Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 267 Heart Talk

Xuefeng didn't look away and instead matched the Thunder Goddess' gaze, not scared of confrontation. No matter how strong she was, he had to get the Lightning Stone even if he had to bet his life on it. The Elemental Bracelet wouldn't hesitate to eventually kill him if he didn't collect all the stones in time.

"I told you not to come here," Thunder Goddess spoke as she extended her palm. "Anyone who dares to disturb the peace of this land will share the same fate: Death."

"Unfortunately, I don't have a choice," Xuefeng replied with a sigh as he walked to the edge of the exit. "If I don't disturb you, I'm going to die either way so I still have to try."

Thunder Goddess frowned while Golden Lightning covered her hands. She didn't seem like she was in the mood to play around.

Xuefeng wasn't intimidated in the slightest and instead of showing aggression, he displayed his Elemental Bracelet in a peaceful manner.

"You possess something that I need to survive," Xuefeng introduced honestly. "This is an Elemental Bracelet. If I don't collect all nine Elemental Stones, the bracelet will kill me so I have no choice but to try my best to get your Lightning Stone."

The difference in their strength was obvious, so they could only take advantage of Ling's connection with the past Thunder Goddess. Too bad, the situation didn't start off well.

"Why should I care?" Thunder Goddess asked while tilting her head in confusion. "That's your problem, not mine."

She gave him another look and turned around, returning to the depths of the Realm. After a few meters though, she paused and warned one last time.

"Get lost. If I sense you stepped inside, I will come back and kill you."

Thunder Goddess didn't wait for his answer and departed without paying them any more attention.

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"Wait!" Xuefeng called out to stop her, knowing Ling was already eager to jump out. "There is someone that wants to meet you."

"Hmm?" Thunder Goddess paused as she looked back only to widen her eyes as Ling appeared in front of Xuefeng.

"Are you not going to say hello to an old friend?"


Thunder Goddess momentarily vanished from the spot and appeared in front of Ling.

"Ling…?" She muttered softly as she reached out to touch her as if not fully believing it was real. "Are you my Ling...?"

She was cold and indifferent just a second ago but now they could see an unusual softness in her gaze.

"Mhmm, it's me," Ling nodded as she leaned her cheek on Thunder Goddess' palm. "I told you I will find you."

Thunder Goddess gave her one last look in the eyes before she pulled Ling in her embrace, hugging her tightly. Knowing their past, Xuefeng couldn't help but smile at such a heartwarming scene. Seeing them so close together, maybe there wasn't even a need to fight.

Too bad, his opinion quickly changed when Thunder Goddess suddenly pulled away and surprised Ling with a deep kiss.

"Hey!" Xuefeng called out to stop them but Thunder Goddess immediately raised her arm and aimed her Golden Lightning at his face.

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"I appreciate you escorted Ling to me but now that your job is done, you are free to leave," Thunder Goddess suggested as she hugged Ling into her chest. "What I said before still stands."

"You will kill me if I enter inside?" Xuefeng asked while raising his eyebrows with a smile. "Do you think Ling will let that happen?"

"Stop it." Ling reacted right away and pulled Thunder Goddess's arm down. "Unless you want to kill me as well, you can't hurt him. He is my Fate Holder."

"Huh…? Did you really choose a man to be your Fate Holder?" Thunder Goddess questioned surprised as she stared daggers at Xuefeng. "Did he do anything to you? Did he force you to do anything perverted?"

Ling opened her mouth to speak but Thunder Goddess cut her off while caressing her cheek. "Don't tell me, I already decided. I will help you sever your connection and then kill him. No man can be trusted."

"No!" Ling cried out immediately and pushed Thunder Goddess away. She looked at Xuefeng and rushed to his side, letting him embrace her.

"Ling...?" Thunder Goddess muttered, her body slightly shivering. "What is going on…?"

"We were wrong before," Ling replied calmly. "We used to believe that all guys were bad but I found out that we were wrong. Not every guy is like this."

She looked at Xuefeng and hugged his arm. "There are nice guys in this world who actually care and love you to the point that they can sacrifice their life for you. I have spent enough time with Xuefeng to know he is one of them and I eventually fell in love with him."


Golden Lightning buzzed around Thunder Goddess's body as her face darkened at Ling's words. "Are you trying to tell me you betrayed me for him…? After everything we have been through?"

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"How did she betray you?" Xuefeng asked in Ling's stead. "From day one since I met her, she told me about you. We agreed to work hard and find you before it is too late. She did everything in her power to save you. How is that considered a betrayal?"

His words were completely ignored while Thunder Goddess only looked at Ling, waiting for her response.

"If you consider my happiness as your betrayal then yes," Ling replied as she let go of Xuefeng and approached the Thunder Goddess again. "I love him just as much as I love you. Should I stop loving him when it makes me happy?"

Ling brushed through the purple hair and caressed Thunder Goddess's cheek. Her Golden Lightning slowly died down as the two stared into each other's eyes.

"Do you hate me?" Ling asked softly.

"You know I would never hate you," Thunder Goddess replied before glancing at Xuefeng. "But I can't say the same about him. He stole you from me."

"How did he steal me? He helped me grow and allowed us to reunite. Without him, it wouldn't be possible," Ling assured lovingly. "You will forever be my sister and I will always love you. Now that we are both safe, we can be together again."

Thunder Goddess looked at her as if she wanted to accept it but a single tear rolled down her cheek and she pulled away in rejection.

"I wish we could do that but it's impossible," Thunder Goddess decided. "I don't want to give you a dilemma but as long as you are with him, you can't stay with me. It doesn't matter how much I love you, I can't share you with another man. Instead of forcing you to make a decision, I will put it on him."

She gave Xuefeng a glance and suggested, "If you really love Ling then you will let her go. You need the Lightning Stone to survive and you are too weak to defeat me. Before you die, convince her to let me cut the connection between you two. I can save her but I will not save you. Farewell."

Thunder Goddess didn't wait for his response as she turned around to leave but Xuefeng reacted right away, stopping her departure.

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"I want to meet your Master."