A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 1750 - This Is Awfully Delicious!

Chapter 1750: This Is Awfully Delicious!

Mag scooped up a spoonful of minced garlic sauce, and drizzled it on the oyster, and added a dash of chaotian pepper. The fragrance started wafting out.

“Smells so good!” Irina’s eyes lit up. She watched as the beautifully decorated oyster cooked on the grill. The juice bubbled and sizzled, making her salivate.

Mag flipped the mutton skewers, and sprinkled all kinds of spices before placing them on a long plate. After that, he added some chopped fresh green onions.

At the same time, the spicy crayfish was almost done. The four large crayfish were plated on a large plate, and the first batch of oysters was taken out from the grill, and placed in the middle of the plate.

“We’ll leave the rest for later.” Mag passed the oysters and crayfish to Irina, and went to get two pints of beer and the kebabs.

The three large plates took up almost the entire table.

The red spicy crayfish had large pincers, and the pile of mutton kebab was decorated beautifully with chopped green onions. The neat row of oysters was plump and juicy, and there was even a mega-sized glass of beer. Such supper was simply fantastic.

Mag took a sip of beer as he casually asked, “Whom else did you meet other than Josh?”

“Dracula. He’s representing the vampires for this meeting. We’ve already agreed on having another grass-eating exhibition. We could get some presale tickets out with this meeting,” Irina said as he deshelled the pincers.

“He agreed?” Mag was shocked. Dracula was now the only Vampire Ancestor out of the two in the history of vampires. His status was no longer the same as that in the past.

“He agreed to it for 1,000,000 copper coins back then. This time, our goal is two billion copper coins. Why would he reject it? I’ve already thought of the name. It will be called: The Strongest Vampire Ancestor Grass-Eating Diary 10th Year Anniversary World Tour! Not bad, right?” Irina said with a smile.

“The name is pretty good.” Mag raised his brow. However, even Jay Chou would not dare to say he was aiming to earn two billion with his world tour. Where did they get that confidence from?

Irina finished sucking on one pincer very quickly, and reached out for an oyster.

“This shell smells so good.” Irina took a whiff. The fragrance had a hint of garlic in it. The golden-brown minced garlic had a dash of red Chaotian Pepper and some chopped green onions in it.

“Use your chopsticks to dig it out, and have it with the juice.” Mag picked up an oyster as well, and demonstrated how to eat it.

The oyster, which was the size of a palm, was very plump. It nearly filled up Mag’s entire mouth. When he bit into it gently, the soft oyster was cut open immediately. The fresh juice immediately squirted out in his mouth. The fragrance of the minced garlic spread together with the spiciness, pushing the taste up another level, and bringing wave after wave of enjoyment for the taste buds.

This was the first time Mag grilled oysters. However, the recipe for garlic crayfish, the fire control he practiced with beef and mutton kebabs, and the super quality oyster made this dish perfect.

After swallowing the oyster, Mag sucked up the last bit of juice left on the shell. After that, he took a big gulp of beer. He was completely relaxed. That’s the way to go.

“It does look pretty good.” Irina copied Mag, and dug out the oyster with her chopsticks. However, it was difficult for her to eat everything in a single bite. Therefore, she bit the oyster in half.

The fresh taste, along with the juice, exploded in her mouth. Her taste buds danced to the taste that one could only get when one was by the sea. It was as though the oyster was served fresh from the sea.

That smooth texture was like tofu pudding. A gentle bite, and the oyster would almost melt in her mouth. To think that such a soft interior could be found in such a hard exterior.

The fragrance of the specially mixed minced garlic wafted out, and brought out an even fresher taste from the oyster. The taste buds at the tip of Irina’s tongue were already indulging in the taste, and the spiciness was the cherry on top of the cake. It seemed to be reminding her to quickly finish the other half of the oyster.


The other half of the oyster was in Irina’s mouth, together with the rest of the juice.

“Ah~~ What a satisfying taste!”

Irina, who had taken a large gulp of beer, was full of satisfaction.

“Do you like it?” Mag asked with a smile as he picked up a mutton kebab.

“It can’t get any better. I didn’t think that shells could taste so good,” Irina said with a nod as her eyes turned into two crescents when she smiled.

“I’ll grill another dozen for you later,” Mag said lovingly.

“Alright.” Irina had already laid her hands on her second grilled oyster.

“Hmph. You are actually having supper behind my back.”

Just then, a soft, angry voice came from the stairs.

Mag’s and Irina’s hands froze as they turned back to look.

Amy rubbed her sleepy eyes as she stood at the stairs, looking at them and the table full of delicacies with disbelief and grievance.

Ugly Duckling peeked its head out from beside her leg with its eyes half-closed, looking as though it was not fully awake.

“Er, Little Amy, it’s not what you think it is…” Mag stood up awkwardly. The little fellow would usually sleep very soundly. Why did she suddenly wake up today?

“I’m not listening, I’m not listening. Father just wants to have supper with Mother without asking Amy along…” Amy said with grievance as she turned her head away.

“Little Amy, come here. Your father made a super delicious grilled shell today. We can have it together as a family.” Irina smiled and beckoned Amy over.

“Grilled shell? Is it really delicious?” Amy gazed over unknowingly. She looked at the rows of shells on the table, and swallowed her saliva secretly.

“Of course. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you.” Irina put the oyster to her mouth, and slurped it in. After that, she chewed happily.

“Alright, I’ll forgive you on account of the delicious shell.” Amy ran over, and pulled the chair between Mag and Irina out.

“You can’t eat the shell.” Mag smiled as she handed Amy a plate and a pair of chopsticks. After that, he placed an oyster in front of her.

As long as there was food, no child would be easier to coax than Amy.

“What a huge shell. It’s as big as my face,” Amy said in surprise as she used both hands to hold the oyster up. She first took a sip of the juice, and then used her chopsticks to dig out the oyster. She opened her mouth, and took a bite. Her large blue eyes lit up immediately as she started to chew happily. Then, she took another bite, looking like a little squirrel. Soon, she finished one oyster.

“This is awfully delicious!” Amy exclaimed happily, as though she had discovered a new land. She held the oyster shell up, and licked it clean.