The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 597 - Biological Father? (2)

Chapter 597: Biological Father? (2)

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Her heart almost melted when she heard his words, instantly transforming into soft, fluffy cotton candy.

She gazed into his eyes. “I know. People who are grateful will always feel that happiness is simple. I do think that I’m pretty selfish. For example, I don’t want you to have a female secretary.”

He grinned without saying anything, then let go of her hand and put his arm over her shoulders. His warmth reached her.

They came here to get Shen Wenna her stuff, so they took a detour and looked around. It was a rarely earned relaxing time for them. Coincidentally, Su Nan was nearby University A to visit her parents, so Xi Xiaye brought Mu Yuchen over to their place.

Xi Xiaye was very familiar with Su Nan’s parents. Just like Shen Wenna, they thought of Xi Xiaye like their daughter as well, and they welcomed Mu Yuchen’s first visit warmly. Together with Ruan Heng, they were all talking happily.

After dinner, Su Nan stayed over, when she sent Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye off, she dragged Xi Xiaye aside.

“Xiaye, my mother said Master Mu is really sweet. You’ve trained him well!” Su Nan lowered her voice while glancing over at Mu Yuchen.

Xi Xiaye smiled and shook her head. “I don’t train him. It’s his own doing. You, on the other hand, trained Ruan Heng very well. He would never defy whatever you say.”

“You have no idea. If you didn’t get married to Master Mu, I planned to find a man from the list I have and train him to become your loyal husband. Too bad you got together with Master Mu and my plan was ruined. I thought marrying someone like Master Mu would give you a hard time since he’s from a prestigious family after all, but now it seems like my worries were unnecessary!”

“You should stop worrying about me. You’re going to give birth soon. Take care of yourself.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll be released from my suffering very soon, but you’ll have a long way to go. Ruan Heng’s mother promised me that she’ll help to take care of my kid, so I’ll start going back to work again after my body recovers. I don’t want to become a housewife. A woman shouldn’t give up on her career. By the way, Ruan Heng was promoted to Project Manager last month. To avoid him from cheating on me at work, I made him put his wedding ring on.”

“Weren’t you insisting on hiding your marriage status a while ago?” Xi Xiaye threw Su Nan a peculiar glance.

“Come on! With the huge wedding and all, how could I still hide it? Okay, take care of yourself now. Oh right, this is for you. I’ve been very bored lately and knitted a scarf for you. It’s my own design!”

Su Nan then handed a bag to Xi Xiaye. “Hurry back now. The weather has been turning cold recently. Get your husband to buy you more clothes. I rarely get the chance to go shopping now.”

Su Nan was as straightforward as ever. She only let Xi Xiaye go after a long-winded speech.

Mu Yuchen noticed that the woman beside him was smiling while he drove. He could not help but be curious. “What are you laughing at?”

His voice dragged her back to her senses. She smirked at him. “Nothing much. I’m just thinking that Su Nan is really amazing. She said she’s going to train Ruan Heng into her loyal husband. I can imagine that Ruan Heng must be having a hard time right now, but well, as long as they are happy. Now that I think about it, are you interested in knowing about the history of Ruan Heng and Su Nan’s relationship?”

“Mmm?” He patted her head while waiting for her reply.

“Ruan Heng was quite a mischievous boy back then, but he had excellent grades. Su Nan and he were always looking at each other for trouble. Some time later, Su Nan couldn’t stand him anymore, so she dragged him somewhere for a fight. Su Nan was the final victor, so Ruan Heng became Su Nan’s follower ever since then. They then got closer to each other after that. Ruan Heng is totally obedient to Su Nan, but Su Nan is very smart. She always puts on an obedient little woman’s persona when they are outside. She’s a very flexible person when it comes to that.”

“Your friend is very free and at ease. If you’re somewhat like her, you wouldn’t have to suffer so much.”

“Everyone has their own way of living. I feel amazing right now as long as you don’t bully me. If you continue, I’ll divorce you!” She raised her eyebrows and grinned.

“I wouldn’t. My value will drop if you divorce me, and you’ll regret it as well because you’ll never be able to find a husband as good as me,” he declared confidently as he slowed down the car before leaving a kiss on her forehead. “I won’t give you the chance to do so.”

Xi Xiaye laughed. “I thought you’d say I don’t have the right to do so.”

“No right? I’m giving you every right there is to be.”



It was nearly 10 p.m, when they arrived back at Maple Residence. When they drove inside, Xi Xiaye saw Ah Mo’s car parked near the entrance.

“It’s Ah Mo! What’s he doing here so late?” Xi Xiaye threw doubtful glances at the car in front.

Mu Yuchen honked without replying to her before he swiftly parked the car right behind Ah Mo’s car.

When their car stopped, someone came up to them.

“Master!” Ah Mo approached them before Xi Xiaye got down. “Missus!”

“What are you doing here so late? Have you had dinner?” Xi Xiaye nodded to Ah Mo as she asked.

“I’ve had dinner. I’m here for some urgent matter. I didn’t expect both you and Master not to be at home.”

“We went to have dinner at my friend’s house. Let’s talk inside. It’s pretty cold out here.” Xi Xiaye grabbed her bag while trying to find her keycard. She looked over at Mu Yuchen who was still in the car.

Ah Mo nodded and looked at Mu Yuchen as well.

“Let’s head in. I have something to talk to you about as well. Is Lingshi at the Mu residence?”

Mu Yuchen locked the car and followed Xi Xiaye with Ah Mo right behind them.

“She had to look after the club today. She’ll only be back at the villa after midnight, but she gave me the stuff to bring over. Don’t worry.”