The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 937 - Entering the Ninefold Palace

Chapter 937: Entering the Ninefold Palace

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The Ninefold Palace’s location wasn’t a secret, and most even slightly competent people knew of it. However, even knowing it wouldn’t be of any help to them. The last time anyone entered the Ninefold Palace was several hundred years ago. Even though there were people who had become Star Venerables in the recent past, nothing in the outside world was more marvelous than a Realm Lord’s status.

A Realm Lord’s status wasn’t important unless there was a calamity. The Realm Lord’s authority was limited in peaceful times and only became great when it was really needed.

Jiang Chen rushed toward the Ninefold Palace alone. It was situated on a lofty mountaintop among a group of several mountains. There were countless ferocious beasts living in these mountains. People rarely passed through this countryside and it had a primitive and archaic air. When Jiang Chen got close to the Ninefold Palace, he detected something in the distance and he squinted his eyes to see what it was.

“They are really daring!”

There was unexpectedly a killing formation set on a lofty mountain, and it was obviously prepared for him. With the power of the Nine Heavens Realm’s fields, it would be impossible for them to set a formation of such a level, and it was obvious that it was done by the Alien Clans. Jiang Chen posed a great threat to the Alien Clans’ interests, and they couldn’t sit still any longer.

Jiang Chen did not hesitate and landed on the mountain. He fell into the trap just like the people who had set the formation hoped. The scenery before his eyes changed, and the mountains turned into a desert with a blazing sun atop his head.

They unexpectedly used illusions. They have really used great techniques. Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Meanwhile, many people appeared around him at the same time, and Jiang Chen couldn’t discern their appearances because of the illusion. There were at least ten Star Venerables among them, and the most powerful one was at the Fourth Constellation Palace.

Jiang Chen activated his Heavenly Eye and took a look at their appearances. All the Star Venerables were members of the Alien Clans. Moreover, Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that even humans were participating. There were three Celestial Venerables, who would be considered a rare force in the Nine Heavens Realm.

“You will start your last struggle and fight, won’t you?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You are on the verge of death, yet you are still putting on an act.” When the enemies noticed that fear didn’t appear on Jiang Chen’s face, they were all infuriated.

“Jiang Chen, you have gone against the Natural Law and violated it. All clans had come over to help your Human Clan contend against disaster.”

“You have implicated and harmed the whole Nine Heavens Realm.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen spoke disdainfully, “There isn’t anyone here besides us. So, why do you still need to make such a pompous speech?”

“Humph! He’s really an arrogant and conceited human.”

“Did you really assume that you represent the will of the Nine Heavens Realm’s people?”

“If you can’t accept the Alien Clans, you can just leave the Nine Heavens Realm along with your family and see who will accept you.”

The people speaking were from both the Human and Alien Clans, but they all expressed the same opinion.

“I didn’t say that I would exterminate all Alien Clans. It is the Alien Clans who are arrogant and haughty. I want just to bring this place into order,” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Pah! A trifling human wants to set rules for great beings like us. It is really laughable!”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “This is where the issue lies. The Alien Clans had asked for help, yet they still assumed that they were great masters.”

As Jiang Chen spoke, he pulled out the Red Cloud Sword and swept all his enemies with his gaze. “Like what you have already witnessed, I will prove with your deaths the great power of the Human Clan.”

“Ha, ha, ha, you are now in the Four Divisions Extreme Formation, and you will surely die.”


As their complacent mockery echoed out, everyone attacked and borrowed the formation’s power to attack with. Moreover, when they just begun, the formation changed once again, trying to confuse Jiang Chen.

“Blood Crow Clan, Iron Bone Clan, Night God Clan, Desolate Blood Clan,” Jiang Chen’s words made the enemies’ attack collapse on its own. It was as if they had heard a devil’s voice.

“How did he manage to know this?”

The Alien Clan members became restless. They had used the formation’s power to hide their appearances, yet Jiang Chen had still seen through it. Did this mean that the formation couldn’t trap him?

“The Four Divisions Formation set by you has many flaws.”

It was really like what they had imagined. Powerful flames erupted out of Jiang Chen’s Red Cloud Sword and split in three and fell on three spots of the formation. The formation’s illusion started disappearing quickly like a piece of burning paper. The world before their eyes went back to its former state, and a lofty mountain appeared before them. The appearance of every member of the Alien, Human, and Spirit Clans could be seen clearly.

“It’s awful! Let’s run away quickly!”

After the Alien Clans lost the formation’s help, they didn’t have the gall to fight Jiang Chen who had managed to defeat the Sacred Lord, and they all ran away.

“I was just fretting because I didn’t really have any valid excuse for purging you, yet you have come at me by yourselves. It’s really funny!”

Jiang Chen threw out his Heavenly Fault Sword, and myriad bolts of lightning shot out of it and attacked all the people. The weaklings among them were directly turned to dust by it, while the ten Star Venerables manage to resist it. However, Jiang Chen used his Red Cloud Sword once again, and his evil flames devoured them all. As they faced the might of the True Fire Layer, their bodies were quickly burned to ashes, and their power was refined by it and turned into pure energy of varied colors.

“Jiang Chen, you don’t plan to…” The Azure Demon spoke in surprise.

The Sacred Lord’s clone was different than a true living organism, and couldn’t be considered a human. This was why the Azure Demon could accept the fact that Jiang Chen had refined him. However, fleshy bodies were a different matter, and it was really against secular morals.

“The Divine Fire Scripture is really profound and marvelous. It can refine all myriad matters.”

Jiang Chen didn’t care about this at all because those energies were all pure, and they came from the Constellation Palaces of the Alien Clan members.

Jiang Chen opened his mouth and absorbed them completely.

“Even though my divine body broke the curse, but making progress is still difficult and arduous. So how can I let go of such pure energy and waste it?” Upon noticing that the Azure Demon was stunned by his actions, Jiang Chen spoke.

“Even though it’s like this, if you continue this for a long time, you will have a Heart Demon…” As the Azure Demon spoke, he recalled the last time that Jiang Chen had become a demon. He had a firm will which wouldn’t waver easily.

“I may become a demon once again only if I’m not powerful enough, and it’s only great experts who can prevent all tragedies from happening,” Jiang Chen said.

Just after this, Jiang Chen walked toward the Ninefold Palace. As for the enemies’ corpses? They were all turned into ashes by the Heavenly Lightning and evil flames, and he was spared the trouble of disposing of them and cleaning this place.

The Ninefold Palace was situated at the peak of the mountain and its gate was in a stone wall.

Jiang Chen tried to use his Heavenly Eye to see the Ninefold Palace’s whole appearance, but he discovered that this mountain wasn’t simple and wasn’t something he could fiddle with rashly. As Jiang Chen stood before the gate, he noticed that the gate’s red color had already faded and the yellow copper had started rusting. It was hard to believe that this was the Ninefold Palace which would give birth to a Realm Lord. As Jiang Chen exerted his power slightly, the gate was pushed open and a gust of wind blew on his face.

“Is it really here?” Jiang Chen was confused. The Ninefold Palace was completely different than how he had imagined it. It was too mediocre and ordinary-looking! However, he quickly recalled the wave of pressure emanating from this mountain, and he became aware that he hadn’t come to the wrong place. He strode forward and went inside. After a short while, the Ninefold Palace revealed its unusual traits. Its iron gate closed by itself after he entered, and, regardless of how he exerted his power, he couldn’t open it. Such a matter made Jiang Chen look forward to the start of the Ninefold Palace’s trial. If he could quickly and easily become a Realm Lord, it would be too boring.

I won’t end up inviting bad luck by such an inauspicious remark, will I? Jiang Chen thought to himself, as he depended upon the evil flames to illuminate the surroundings. He continued proceeding forward.

Even though it was called a palace, it was more like a mountain. Its inside was excavated and quite expansive, but he couldn’t use his Heavenly Eye and Holy Awareness here.

“Well?” Jiang Chen suddenly reached the end of the road and had to turn a corner. But just as he was about to go on, he heard the sound of footsteps.