The Great Worm Lich

Chapter 337 - Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow

Chapter 337: Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow

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The moment Zhang Lisheng came to a halt, the giant millispiders ridden by the tens of thousands of natives behind him also automatically stopped their slender limbs from running and leaping in the jungle.

This kind of natural connection between movements and halts which could be done perfectly without the need of any command could be said as one of the advantages of the warriors equipped with elite battle partners, compared to an ordinary warrior. The partners could be controlled freely as they like as if these were their extended limbs. At the same time, the partners could also automatically make some preparatory judgments based on their venomous bug instinct.

After the expedition army came to a halt, the tribe’s dispatch warriors drove the huge spiders under them to gather around the Raider, waiting for his orders but instead, they heard the question that he blurted out.

The warriors did not dare to answer, but they could only lower their heads in humility under the drizzling rain. At this time, a resolute voice came from under the tree. “Great Raider, it’s not only the Samru’s guardian spiritual monsters that are intercepting the alchemy machineries. I think all of the spiritual monsters of the tribal alliance led by Samru, Pelungia and Eruya may all be here.”

“All of the spiritual monsters of the tribal alliance?” Zhang Lisheng looked at the fierce battle in the distance, and said with a frown, “How about the other tribes then? Did they give up on resisting?

“In the tribal alliance, Samru is the closest to the outlander’s stone city and us Tudenan tribe. Whether it’s those outlanders or us, it’s impossible for us to cross Samru silently to attack the other tribes in the alliance. Not only that, the Kamando tribe also needs the tribal coalition forces to act as a barrier, so it’s more impossible…”

“Turaru, have you forgotten that Tudenan has wooden boats so we can just use the sea route to attack them. Not only that, those outlanders can even use the ‘frog leaping battle tactic’…” As Zhang Lisheng was retorting, he suddenly recalled two things. One, the sea spiritual monsters had terrifying geographical advantage; two, it was impossible for the natives on Shrimp B1 Island to know that other than being a powerful weapon, the US aircraft flying in the sky was also a means of transportation.

Realization dawned on him right away, prompting him to grit his teeth and say, “You’re right, Turaru! Looks like they didn’t just wait for their death like that. The sea spiritual monsters of the tribal coalition must be lurking on the bottom of the sea waiting for us Tudenan, or the outlander’s boats to fall into their traps. Unfortunately, their cleverness this time is misled by their own cleverness. It’s easier now that they are all gathered at the same place together…”

As a ferocious look appeared on the young man’s face, the US fighters had already begun to suffer great damage and fell, for not being accustomed to the spiritual monsters’ fighting rhythm.

In such a situation, it could only prompt the bombers that were eager to return to drop the bomb without doing any aiming. Even so, the multi-warhead cluster munitions still managed to exert terrible power after they were dropped. Amidst the earth-shattering explosion, the warheads being dropped still transformed into violent flames that spread across the jungle, illuminating the entire jungle as if it was as bright as daytime.

When the tribes were bombed last time, the Tudenan people were already hidden in the underground coast. Other than hearing some dull roars, they did not witness the terrible scene caused by the bombing of human bombers.

Now that they witnessed the jungle suddenly transforming into a sea of flames under the drizzling rain with their own eyes, even the bravest Tudenan warrior could not help but have a dumbfounded look on their face.

Only Turaru commanded his partner calmly and led more than 100 native warriors closest to him to climb up the giant trees to block in front of the Raider. Then, using sorcery, he gathered all of the power of the warriors onto himself as he put on a vigilant gesture.

“Turaru, there’s no need to be so sensitive. Besides, I’m not so vulnerable as to need anybody to protect me.” Zhang Lisheng was taken by surprise, prompting him to blurt out chuckling.

“Great Raider, my strength is bestowed by you so its most important use is to guard you.”

After hearing Turaru’s words, the young man smiled noncommittally but did not say anything. Under the drizzling rain, he quietly watched the US military fleet that had finally removed themselves from the spiritual monsters’ entanglement after losing about 14 to 15 escorting fleets. They circled at the high air and retreated, gradually drifting away.

Feeling that it was time and when he was just about to order an attack, he suddenly heard a small whirring sound coming from afar.

Turning his head to look at the direction of the sound, Zhang Lisheng saw hundreds of missiles that looked like pencils from afar, with their tails lit with dazzling flames, rising from the direction of the human gathering place. The sky-slashing sound they made became louder and louder as they flew towards Samru.

It was apparent that the highest commander of the US army stationed in Shrimp B1 Island, Cole, had launched another round of revenge attacks after knowing that the aerial fleets had suffered great damage for falling into the aborigine’s trap while carrying out the air raid proposed by himself.

Since the surprise attack he agreed with Zhang Lisheng was ‘one round of saturated bombing’, with the word ‘saturated’ here, as long as the interval between the attacks was not too far apart, from a tactical point of view, it could also be counted as only ‘one round.’

In just the blink of an eye, the missiles flew over the jungle that stretched out thousands of miles away and landed around the Samru tribe’s dwelling.

Unlike the cluster bombs dropped by the bombers, this overwhelming missile attack clearly used the ‘diving warheads’ that could penetrate deep into underground. The visual impact of the attack was not as dazzling as the one caused by the bombers but when it created numerous huge craters that had a depth of up to ten meters, the soil mixed with the blood and remnants of the countless natives undoubtedly caused more damage to the tribal coalition.

After several missile attacks, strong gunpowder smoke and bloody stench drifted into the Tudenan tribesmen’s nose from far away, causing them to grip the weapons in their hands tightly for no reason as their expressions turned stiff.

Sensing the strange atmosphere around him, Zhang Lisheng suddenly said, “This kind of attack that has no visible enemy but brings great losses can indeed reduce the will of the tribal coalition to the lowest level. However, if we want to defeat them completely, we still have to rely on ourselves to launch a ground attack on them. manipulating machinery while hiding from afar will never allow us to complete a real conquest!”

“Yes, Great Raider!” Turaru, whose expression remained unchanged since the beginning, allowed the rain to drip off his face as he replied loudly, “Only you can be the one and only conqueror of this island beneath our feet!”

“That’s right, Turaru!” Seeing that the saturated attack from the US army had ended from afar, Zhang Lisheng stood up on the wizard beast and raised his arms as he roared, “Then, conquer the enemy for me! People of Tudenan, charge!”

Right at this instant, a lightning just so happened to flash in the sky, illuminating the young man who was covered in green scales to look like a god. When the Tudenan warriors spread out in the jungle saw the ferocious and heroic bearing of the Raider, they bared their teeth and shouted at the top of their lungs, “Charge! Charge!”

Then, they commanded the huge spiders under them to charge towards Samru, slowly killing the last vitality of this ravaged ancient Hellfire tribe.

In fact, when the Tudenan people launched their attack, the actual number of the remaining aborigine warriors gathered in Samru was at least 150,000. Under normal circumstances, if they formed a battle formation and united enough guardian spiritual monsters, they would have been evenly matched with the Tudenan’s conquering army.

However, right at this moment, these warriors, who were either looking around at a loss of what to do in a panic after having just dug out the collapsed underground caves and climbed out of them; or the warriors, who had lost all hopes because of the terrible power displayed by the outlanders, looked like a flock of sheep in front of a pack of wolves that were waiting to be slaughtered in front of the Tudenan warriors led by more than 700 Super Hellfiremen who had the ability to cast spells,

Seeing that defeat was already inevitable, a spiritual monster, with a body full of sharp stone blades, suddenly pointed to Zhang Lisheng who was riding on Ghostface, that had enlarged to become 100 meters wide and 20 meters tall, commanding it to constantly spit out spider webs and shouted incoherently, “Such a coincidence! Such a coincidence! Oh Tudenan’s Raider, you’ve formed an alliance with those outlanders, haven’t you?”

Staring at the maniacal state of the stone blade spiritual monster from afar, Zhang Lisheng ignored it and commanded the four-faced giant spider underneath it to cast its omniscient power.

In an instant, Ghostface’s fine fur that was swaying smoothly under the rainwater stretched out infinitely, its body converged and turned into a sky-blotting web, trapping the stone blade spiritual monster inside it.

After the spiritual monster entered the net, it only took him two to three struggles before he finally lied on the muddy ground stiffly without moving, before being torn open by teeth into a few pieces, by the beast mouth condensed by clouds commanded by the young man with a wave of his hand.

After the death of the stone blade spiritual monster, the net wrapping around it suddenly spread out and became a silk thread that blotted the entire sky. Weaving the body of Ghostface in midair once again while bringing a round Gold Core with it, it fell beside Zhang Lisheng.

The young man, who had calmly killed a hostile spiritual monster, nonchalantly threw the Gold Core that was obtained into the animal skin bag in his hand, paying no attention to those tribal coalition’s spiritual monsters who were still alive that were now charging at him.

The 17 tribe coalition led by Samru, Pelungia and Eruya had a total of 630,000 to 640,000 people. Due to the reasons that there were several tribes that had a long history, there were a total of 270 guardian spiritual monsters when all of them were added up together.

In the war of attacking the human gathering place, more than 80 spiritual monsters, or 30%, in the tribal coalition had died. Among the remaining 190 spiritual monsters, the sea spiritual monsters that had occupied about 40% of them had snuck into the seabed to ambush three days ago. After the round of saturated bombings from the US army just now, half of the remaining 110 forest spiritual monsters were injured while 3 to 5 of them had even died unfortunately. Adding on to the violent assault of tens of thousands of elite warriors, there were not more than 80 spiritual monsters who were charging at Zhang Lisheng right now. Even so, if they really joined forces, it would be enough for them to tear the young man into pieces.

Unfortunately, the current Tudenan was no longer the era when Zhang Lisheng was the only person safeguarding the overall situation. Before the tribal alliance’s spiritual monsters could even reach within 100 meters near the young man, they were already surrounded by several hundreds of Super Hellfiremen, who had received the Gold Core transplant, one by one in a group.

“Oh dear guardian spiritual monsters of Samru, Pelungia and Eruya tribes, tonight it’s you who dug your own graves tonight. Originally, I only wanted to conquer Samru but it looks like before the dawn even arrives, I’d already be able to…” Looking at the spiritual monsters who had fallen into a fierce battle, Zhang Lisheng commanded the group to slaughter one by one and cackled with joy.

However, joy at its height engendered sorrow. Without warning, the ground under his feet suddenly cracked open soundlessly and a red-skinned meat tube that was full of serrated teeth suddenly protruded out of it and swallowed him in one gulp.