The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1356 - To Counter One Move with Another

Chapter 1356: To Counter One Move with Another

Translator: Sean88888  Editor: Elkassar1

Following Ronnie’s disappearance, both sides fell into a silent deadlock, that was broken by a crashing sound akin to glass shattering, followed by the rumbling of something rolling on the ground.

Capote was heavily protected in the middle of the enemy group. Steel beads the size of thumbs dropped down to the ground from the gaps between his fingers. The beads were glittering with a strange red glow.

After the steel beads landed, they quickly changed shape and grew into fast-moving mechanical spiders. Each spider was as big as a palm. They stretched out their long steel legs and ran swiftly towards the distance, slipping through gaps and climbing through obstacles!

This was Capote’s powerful scouting ability, ‘Mechanical Spider Spray’!

Capote had previously obtained an item from the Transformers world. It was a fragment of a lead case. Because it had been in contact with the Allspark for a long time, the fragment had absorbed a very small part of its ability. The fragment was then embedded with an enhancement gemstone. When the fragment was infused with MP, it could breed temporary metallic life-forms.

These metallic life-forms were not very strong, but they were more than good enough for scouting purposes.

More and more mechanical spiders transformed from Capote’s steel beads without any signs of stopping, restricting Ronnie’s area of activity like a forbidden carpet. Ronnie was forced to retreat more than thirty metres away.

Hence Ronnie, who specialised in melee combat, was rendered useless. The enemies were freed from that constant feeling of having a knife at their backs.

But at that moment, the powerful contestant they suspected to be an MT once again appeared about 100 meters in front of them. Pacino, who had long been waiting for him, fired a shot without hesitation!

Old A cleverly did not waste his MP to cast a ‘Great Fireball’ this time. He simply watched as the enemy quickly regained his balance after being sent flying, once again rolling into a metallic ditch.

Pacino held up his sniper rifle with one hand and sneered. “Is the bastard trying to test my shooting technique? He’s too naive!”

Seeing Sheyan’s sorry figure after he was hit and the blood which dripped to the ground, as well as the slowly dispersing pale blue smoke, the party leader, Ghani, suddenly frowned.

That’s right! The opponent’s performance had completely surpassed their expectations so far! This monster in front of them had already shown his terrifying attack power and survivability; he did not look like a fool who would just run out to get hit for no reason. But that was exactly what he did. What was the purpose behind it?

Soon, the giant white ball that was Aldaris appeared on a building not far away. With his hands raised high, he released the area-wide Psionic Storm! Violent and blazing hot electrical energy swept through the whole place in an instant. Not only did the storm harm the group of contestants, it also gave all the fragile mechanical spiders a devastating blow.

Old A and some other contestants that had long-range attacks immediately bombarded Aldaris in fury, but for some strange reason, Aldaris’ HP was dropping very slowly. This was, of course, thanks to the protection of Sheyan’s Awakening Skill, ‘Survival Mark’.

The damage caused by the enemies was first weakened by the 40% rule in a fight between contestants, and of the remaining 60%, only 25% of it would fall on Aldaris. After going through the damage deduction from his own defence, he was naturally not harmed much.

Sheyan had to receive the remaining 75% of the opponents’ damage, but his high defence meant that his current damage reduction stood at more than 55%, so he only received what amounted to about 35% of the original attack power, and that was before ‘Death’s Lament’ deduct a further 50 to 200 points of damage!

Therefore, the damage he received was well within what he could endure. Only the odd true damages, holy damages, or damages which ignored defence would reach three digits. The rest of the damage figures, despite being numerous, were only in double digits.

And now, the opponents finally understood why Sheyan had jumped out to take Pacino’s shot!

Because among their long-range attacks, only Pacino’s ability had an effect to knock the enemy back, so it could forcibly interrupt the Psionic Storm that Aldaris had to continuously maintain.

But now that Pacino had used the ability, he could do naught but wait. Not only must the whole party sustain the full damage of the Psionic Storm, the countless mechanical spiders released by Capote were also completely destroyed!!

“Goddamnit! Goddamnit!” Fire was almost shooting out of Pacino’s eyes. His rage caused a momentary lapse in his concentration. Ghani, who had remained indifferent all this while, instantly clenched his fists and rushed towards Pacino, shouting furiously, “CAREFUL!”

Only then did Pacino feel a wet chill and stinging pain on his neck – on his Adam’s apple, to be exact.

A sharp crimson blade was clinging to his throat. Then, an irresistible force came from behind him, pushing him forward involuntarily, causing his throat to collide into the horrifying blade!

Blood gushed out of his throat like a waterfall. Pacino instinctively covered it with his hands, but the blood still seeped out of the gaps between his fingers without slowing down at all. His eyes were wide open, his facial muscles were twitching, and his throat was making unintelligible noises.

For a digitalised contestant, a cut to the throat was not fatal, but it certainly caused great psychological pressure.

The throat slit caused a quadruple damage explosive hit without any doubt. Furthermore, after the cruel Dark Templar trial, not only did Ronnie gain the permanent invisibility effect whenever he was not attacking, the bleeding effect carried by his attacks was also greatly strengthened! Thus, the bleeding damage Pacino was suffering now was terrifying.

Ronnie did not keep attacking after landing a successful hit. Instead, he quickly retreated. The dark cloak behind him wrapped around himself and engulfed the light, and his body gradually faded. Although he would show himself when he attacked, once he stopped attacking, he would return to the state of permanent invisibility after two seconds.

As the party leader, Ghani was also displaying his formidable strength. He was more than ten meters away from Ronnie when Ronnie showed himself, but he instantly bent down and glided forward like he was skating on ice, reaching Ronnie in the blink of an eye. There were now a pair of boxing gloves on his fists which were glowing faint blue, like the colour of icicles.

Even though Ronnie had retreated quickly, Ghani stuck to him like a shadow! He launched a lightning quick punch at Ronnie. The sound of the boxing glove slamming into flesh at high speed was hair-raising. Having been struck by the punch, Ronnie stiffened, and a terrifying thing happened next.

The burly Ghani was actually dancing around Ronnie like the wind, clinging to him without giving him a chance to flee. His fists were so fast that they left afterimages, so he looked like he had seven or eight arms growing out of his body. The harsh sounds of fists slamming into flesh came incessantly.

The debris in the surroundings could even be seen moving towards Ghani, as if his punches had a strong suction force. Like a black hole, they pulled the enemy towards them, ensuring that the enemy would not escape from their storm-like attacks!

Illusionary images filled the air again! Ronnie was forced to once again use his ultimate skill to create illusions of himself, but his opponent was ready for it. All the illusions were annihilated in an instant. A man whose head was wrapped in a headscarf in traditional Indian style inhaled deeply, then pointed in a direction!

“Over there!”

Ghani immediately bent low and skated towards the direction he pointed. This was his special ability, ‘Gliding’. Although it consumed MP, it was extremely useful when he was pursuing someone.

He had great trust in his teammate, Baganbu, and his unparalleled sense of smell.

Having taken Ghani’s ‘Waterfall Punches’, it was impossible for Ronnie not to be hurt at all. And once Baganbu caught on to the scent of his blood, it did not matter if he was invisible, he would still be detected by Baganbu!

Ronnie’s expertise was in scouting, so he was naturally proficient in the art of fleeing too. He had escaped more than 30 metres away in the blink of an eye. However, Ghani was quickly closing the gap between them with his pursuing ability.

However, four high-speed Vultures suddenly appeared and dashed towards them from the distance. Before this, Sheyan had used a Vulture’s momentum to launch a surprise attack on the enemies, forcefully killing one of them despite being heavily surrounded. That had left a deep psychological impact on them. Therefore, when the Vultures appeared this time, most of them focused their attacks on the vehicles.

Three of the Vultures were immediately destroyed amidst thick black smoke, bursting into a fiery rain. The burning broken parts scattered everywhere.

Old A suddenly turned to Ghani and shouted, “Boss, be careful! Do not pursue a desperate foe!”

A cruel smile broke on Ghani’s face. He had no intention of stopping at all. He had calculated everything very precisely. After catching up to Ronnie, because of the angle of the buildings, there would be a blind spot of about three seconds for his teammates during which they would lose sight of him, but during those three seconds, he could just use that move.