Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1235 - Strengthen

Chapter 1235: Strengthen

After 20 rounds of destruction and repair, Abel was reaching his limit, and the cycle finally came to an end.

However, there was still half of the giant dragon energy waiting to be absorbed.

Just when Gold Dragon Kemble was about to intervene, Abel’s dragon body began to do something strange.

Back in the days, Abel often used his forgery skills to reshape his wizard core to assist his wizard level-ups.

As giant dragon energy kept rushing into him like crazy, his body had basically become a block of iron, and he wondered if he could hammer it down just like how he did with his wizard core.

His dragon body could regenerate anyway, so he was not worried about getting himself hurt.

If he didn’t do anything, that amount of giant dragon energy would blast his body into pieces.

He had no more time to hesitate. Even if he failed, he had full recovery potions as support.

He took out the Horadric Malus from his holy portal bag with his power of the will and heavier struck down on his dragon body. His dragon body automatically ignited its defense, but Abel saw it coming, so he twisted at a slight angle and landed on the softest part of his dragon body.

Abel was only 21 years old, but his skills with a hammer were just as powerful as a lifetime blacksmith dwarf.

After all, he was a grandmaster blacksmith as well.

He was just experimenting at the start, but he soon grasped the rhythm, and each strike landed perfectly, and the dragon energy was hammered down within his body. His dragon skin was torn with each strike, but it took no time to recover. In fact, he could sense it growing back even stronger each time.

It worked! Abel continued on this crazy striking streak of his own body. The pain he was feeling by that point was a few times harsher than the start.

“Damn it!” He knew how powerful his soul was, but he just couldn’t keep his accuracy up under this amount of pain.

Therefore, he ignited his world stone and transferred his consciousness into his druid soul to do the work.

There was no pain in his druid soul, or in other words, it lacked the ability to sense it.

Gold Dragon Kemble was stunned. He had never seen any dragon do something like this.

“Now I know why brother Abel had achieved so much at just 21 years old!” He sighed.

“Yeah, he is still a child, but he is already so hard on himself!” Gold Dragon April added.

Those two gold dragons had lived for tens of thousands of years. Abel really was a child to them.

Abel’s pain had subsided under his druid soul, but it did not go away entirely since the Horadric Malus was aimed at his most vulnerable part each time, just like when he was making his 100 skills iron base.

Time passed, and Abel was finally reaching his limit. It was too draining to go through so many rounds of destruction and repair.

The energy in his body was drying up. If he continued, his life force would start to drop.

His power of the will made a move, and a little bottle of white energy potion was emptied into his dragon throat.

In a few seconds, his energy was in top shape once again.

He continued for another hour until the last bit of giant dragon energy was absorbed into his body, and that took him 6 bottles of energy potion.

Abel dropped down in exhaustion gasping for air. His body was still in top shape, but his power of the will was so drained that he didn’t even want to move anymore.

There was no choice. He had to use a full recovery potion and let that purple light wash over him.

This level-up had taken a big toll on his body, and he only had the time to examine his body after taking the full recovery potion.

To his surprise, his energy was a few times more powerful. His defense was unknown, but it should be quite a lot as well looking at how complicated the pattern on his scales was.

He jabbed his claw forward and it broke the sound barrier.

Afterward, a shockwave shot out towards gold dragon Kemble.

But soon, a lightning flash struck down and the shock wave was blasted away.

“No violence in the temple!” He lowered his voice.

“Sorry, I still haven’t grasped my power!” Abel quickly added.

He returned to his human form and everything felt completely new.

He stepped forward and his body began to levitate.

Even with the solid energy around, he could levitate 10 meters above ground.

Just as expected, the level-up was huge. At least he had more control over the elements around him.

He analyzed with his world stone. His human body possessed half of the power from his dragon body, which made his past body felt like a little ant.

Abel truly got a taste of how powerful a giant dragon was. If every giant dragon possessed such power, no one would be able to take them down in their world.

He carefully stood up again and scanned his body with his world stone. In just 20 seconds, he mastered his new body.

“Brother Abel, can you document your experience? It will be very helpful to us dragons!” Gold Dragon Kemble looked towards Abel and added with admiration.

Every strange action Abel made was a mystery to him, and it would be very helpful to future dragons.

“Of course, but how can I do that?” Abel wasn’t going to expose his secret, but his forgery skill was not one of them.

Besides that, even if other dragons knew how to do forgery, they would have the mysterious crown to help them double their power of the will and potions to withstand such unbearable pain.

“Come with me!” Gold Dragon Kemble waved and they arrived at a wall in the temple.

Abel looked up and there were the names of dragons. When he scanned his power of the will upon them, those names began to glow in white.

He focused on a black dragon named Prague and a bunch of words emerged before him. It was the description of a scary ability to absorb life force from plants or animals and use it for one’s benefit.

“Brother Abel, all you need to do is to document your experience on the wall with your life force. Some of these documents are good and some of them are evil, but they are the wisdom of dragons. But still, it’s best for you to not look at the evil ones too much!” Gold Dragon Kemble remembered as he knew Abel was still young.

Actually, Abel was much older than he was after long years of battle with the hell creatures.

“Brother Kemble, can I learn from these documents?” Abel asked.

“Of course, but you are a blue dragon, so you should focus on learning from other blue dragons!” Gold Dragon Kemble added.

Abel nodded and reached his power of the will into the wall.

During his documentation, he mentioned everything but his mysterious crown, Horadric Malus, his druid soul, his power potion, and his full recovery potion.

If another dragon still manages to replicate his level-up process with this, he would be amazed.

Still, what he did was a great inspiration for future dragons.

It had been many years and the number of giant dragons had not moved. The dragons were too unmotivated, and Gold Dragons Kemble knew they needed a push.

After Abel wrote his final words, a new name emerged on the wall, Blue Dragon Abel.

Gold Dragon Kemble focused his power of the will on Abel’s name and quickly scanned what he wrote.

“Brother Abel, I’ll definitely ask my future child to try your method when he is old enough!” Gold Dragon Kemble laughed.

“Just let me know beforehand when your future child is ready to undergo strengthening. I can guarantee his success!” Abel thought for a moment and added.

If anything bad happened, he always had potions as a backup.

“Haha, of course. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the super teleportation circle now!” Gold Dragon Kemble said with excitement.

The super teleportation circle was located in the side temple and it was huge. Much bigger than what Abel expected. But there were no supporting Magic circles like the other one.

Just the main teleportation circle alone was 50 meters in diameter, it was the biggest magic circle Abel had ever seen.

But it made sense considering it was made for giant dragons.

“Brother Kemble, what requirements do I need to use this super teleportation circle?” Abel turned and asked.

“Nothing, you still haven’t come of age, and you won’t need to do any missions in the next 1000 years. Just enjoy the benefit of being a dragon for now. But of course, you still need to supply the gems needed for each teleportation. Which is 3 top level gems of any kind!” Gold Dragon Kemble smiled.

Since dragons could only use their corresponding type of gem on their eggs, they would often exchange those other ones with other dragons or on the super teleportation circle.

“Can I return using the super teleportation circle of the Holy Continent?” Abel asked again.

“It should be fine, you are a dragon, so you should be able to connect to your super teleportation circle no matter where you are!” Gold Dragon Kemble nodded.

“Let me prepare for a bit. I’ll come here by myself when I am ready!” Abel thought for a moment and said.

“I won’t stop you! Didn’t you say you want some ancient objects? I was still thinking of asking you to help me ignite an ancient Flying Fortress after I found one!” Gold Dragon Kemble added,

He then turned to Gold Dragon April and said, a toy for our child.

The dragons began to laugh. If Abel was not around, they would have started making a child already.