Trump card warm marriage

Chapter 836

Chapter 836: Chapter 835, suspicion three


She pulled Sheng Fenghua to the side and scolded, “you prodigal daughter, you spent so much money for a meal. Even if you don’t spend it wisely, it’s still good for us to spend this money. Five hundred yuan, that’s enough to spend for several months in the countryside. ”

Mother Sheng’s voice was a little loud, and everyone in the hall could hear it clearly. Si Zhanbei’s face darkened when he saw mother Sheng scolding his little wife again.

He walked a few steps to mother Sheng and said to her, “mom, I earned the money. I can spend it however I want. ”

“Zhan, Zhan Bei! ” Mother Sheng looked up at Si Zhanbei and saw his dark face. She was a little embarrassed.

Si Zhanbei glanced at her indifferently and went forward to hug Sheng Fenghua. He said, “Dad, mom, you’ve been here for a long time. I’ll get someone to send you back tomorrow. ”

“Okay! ” Father Sheng didn’t have any objections. He had wanted to go back a long time ago. However, when mother Sheng heard that Si Zhanbei wanted to send them back, she didn’t want to do it. She didn’t care whether they were outside or not. She said loudly, “No, we can’t go back like this. ”

“Mom, if you have anything to say, go back and say it. ” When Sheng Fenghua heard that mother sheng was going to make a scene again, her face darkened. She looked at her coldly and took the lead to walk towards the door.

She didn’t want to argue with mother Sheng here, nor did she want to argue with her here.

“second girl, wait a minute! ” When mother Sheng saw that Sheng Fenghua was ignoring her, her expression also became unsightly. She chased after her and left.

After leaving the restaurant, Sheng Fenghua stood at the side and waited. Si Zhanbei went to drive. Father Sheng and mother Sheng followed behind. Seeing that Si Zhanbei wasn’t in front of them, mother Sheng couldn’t help but scold, “second girl, you’re married to a rich man now. You even look down on us, right? ”

Sheng Fenghua looked at mother Sheng and did not say anything.

At this time, mother Sheng spoke again, “don’t forget who raised you. ”

“I haven’t forgotten! ” Sheng Fenghua said indifferently. Thinking of the days her predecessor had spent in the Sheng family, she was in a bad mood and said, “I remember clearly how you treated me back then. ”

“You, what do you mean? ”Whenn motherShengg heard these words, she felt uneasy. Why did she hear hatred in Sheng Fenghua’s words.

When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but think of how she had treated Sheng Fenghua before, and she couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“What do you mean? ”ShenggFenghuaa looked at mother sheng and slowly asked, Ii want to ask mom, amIi your biological child? ”

When she said this, mother Sheng felt even more guilty. Her eyes wandered, and she didn’t dare to look at Sheng Fenghua.

However, she soon looked straight at Sheng Fenghua and pretended to be sad, saying, “second girl, you have someone backing you now, so you don’t even recognize mom anymore? ”

Sheng Fenghua looked at her mother indifferently and saw her guilty conscience. Her heart sank, and she was more and more sure that there was something wrong with her background.

In addition to her mother’s pretense, she felt more certain in her heart.

Sheng Fenghua looked straight at her mother, and there was a hint of oppression in her eyes, which made her feel more guilty. She looked away again.

“mother, you just have to tell me whether it’s true or not. ” Sheng Fenghua’s voice was a bit cold, and she enunciated each word carefully.

However, Sheng Fenghua avoided Sheng Fenghua’s question again. She turned to look at her father and began to cry She said, “Hubby, look at the second girl. I raised her from a young age. It wasn’t easy for her to get married and lead a good life. She doesn’t even want to acknowledge her own mother anymore. ”