Ling Tianzhi flew at high speed and dropped to the bottom of the valley, he arrived near a canyon-like area. Qin Wushuang took out the sealed scroll and summoned Sky Pilfered Mole and Moon Palace Jade Hare. He instructed them, “You two, go down and scout it out. If you find the presence of a Supreme Dao Fruit, contact me immediately.”

Sky Pilfered Mole and Moon Palace Jade Hare went to carry out the order.

Qin Wushuang was not in a rush to follow Ling Tianzhi. He must also be cautious. After having interacted with Ling Tianzhi for a long time, he knew that this person was not simple. Who would know whether he had set up any traps for him to fall into? Therefore, in this situation where Qin Wushuang was not sure whether the Supreme Dao Fruit was there or not, he would never go down recklessly.

Fifteen minutes had passed…

An hour passed.

The Sky Pilfered Mole and Moon Palace Jade Hare had searched for a while, but had gained nothing. They sent their spiritual perception to Qin Wushuang, “Master, there is no presence of the Supreme Dao Fruit.”

Qin Wushuang gave a cold sneer and thought, “This Ling Tianzhi is indeed playing tricks with me. This place might not be the cave of that divine beast. However, since this Ling Tianzhi enjoys to play tricks, I will play with him.” Just when Qin Wushuang was about to move, suddenly he saw that Jiang Kui was also rushing over at a high speed from the Observant Finger Jade Plate.

“Ha ha, it seems that Jiang Kui has also been tricked by Ling Tianzhi. Perhaps, Jiang Kui had walked away in fury deliberately for us. He must be thinking that since Ling Tianzhi has triggered the divine beast, he must know of the whereabouts of the divine beast cave. Therefore, he also followed Ling Tianzhi here.” When Qin Wushuang saw the arrival of Jiang Kui, he was not in a rush anymore. “Let’s let Jiang Kui play with Ling Tianzhi first,” he said maliciously.

With this plan in mind, Qin Wushuang hid in a ball of clouds and concealed himself completely. Just when Qin Wushuang thought he would have the chance to watch the fire burning across the shore, suddenly he felt something was wrong.

“No, the divine beast!”

As soon as Qin Wushuang had this thought, his body had shot forward to react almost at the same time.


The roaring sound that had filled the sky was accompanied with numerous antennas shooting from all four directions from the clouds! It was a monster that had grown with countless antennas!

Each antenna was like a rope with ample strength for it could extend freely. Without thinking too much, Qin Wushuang dashed downwards.

At this moment, he could only try to avoid the attacks of this divine beast for however long he could. At least, he must let Jiang Kui and Ling Tianzhi get attacked first.

As he urged the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings at full speed, Qin Wushuang’s figure, the figure of Jiang Kui, and Ling Tianzhi appeared in the sky almost at the same time.

Like holding up an open umbrella to the sky, the monster opened up and covered the figures of these three people with its shadow.

In other words, the fleeing path of these three were completely blocked.

“Master, we found it, we found the Supreme Dao Fruit!” at this instant of intense panic, the spiritual perception from Sky Pilfered Mole and Moon Palace Jade Hare broke through into his head!

“Hm?” Qin Wushuang was moved inwardly. Without thinking, he pulled open the Graceful Spiritual Bow fully. Extending his body freely, he shot two arrows at that divine beast with a whoosh.

Almost at the same time, Qin Wushuang plundered down to the ground.

“Humph humph!” When the divine beast saw the arriving arrows, sweeping with two of its antennas, it pocketed the attacks from the two arrows casually.

When the divine beast saw the bow and arrows used by Qin Wushuang, it was also greatly astonished. His entire body trembled slightly. Due to this instant of hesitation, Qin Wushuang’s figure had already plundered out of the attack zone of this divine beast. Holding the sealed scroll in hand, he shouted, “Mole, Jade Hare, return!”

Activating the two surges of light, these two spiritual beasts had already returned to the seal. Along the way, Qin Wushuang put the Supreme Dao Fruit they had picked into his knapsack.

“Ha ha ha, Ling Tianzhi, Jiang Kui, enjoy your time here. I am going first!” Qin Wushuang let out a roaring laugh and took out the transportation jade plate from his hand. Just when he was about to activate it, suddenly the divine beast gave a loud rumbling.


The transportation jade plate in Qin Wushuang’s hands was shattered by its Supreme Dao power!

The transportation jade plate had broken into pieces!

Qin Wushuang was stunned. Everyone knew that to get out of the island, one would just need to activate the transportation jade plate. Yet, he never thought what he would do if the plate was broken…

When Jiang Kui and Ling Tianzhi saw that Qin Wushuang had seized the Supreme Dao Fruit, they were furious. Upon seeing the transportation jade plate shattered in Qin Wushuang’s hands, they both laughed with great joy.

However, before they were too proud of themselves, suddenly the divine beast had gone mad as it covered the entire sky with its gigantic body. Covering the sky densely with its dark body, it showered above them. As if shooting ten thousand arrows at once, countless antennas went to wrap around the two of them.

“Oh no!”


However, how could their speed of running away match up with the attack speed of the divine beast?

“Pa!” One was trapped!

“Pa!” The other!

As Ling Tianzhi and Jiang Kui were rolled by the antennas of that divine beast, their body was rendered useless as they struggled continuously in the air! Frightened stiff and without further thought, they activated their transportation jade plates at once!


Ling Tianzhi, transported out!

Jiang Kui, transported out!

Although they both displayed a frustrated expression, the two opponents were sent out instantly, not the slightest bit happy! Now, Qin Wushuang was the champion; however, his transportation jade plate had shattered!

While facing this divine beast, no matter how Qin Wushuang was confident, he would not have the capital to resist against it! The most fatal part was that the three green jade arrows of the Graceful Spiritual Bow were exhausted.

With the Graceful Spiritual Bow in his hand, he was like an old tiger without claws or teeth. There would not be any room for him to show its power!

Shielding himself with the Supreme Dao shield, Qin Wushuang grabbed with both of his hands the Hegemony Breaking Formation Spear. Since he could not use the bow, he could only use the spear.

“Ha ha ha, little one, do you think you are more powerful than those two?” suddenly, that divine beast had emitted a human voice.

Only, in between this smile, it seemed he was not too hostile.

The body of the divine beast also kept getting smaller and smaller as it withdrew its power. The initially dim sky was gradually restored with light.

“Little one, where did your Graceful Spiritual Bow come from? Do you know its owner?” There was a trace of excitement from the tone of this divine beast.

Qin Wushuang never thought that this divine beast would ask about the Graceful Spiritual Bow. He could not refrain from thinking about the history of the Graceful Spiritual Bow that he had heard from Qin Yunran, the Second chief.

It was a divine weapon possessed by an elite warrior of the Illusion Heavenly Lake. He had failed at challenging the Xuan Yuan Clan at the Xuan Yuan Mound and died in this foreign land. Therefore, the Graceful Spiritual Bow was lost at the Xuan Yuan Mound ever since.

Qin Wushuang knew about this classic story. Could it be this divine beast was somewhat related to the original owner of the Graceful Spiritual Bow? Thinking here, Qin Wushuang could not but help to be more vigilant.

Seeing Qin Wushuang fall into silence, the divine beast laughed. “Little one, don’t worry, if I want to do something to you, even ten of you would have your hands tied behind your back against me. I shattered your communication jade plate a moment ago to not kill you, I just don’t want you to get transported away.”

“Senior divine beast, my friend has given this Graceful Spiritual Bow to me. My friend had inherited it from his teacher. His teacher has already died. About its history, I really don’t know much.”

“Do you come from the Xuan Yuan Mound?” the divine beast asked.

“Yes, I come from the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan,” Qin Wushuang honestly replied.

“Yes, it’s right for it to come from the Xuan Yuan Mound. This way, Golden Cicada has truly died in this foreign land after challenging the elite warrior from the Xuan Yuan Clan. Ha ha ha. For so many years, still no one had solved this mystery. Now, the Graceful Spiritual Bow is out in the world again… Ha ha ha, never mind, never mind!”

The tone of this divine beast was forever changing.

“Is the Golden Cicada one from the Karakorum Immortal Clan?”

“Ha ha, the four Cicada from the Karakorum, you’ve never heard about them?” The divine beast was somewhat astonished.

“I am ignorant and inexperienced. The totem clan is incredibly mysterious and I would not know. However, I did see Snow Cicada of the Karakorum Immortal Clan.”

“Snow Cicada? Ha ha, she is only a junior among the Karakorum Four Cicadas. Not to mention being less powerful than Golden Cicada, she was far less than Silver Cicada. If Golden Cicada had not died, perhaps he would be on par with the Head Chief King Cicada!”

This was the first time Qin Wushuang was hearing the story of the totem clan. Although he was in a dangerous situation, he was mesmerized to hear more about it. It seems the Graceful Spiritual Bow had indeed come from the hands of the elite warriors of the Illusion Heavenly Lake. It was also a weapon belonging to a totem clan warrior!

Now Qin Wushuang had realized suddenly why the Graceful Spiritual Bow was so devilish and capable of killing people levels above it. It’s origin was uncommon to all!