Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2033 - Searching for the Culprit

Chapter 2033: Searching for the Culprit

Fu Yue walked out of the restaurant. However, after a brief moment, he stuck his head back in, saying, “I’m really going to leave.”

Ling Han nodded in reply, gesturing for him to do as he pleased.

Fu Yue walked out of the restaurant again. However, after a short moment, he surprisingly entered again, walking over and sitting next to Ling Han.

“This was genuinely a misunderstanding?” he asked in puzzlement.

“Mm-hm!” Ling Han and the others replied with a nod. Even though this person was an emperor tier, he was more so a clown.

Fu Yue could barely believe that he had caused such a ruckus over nothing. However, he had indeed been able to leave freely just then. This was proof that Ling Han and the others hadn’t been lying to him.

F*ck! He had truly become a clown!

His face flushed red as he sighed with embarrassment.

After a long while, he said, “I might have misunderstood you guys, but this isn’t without reason.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “In fact, you guys also misunderstood me. I’m not someone who abuses my power to harass others.”

“I’ve gathered so,” Ling Han said with a nod. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have treated Fu Yue with such politeness. There were far too many sinister tyrants and perverts in the world, and Ling Han wouldn’t mind punishing them if he came across them.

If Fu Yue had truly been such a person, he would have already been a corpse now.

“That woman pretended to be a maid to enter my clan, yet she stole the Undying Pill that my grandfather had just finished refining. This was discovered by the other servants, and this was what led to me pursuing her. I immediately gave chase after receiving the news, but it was already too late,” Fu Yue said.

‘Huh? So this is how it was?’

“Is that so?” Ling Han asked with a frown. If this were true, then he had truly committed evil with good intentions.

“Not a word is false. I swear on the reputation of the Fu Clan!” Fu Yue said with a solemn expression.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “Then this was truly all a big misunderstanding.”

They had misunderstood why the members of the Fu Clan had been pursuing the woman. Meanwhile, Fu Yue had mistakenly thought that Ling Han and the others were trying to kidnap him for a ransom.

Ling Han immediately stood up, and said, “Then let’s look for her.”

“This is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Where do we even start?” Fu Yue said with a sigh. The population of United Link City numbered in the tens of billions, and this city was more so astoundingly large. Trying to find a specific person was as difficult as ascending the heavens.

“Niu will look for her!” Hu Niu volunteered.

Fu Yue didn’t feel any confidence at all. This was someone who had challenged someone else to an eating contest… What could she possibly achieve?

However, Ling Han chuckled, and said, “Niu, lead the way.”

“Mm-hm!” Hu Niu immediately stood up to leave. However, after taking a few steps, she hurriedly ran back to package all of the leftover food. Only then did she stride away.

Fu Yue instantly felt even less confident. He couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Let’s go!” Ling Han said as he grabbed Fu Yue. With his strength, Fu Yue naturally couldn’t resist him.

They left the restaurant, and returned to where they had first encountered the woman.

Hu Niu wrinkled her nose and started to sniff the surroundings. After a while, she pointed at some road, and said, “Over there!”

‘F*ck! Do you have a dog nose?!’ Fu Yue couldn’t help but diss in his mind.

However, he naturally didn’t dare to say this out aloud. Moreover, Hu Niu was so breathtakingly beautiful, so he definitely couldn’t bring himself to say this.

Meanwhile, Ling Han and the others were filled with confidence in Hu Niu’s abilities. Her nose was even more powerful than that of a dog.

They continued to follow Hu Niu, who would stop from time to time before taking twists and turns, and even ascending and descending mountains. After two entire days, they finally arrived at a small village. There was smoke rising from chimneys, and there were dogs barking in joy. This was true countryside scenery.

Hu Niu pointed at the village, and said, “Right here!”


Fu Yue naturally didn’t believe her. He shook his head in doubt.

“Let’s go!” Ling Han said as he dragged Fu Yue along.

They entered the village, and they were immediately surrounded by a group of children whose eyes were completely drawn to the Empress and Hu Niu.

They had never seen such beautiful people before. These women were completely like Celestial Maidens.

Ling Han and the others stopped before an extremely ordinary-looking house.

“Here?” Fu Yue asked. He couldn’t help but shake his head in disappointment. He had heard from his subordinates that the woman was at the Severing Mundane Tier. Even though Severing Mundane Tier cultivators couldn’t be regarded as elites in the Celestial Realm, they were still definitely respectable beings. In some small cities, they could even assemble their own forces and become a powerful ruler.

As such, would they hole themselves up in such a rural place?

Who would believe this?

However, Ling Han turned to the children, and asked, “Do any of you know who lives here? The first one to answer will get two pieces of candy.” He immediately retrieved two pieces of candy.

“I know! I know!”

“I also know!”

The children fought to answer his question. In fact, even Hu Niu felt extremely tempted. After all, this candy had initially been prepared to tempt her.

“A big brother and a big sister live here!”

“The big sister is very beautiful!”

“However, she’s not as beautiful as these big sisters.”

“They’ve only lived here for two years.”

“The big brother got sick, and he’s always coughing. In fact, I’ve even seen him cough blood!”

Ling Han smiled and took out some more candy to hand to the children. He then said, “Alright, go and play now.”

The children immediately ran off.

Ling Han pushed open the bamboo gate in front of the house, revealing a dainty path that was decorated with beautiful flowers on either side. This was in stark contrast to the simplicity of the rest of the village.

Meanwhile, the door to the house was only slightly shut, and Ling Han immediately heard coughing before he had even pushed it open.

With a slight push, he opened the door, revealing extremely ordinary furniture. There was only a single table, wardrobe, and bed. Lying on the bed was a man who was violently coughing. In fact, he was spitting blood as he coughed, and it was as if he were about to cough his internal organs out.

“Cough… Who are you?” the man asked when he saw Ling Han. He raised his head with much difficulty, and Ling Han saw that he was a fairly handsome man. However, his face was far too pale, and there wasn’t a single hint of color.

Fu Yue suddenly wrinkled his nose, and exclaimed, “Hmm? There’s the scent of the Undying Pill!” He immediately jumped forward, and said, “You ingested the Undying Pill!”

The man was shocked, and he hurriedly shook his head, saying, “I didn’t eat any Undying Pill! You people have got it wrong! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Fu Yue’s feeling of doubt vanished into thin air. Hu Niu had indeed found the right place. Moreover, the Undying Pill had already been ingested by this man. He was filled with scorching rage. His grandfather had refined the Undying Pill at the command of the Moon Plucking Celestial King. Yet, it had been ingested by this person now? How would they explain this to the Moon Plucking Celestial King?

“Don’t worry, we don’t have any evil intentions,” Ling Han said with a smile. He placed a hand on the man before activating his Source Power of Wood.

A power that was brimming with vitality instantly surged into the man’s body, causing his fit of coughing to immediately cease. In fact, a hint of healthy red returned to his pale face.

“You’ve been wounded by someone,” Ling Han said. “That person most likely had the ability to kill you, yet they only left you with severe wounds. Such sinister intentions… They wanted to torture you to death!”

The man’s expression changed again and again. In the end, he could only heave a long sigh and say, “You’re right. That’s indeed the case.”

“Tell us about it,” Ling Han said in interest.

He had initially thought that the woman had stolen the Undying Pills to sell or exchange for other benefits. By the looks of it, however, that definitely wasn’t the case.

“There were 10 Undying Pills in total. You definitely haven’t ingested all of them, so where are the rest of them?” Fu Yue cut in.

“Oi, do you know how to speak? Can’t you see that he’s sick?” Ling Han said as he picked Fu Yue up and tossed him aside. He turned back to the man, and said, “Alright, you can tell us now. Take it slow.”

Fu Yue couldn’t help but feel vexed. He was the grandson of a Four-Star Alchemist! Was it really necessary for Ling Han to treat him like this?