Super Gene

Chapter 1800 - Knifemind

Chapter 1800 Knifemind

Han Sen pulled at it a few times, but he was unable to remove the scabbard. It surprised him.

Before Han Sen could make another move, he felt as if the scabbard had a beastly knifemind. It came for him like a monster, as if it wished to consume him.

Han Sen frowned, as his own swordmind began to battle back against the knifemind.

The knifemind would not damage Han Sen’s body, but it was consuming Han Sen’s own swordmind. His will was being swallowed along with it. If his will broke, even if he was not injured, he would lose his confidence to fight against strong opponents in the future.

Han Sen’s swordmind was rather scary, but it was shocking how much more terrifying the knifemind was. If Han Sen’s swordmind was likened to a strong bull, then the scabbard’s knifemind was like a dragon.

It did not matter how strong the bull was, it ate grass. But tigers and dragons ate bones. And right now, it was eating Han Sen’s swordmind.

If the swordmind had a body, it would have been bleeding.

Furthermore, this knifemind felt familiar to Han Sen. Yisha’s knifemind was very similar to it. The knifemind of the scabbard was even stronger than Yisha’s, though.

“It is no wonder she came here for this. In some way, this item is connected to her,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Yisha’s knifemind was so strong, he believed she must have been a King. And with the scabbard’s knifemind being stronger than hers, that led to only one possibility.

“The creature that left behind this scabbard… was he a deified elite? If he was, this could be one of those horrible elites that created this place. Was one of those beings a Rebate? Did he leave it here?” Han Sen got to thinking.

Still, Han Sen didn’t think that was quite right. If it had been left behind by one of the Rebate, why would Yisha wait until now to reclaim it? After all the years that had passed, why now?

Han Sen did not have the time to mull this over right now, though. So, he used his will to do battle with the knifemind. Even so, it was very difficult trying to battle that particular beast Han Sen’s will and swordmind kept getting chomped on.

Han Sen’s will was waning, bit by bit, and it felt as if the knifemind was gradually getting stronger.

Han Sen wished to leave, but his will was being subsumed, and he could not move. If he moved, the knifemind would enter him completely, ravage his mind, and utterly annihilate him.

As Han Sen wondered what he might be able to do to escape this, the black crystal armor inside his Sea of Soul suddenly moved. It generated a strange energy.

When that energy entered Han Sen’s body, the scabbard rattled. And then, the knifemind relented and eased up a little. The scabbard shook and vibrated in its slot, enabling Han Sen to pull it out with ease.

The black crystal armor’s energy circulated all around Han Sen, and then went back into his Sea of Soul and into the armor. Then, the black crystal armor became quiet again. It went back to being its normal self.

The energy had vanished again, but the scabbard did not unleash any more of its wicked knifemind in retaliation. All it did was pulsate inside Han Sen’s hand.

Han Sen did not know why, but he felt as if he could feel exactly what the scabbard was feeling. It felt excited, surprised, and scared, all in one.

Han Sen was surprised, too. He did not understand the connection between the scabbard and the black crystal armor, and he could not fathom the reason why the black crystal armor could make the scabbard behave this way.

“Does this scabbard belong to the Rebate or the crystallizers?” Han Sen wondered to himself, but settled on the thought that it belonged to the crystallizers more.

As Han Sen pondered this, the knifemind of the scabbard revealed itself again. But this time, it did not opt to consume Han Sen’s will. It was actually fitting itself into Han Sen’s will nicely.

Han Sen felt as if he had become an old beast, and that he was eating the world around him. The universe and everything else would be wholly swallowed by him. The power to munch on the universe felt pretty good.

The beastly power of consumption was inside Han Sen’s mind. And a second later, the beast transformed into a knife. It was one that looked familiar.

The appearance looked just like Yisha’s knife. But the energy inside it did, admittedly, feel worse. Although the appearance was identical, comparing Yisha’s to Han Sen’s knife was like comparing a real blade with a toy one.

That knife was held by a man, but Han Sen couldn’t identify the man’s face. Still, he could faintly make out the shape, and tell that the head had ears.

But it did not matter. The man who held the sword was like a demon that was destroying the world. He slashed, breaking the galaxy, as countless things were consumed. A countless number of planets were destroyed. Even space itself was slashed open.

Slash after slash, that destructive knife skill was scary, but at the same time, it felt really good.

Every time the figure slashed, Han Sen could remember it. Han Sen’s mind opened, becoming familiar with the knife skill and the knifemind.

Subconsciously, Han Sen swung the scabbard to imitate and follow the man.

Slash after slash, Han Sen’s knife skills were creating that same consuming power. And it was getting stronger, too.

Han Sen’s knifemind had limits, though. No matter how smart he was, this was not something he could learn in any short amount of time. Han Sen’s knifemind was increasing, though. After practicing the sequence of knife skills seventy times, his knifemind was no weaker than Yisha’s. And furthermore, it was still growing.

When it increased, the man and the knife started to get a bit blurrier. When Han Sen practiced it one hundred times, the man and the knife vanished.

Han Sen looked at the scabbard and noticed it no longer had a knifemind. The knifemind had been transferred to Han Sen. The scabbard shook and started to fly around Han Sen. It attached itself to Han Sen’s waist and stopped moving.

The black diamond knife’s body grew dim. Now, it looked like an ink stone.