Astral Pet Store

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Evolution

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“I told you. The items in this store are attractive both in price and quality. It is completely fair.” Su Ping kept a poker face.

The siblings could not utter a word.

If Su Ping were telling the truth, then this was far from just being attractive in price and quality. He was practically selling at a sacrifice!

The siblings looked at each other. They were shocked at the strength Su Ping demonstrated in that strike, but this matter still seemed surreal.

Su Ping could tell that this pair was not convinced. He frowned. All of a sudden, he thought of an idea. “If you don’t believe me, I have something here that can prove it to you,” He calmly said.

“What is it?” Fan Xiaoyu was confused.

Su Ping took out a transparent glass bottle from behind the counter and two blue fruits were found in the bottle. Su Ping explained, “These are Blue Element Fruits, with a low rank rating. This is a kind of food that is favored by advanced pets of the water family. With long-term administration, advanced pets of the family can have their abilities enhanced. If the low-rank pets of the water family can consume such a fruit, they will be directly promoted to the next rank!”

“Promoted to the next rank directly?”

The siblings were startled.

Things that could enable a direct rank promotion were extremely expensive, even those that were only for low-rank pets.

“The Blue Element Fruit can only be consumed by pets of the first, second, and third rank and only the first-time administration can show effects. The price is 8700.” Su Ping added indifferently, “If you guys can find some low-rank pets of the water family, you will see the truth with one test.”

“Only 8700?”

Once again, the siblings were speechless due to the appallingly low price.

And yet, compared with the Colored Buddha Leaves, they found it understandable.

“Well, as for low-rank pets of the water family, I don’t have to get one elsewhere. I have one with me.” Fan Xiaoyu blinked. “Sir, can we test it now?” she questioned.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. “Of course.”


Astral powers began to surge over Fan Xiaoyu. She lifted a hand and grabbed at something in the air. A vortex appeared, from which a light blue figure hopped out and landed on her shoulder.

This was a blue dotted pet the size of a fist, shaped like a water polo ball. Only its big head could be seen; its four limbs were so short that they were hardly visible.

“Fountain Beast?” As soon as Su Ping saw this little guy, he recognized it as a first-rank pet of the water family. This pet was extremely common and ordinary, so ordinary that almost every family had one.

While those pets were merely at the first rank and their abilities could be practically ignored, they were loved by everyone. The reason was that Fountain Beasts could shoot water jets that were of no offensive value. To a large extent, they could help people save on household water.

Many adventurers could also ask the Fountain Beasts for help when they were exploring and wanted to wash their hands, drink some water, or take a bath. Owning a Fountain Beast was like carrying a small water source.

“Sir, will this work?” Fan Xiaoyu held the Fountain Beast in both hands and placed it in front of Su Ping.

Su Ping answered, “Sure. But you have to pay for the Blue Element Fruit first.”


Fan Xiaoyu was hesitating.

Fan Yujing stepped forward and took out a card. He transferred the money to Su Ping. “Sir, please commence.”

Su Ping heard the beautiful prompt tone of money entering his account. A faint smile climbed to his otherwise frigid face. He opened the bottle and took out a Blue Element Fruit from it.

In his store, this was the pet food only inferior to the Colored Buddha Leaf in terms of price.

“Little guy, here you go.” Su Ping handed the fruit to the Fountain Beast.

The Fountain Beast had already smelled the Blue Element Fruit. When Su Ping handed over the fruit, the Fountain Beast could not wait to open its mouth and gobble it down before asking its master for permission.

The fruit with the size of a thumb was stuffed into its mouth. It was as if there were a drum filling the Fountain Beast’s mouth, but soon the fruit was gone; the pet had swallowed it.

Three people had their eyes glued on the Fountain Beast, waiting for the effect to kick in.

Su Ping had thought that the Fountain Beast would need some time to digest it. However, in less than three minutes, something began to happen to the Fountain Beast.

The light blue spots on the Fountain Beast began to flow, like liquid. Then, the Fountain Beast’s entire body swelled a bit.

This swelling was painful for the Fountain Beast, so it began to roll around on the counter. While it rolled, the Fountain Beast would eject some water arrows.

Su Ping used his hand to fend off the arrows. He noticed that it was somewhat painful when the water arrows struck his palm.


All of a sudden, a much thicker water arrow was discharged.

Su Ping had no time to defend against it but in the next second, that water arrow was stopped by some invisible shield.

On the other side, Fan Xiaoyu noticed something as she realized the fact that the water arrows ejected by the Fountain Beast were aggressive. She held up an astral shield to protect her brother and herself.

The water arrows provoked ripples as they smashed against the astral shield. Her astral shield was of a high level and could fend off the water arrows easily

A moment later, the Fountain Beast stopped rolling around. Right then, it was two times as large as before. The four limbs that could not be seen earlier were still not visible. The limbs were short, but they were enough to support the Fountain Beast.

“It has evolved…” Fan Xiaoyu opened her eyes wide.

Since Fountain Beasts were highly popular, even a seven or eight-year-old kid could tell exactly what Fountain Beasts looked like from the first rank to the third rank. Naturally, Fan Xiaoyu would know.

A flash of surprise appeared in Fan Yujing’s eyes. This Blue Element Fruit was an item that could facilitate evolution!

While the fruit was only effective for low-rank pets, it was rare!

“Done.” Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief inside as he saw the result. “Do you have any other questions?” Su Ping asked.

The siblings came back to their senses. They looked at each other and their expressions were troubled.

“Sorry. We offended you in the beginning,” Fan Yujing said, resisting the pain of his broken arm, slightly gnashing his teeth.

Fan Xiaoyu’s expressions changed again and again but eventually, she gave tacit consent to the status quo.

They knew that a person that could sell such items for evolution and probably an item for intelligence enlightenment could never be a bad businessman. As such, the fruits this person sold to their grandpa could not be the usual kind, either. That was why the Vermilion Bird loved them.

“No problem.”

Su Ping nodded. He accepted their apology. For the time being, it was the other party that had taken a beating. However, without the system’s protection, he would have been the one suffering humiliation. After all, given the other party’s domineering attitude, they would never listen to him.

Awkwardness ensued with a short moment of silence.

Fan Xiaoyu hesitated for a bit as she saw the Colored Buddha Leaf. “Sir, will that work?” she asked.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. Was she still doubting him? “I already made the introduction. I won’t repeat myself,” he said, gloomily.

Fan Xiaoyu saw that Su Ping had misunderstood her so she wanted to explain at once. Before she could, Fan Yujing suddenly did something. He transferred the money to Su Ping and said, “We will take it.”

No amount of explanation could work better than an actual purchase.

Fan Yujing felt it worthwhile to test it by spending 20,000. If this article was genuine, then it would be money more than well spent!

If it was fake, 20,000 was nothing for him. He could make tens or hundreds of times more with any trip made for opening up virgin soil.

Fan Xiaoyu was surprised by her brother’s action but she soon understood his intention. She said nothing more. Still, she felt a bit reluctant inside.