Strongest Counterattack

Chapter 227 - Retribution Is Coming

Chapter 227 Retribution Is Coming

The answer was finally revealed, and it was in accordance with expectations.

But when everyone saw Qin Sheng again, they were still a little surprised. After all, they were just guessing that it would be Qin Sheng. In addition, Qin Sheng disappeared such a long time ago. There were so many rumors about him outside. No one knew whether the old friend would be Qin Sheng or not. And now everyone was sure that this friend was indeed Qin Sheng.

Most of the time, our lives are unremarkable. There would be ups and downs, and twists and turns occasionally. Just because of these occasional things, everyone’s life could be changed inadvertently.

About half a year ago, they were working freely in Shangshan Ruoshui. They were in the upper-class circle, and working in a high-class environment. Their colleagues were handsome guys and beautiful girls, and they had enviable salaries—everything was so perfect. Everyone was taking Shangshan Ruoshui as the platform to get the resources they wanted.

However, the successional changes had disrupted everyone’s plans. Qin Sheng, who wanted to be the general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui, was chased after by others who tried to kill him. Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan had resigned. Although everything was good there, they could not burden the pressure. Only the experienced Ms. An stayed there, but she had already lost her original strength. It seemed that she was just eating and waiting to die. After all, she couldn’t get what she wanted in Shangshan Ruoshui anymore.

Although everyone had a thousand words to say, they restrained their inner excitement. The guests and the host sat down under the proposal of Chang Baji. Today, there were no outsiders, only old friends of Shangshan Ruoshui.

“Qin Sheng, where have you been in the past six months? We couldn’t contact you. I thought you were really missing for no reason,” Lyu Yuan said with emotion, he was not as smart as Yu Fengzhi. When Han Zhengdong announced that Qin Sheng resigned from the job due to personal reasons, everyone was surprised. However, Qin Sheng’s ex-girlfriend came to him. It seemed that he was very anxious. Yu Fengzhi felt that something was wrong, and she asked everyone only to learn the result. Lyu Yuan just asked Chang Baji later, but Chang Baji did not say anything about it. Lyu Yuan could only stop asking. After all, it was the life of another. Most people only cared about their own life.

This matter had happened such a long time ago, Qin Sheng had already let go of it. So he said calmly, “There was something wrong with me, so I disappeared for half a year, and did not contact everyone. It is my fault, I hope everyone will forgive me. But now I’m back, so I am looking for you to gather together.”

“Then why don’t you go back to Shanghai, and go back to Shangshan Ruoshui?” Ms. An was curious.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “I can’t go back.”

“What does he mean by that?” No one could help starting to think about it, but they didn’t ask anything. They knew that many things had happened to him.

Yu Fengzhi, who was sitting opposite Qin Sheng, said with a complex gaze, “It is good to come back.”

“Fengzhi, are you okay.” Regarding Yu Fengzhi, Qin Sheng felt complicated in his mind. After all, there were many things happening between them. He also promised Yu Fengzhi at the beginning, but things were different now.

Yu Fengzhi looked directly at Qin Sheng, smiled, and said, “It’s okay. I’m just so-so. I just returned to Shanghai.”

Qin Sheng did not know what to say. Thanks to Ms. An, she helped Qin Sheng get out of the awkwardness at that moment. She asked, “Qin Sheng, you asked us to come to Hangzhou this time. It should not be so simple. According to Lao Chang’s words, he wants us to work in Hangzhou. Is it your order?”

“Well, Qin Sheng, stop keeping us guessing. Just tell us what you want to say. We can do it if it is within our ability,” Lyu Yuan said.

Qin Sheng looked at everyone, hesitated for a moment, and finally said slowly, “In fact, Lao Chang knows all my business. I just contacted Lao Chang when I returned to Hangzhou. I have been in Hangzhou for more than a month, and many things had happened during this month. I am now just working in an uncle’s company, and I’m lucky enough to have a position. Now my uncle’s group is reforming. The subsidiary I am responsible for needs a lot of talents, so I thouhgt of you. Are you interested in coming to help me?”

When Qin Sheng just entered the box, everyone felt that Qin Sheng was not the same as before. The former Qin Sheng was full of self-confidence. Today, Qin Sheng had a restrained temperament, and more like a big character they saw in Shangshan Ruoshui. They did not doubt what Qin Sheng said. After all, Qin Sheng’s relationship with the big boss, Jiang Xianbang, was irreversible.

“Well, then if we come to Hangzhou, what do we do? We can only decide by knowing this, what do you think?” Ms. An was not like Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan. Lyu Yuan might be impulsive because of his relationship with Qin Sheng. Yu Fengzhi had gone through many things with Qin Sheng. It was possible for her to agree with him. However, Ms. An needed to see the direct benefits.

Qin Sheng explained truthfully, “This company is called Yuan Da Holding Group. I am currently the vice president of this company. I am mainly responsible for the catering and entertainment management company, the night club bar, and so on. Because I am not familiar with management, I want Ms. An to be the vice president of this company, and be responsible for the management work directly. Fengzhi will be responsible for managing the bar, I want to make it a famous livehouse in Hangzhou. Lyu Yuan will help Lao Chang manage the two nightclubs. The last thing is the salary, it will absolutely satisfy you. What do you think?”

After Qin Sheng finished speaking, he stared at the people present.

Everyone was deep in thought. Everyone knew that someone who had a nightclub in a city had to be a powerful big boss, and it would involve some gray-area industries, so they were worried.

Lyu Yuan first declared his decision. Anyway, he did not have a great job after he left Shangshan Ruoshui. It was better to come to Hangzhou and work with Qin Sheng and Lao Chang. So he said, “Okay, I will come to Hangzhou.”

Qin Sheng looked at Lyu Yuan with a smile, and nodded slightly. He felt somewhat grateful to him.

Yu Fengzhi had been staring at Qin Sheng. She was an ambitious woman. Qin Sheng understood her very well, so she asked, “You know what I want?”

“I know,” Qin Sheng squinted his eyes and answered. Everyone else was curious about it and didn’t know what they meant.

Yu Fengzhi whispered, “If you can give me what I want, I will stay in Hangzhou.”

“I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee it.” Qin Sheng was no longer the same as before. After all, what he had promised Yu Fengzhi had not been realized. If he promised her again easily, he would break his promise again and disappoint Yu Fengzhi completely.

Yu Fengzhi was very satisfied with Qin Sheng’s answer. She smiled charmingly and said, “Good, I promise you I’ll come to Hangzhou, but I won’t guarantee when. It depends on your performance.”

Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan both said yes. Finally, it was the key role, Ms. An.

Ms. An had been thinking about it. She did not answer Qin Sheng directly, but she said with a half smile, “Qin Sheng, to tell you the truth, this is quite sudden. I am not ready yet. This time, I came here just mainly to meet with old friends. Let me go back and think about it. I will tell you my decision, is that okay?”

“I will wait for your news, but I sincerely invite Ms. An to come to Hangzhou. Let us people from Shangshan Ruoshui create a new world.” Qin Sheng was full of energy.

After dinner, Qin Sheng was ready to leave first. He had already booked rooms for everyone in the Four Seasons Hotel. They could stay as long as they wanted. As for the entry of Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan, Chang Baji and the HR department in the company take care of it. But Qin Sheng hoped that they could come to Hangzhou within a week. After all, many things in the new companies needed them.

When Qin Sheng walked to the parking lot, Yu Fengzhi came after him. She blocked Qin Sheng’s way.

Qin Sheng was a little embarrassed, and said, “Fengzhi, what happened?”

“You really think those nice words could make me forgive your disappearance, bullying behavior, and broken promise?” Yu Fengzhi stared at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng said sincerely, “Fengzhi, I am sorry. But I can’t control something happening.”

“Don’t say sorry, I know everything about you. I want to know how you will compensate me in the future!” Yu Fengzhi said stubbornly, “You know why I promised you to come to Hangzhou, not because of this job, nor because of the so-called old friend, just because of you.”

“Fengzhi, I was too young, I hope you can forgive me.” Qin Sheng still had the same attitude.

Yu Fengzhi said coldly, “I won’t forgive you, and I won’t forget what you did to me. I just want to ask you, how will you compensate me?”

Qin Sheng was a little embarrassed and he did not know how to answer.

“You disappeared for half a year. I thought you were dead. You didn’t say anything to me when you came back. I want to know what am I to you in your heart? Do you know how much I miss you?” Yu Feng questioned him. In the end, she was so impulsive that she said what she wanted to say.

Qin Sheng shook his head and sighed. “I have a girlfriend.”

“I know, and I have seen her, but I don’t care.” Yu Fengzhi directly stopped what Qin Sheng wanted to say.

Qin Sheng was also surprised. He did not expect that Yu Fengzhi had fallen in love with him. After all, their previous relationship was based on benefits.

“I…” Qin Sheng was speechless.

Yu Fengzhi suddenly stood on her tiptoes and hugged Qin Sheng’s neck without warning. She even kissed Qin Sheng without hesitation. Qin Sheng did not expect it, and he subconsciously was stunned and looked surprised.

In the end, Qin Sheng pushed Yu Fengzhi away.

“Fengzhi, calm down.” Qin Sheng frowned.

Yu Fengzhi sneered and said, “Qin Sheng, I will not let you go since we have already done something. I will rely on you in this life, just wait and see.”

After saying this, Yu Fengzhi turned her back and left for the hotel, leaving the stunned Qin Sheng in the parking lot feeling in a mess. The security guard, who was not far away from them, looked envious. If such a beautiful woman became his wife, that would be nothing regretful in this world. But he didn’t know how helpless Qin Sheng was.

Finally, Qin Sheng could only sigh. Look at what he had done. And now the retribution had come. Only women and vile people were hard to get through to. He could only figure out the way to solve it.

At least for now, he didn’t want to be sorry for Lin Su, who broke the relationship with the family and suffered a lot with him…