Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 550 - Finding a Secret Master

Chapter 550: Finding a Secret Master

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Li Yixiao had never thought that he would encounter such a low ratio. People normally split shares 4-6. Even in the worst case scenario, the ratio would be 1-9. How did he end up with decimals?

“Brother, do you have some misunderstanding of what win-win means?” Li Yixiao was shocked beyond description.

If Lu Shu did this by himself, he would have to first face pressure from Nie Ting. Furthermore, he did not have much time to make a living by wandering from place to place. Even if he had wanted to contact the families, he could not even find the door to their residence. Without Li Yixiao, he could not fulfill this task.

But Lu Shu did not intend to loosen his grip. “My Lord, there are some things that I cannot say now. But I assure you that even though your share is only 0.1, your profits in the future will definitely be above ten million. I will not let you work for nothing.”

If Lu Shu were to say this to someone else, they would definitely not agree. This was like writing an IOU. Will the profits really be above ten million if you say it will be above ten million? What proof do you have?

But the person Lu Shu was working with this time was Li Yixiao. This was different.

Of course, if he really wanted to work with someone else, Lu Shu did not want to work with someone he was not familiar with.

No matter whether it was Lu Shu or Li Yixiao, both of them trusted each other. This was a friendship they had established back when they were at the Koh Chang Island ruins. Back then, while killing Nogiwa Takenobu, Li Yixiao had secretly taken the initiative to flee and left Lu Shu alone. Although he was sure that nothing would happen to Lu Shu, but thinking about it, he was in the wrong.

Li Yixiao thought carefully about it for a long time. “If the final amount does not match up to your words, I won’t be happy!”

“No worries!” Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief. At least he had Li Yixiao to help him.

Nie Ting had wanted to allow Lu Shu to become the Ninth Heavenly King and send him overseas. But Lu Shu did not want to agree.

This made Nie Ting want to make things difficult for Lu Shu. He wanted Lu Shu to understand that there was no profit to be made within the country and Lu Shu should set his eyes on the entire world instead.

But in reality, he still did not know what Lu Shu had done at the Collection of Gods.

If Coral had not appeared, he was not sure whether Takashima would have successfully advanced to Class A. But Lu Shu’s image would be destroyed just for the sake of 90 thousand magical stones…

Now Lu Shu was more comfortable. He destroyed his image to stop Takashima, not for the magical stones… he was still in the wrong no matter how you put it!

Suddenly, the door of the principal’s office was quickly pushed open. Lu Shu turned around and gasped in shock. Nalan Que!

But Nalan Que did not recognize Lu Shu, since he had use Gao Shenyin’s appearance last night.

Nalan Que, wearing a thick jacket, fiercely walked over in large strides. “Li Yixiao!”

Lu Shu wondered, people would call others by their full name when they were at their angriest. Of course, this differed depending where you lived. It was acceptable in China, but overseas it may not be.

If the name was especially long, such as some names of those in combat tribes, there would be some problems. If one wanted to shout their partner’s full name during a couple fight… “Calapeso Tanfortista Bratos Thambuthos Gesford Lato… what was I saying again?!”

You would forget what you wanted to say even before finishing their name…

From what Lu Shu had heard, Nalan Que seemed to be quite upset. She angrily slammed Li Yixiao’s table. “Don’t you want to fight? Why did you escape yesterday? Did you think that I wouldn’t be able to find you if you ran away?”

Li Yixiao hesitated. “There is a student around. Give me some face!”

Nalan Que looked at Lu Shu. She coughed and suddenly fell silent. She pushed her hair that had fallen in front of her face behind her ears. “Ahem. Student, if there is nothing else, please return back to class.”

“Okay,” Lu Shu did not say anything else. He bowed his head and left. “Thank you principal.”

Lu Shu had just left the room when he heard Nalan Que’s thunderous voice. “Li Yixiao, where are you going to run this time!”

Lu Shu stood at the corridor and glanced at the teachers who walked out of the staff room, looking at the principal’s office in shock…

Lu Shu wanted to help Li Yixiao, but this was his family affair. There was no point in him being involved. Nalan Que would not want him to hit Li Yixiao and Li Yixiao would probably not want him to hit Nalan Que either.

From the manner in which Nalan Que was willing to give Li Yixiao some face, Lu Shu felt that they could not settle this in a short period of time…

Furthermore, Lu Shu felt that the two of them were well suited for each other…

If they wanted to love and kill each other, then let them be. Which couple did not have small conflicts that were easily solved? But from the looks of it, the two of them would be fighting for quite a long time…

When Lu Shu returned to the classroom, his classmates had not stopped their discussion. Everyone paid close attention to what had happened last night, a secret master appeared at the Luo City black market.

Since when did a swordplay master suddenly appear within the country? Did he have any ties with Li Xianyi? Many people knew that Li Xianyi did not have any sons. But he had once taken in a half-apprentice called Qiyu. Everyone knew the reason why Qiyu was called a “half-apprentice”. Wasn’t it because Qiyu did not like practicing the sword, but loved practicing his punches?

Qiyu. Many people would associate it with a anime character when they heard this name. The both of them indeed used their fists, but they were certainly different. “Qiyu” was simply his given name and his surname was Du. Thus his full name was Du Qiyu.

Du Qiyu, like Li Xianyi, was one of the nine major directors in the Golden Foundation. But all along, he had never taken an interest in common affairs. He only focused on roaming about and training like an ascetic monk.

No one knew where Du Qiyu went. Even Li Xianyi had difficulty finding him.

The reason why Li Xianyi represented the Golden Foundation had to do with Du Qiyu. Du Qiyu was very strong, but only agreed to all of Li Xianyi’s decisions. Li Xianyi himself was very strong. But before the dawn of the magical era, their resources were on the decline. The major reason why the Golden Foundation took Li Xianyi seriously was because Du Qiyu only recognized one teacher and that was Li Xianyi.

Other than Du Qiyu, no one outside knew whether Li Xianyi had taught anyone the art of the sword.

Many families started to look into resources regarding the secret master. They made use of surveillance footage to narrow down lookalikes. Some even bought information from the secret practitioners who had been at the black market last night.

Some said that this expert had introduced himself, but this answer was not reliable. A secret practitioner called Wang Zhe said that the expert called himself Kasyapa…

The families were speechless. This couldn’t be his real name, right?

In the end, someone found footage that showed the person’s appearance. The footage at night was blurry and hard to see. The first family to have found the secret master’s real identity was the Nalan family, because Nalan Que and Gao Yi had met Lu Shu face to face. Thus, when they compared his appearance to the photos of the family members, they instantly recognized Lu Shu!

“That’s him! Gao Shenyi!” Gao Yi pointed at the picture and said calmly.

Everyone within the family looked at each other in blank dismay. “Since when did the Dian Nan Gao family have such an expert? And such a young one at that?”

After Nalan Que’s family got hold of the information, they started circulating it. There was no point in keeping this information to themselves. Why not exchange vital information with one another?

In the end, while Lu Shu was attending lessons in the afternoon, he was shocked at the distress points written in the record.

“From Gao Shenyi’s distress, +117, +119, +213…”