Astral Pet Store

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Undead Maiden


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Having picked out that finger bone, the Little Skeleton fumbled through the pile of remains once more, to dig out some other short bones that looked like sharp teeth to replace its original knees and arms. Those bones became part of the Little Skeleton with the help of the dark energy.

While the Little Skeleton was selecting appropriate bones, the Lightning Rat was fighting a bitter fight.

Thanks to the diversion created by the “Thunder Shadow Image,” the Lightning Rat was snatched from the jaws of death several times. That being said, every time the Lightning Rat came close to the human-shaped skeleton, the latter would sense the former’s presence and react swiftly and violently.

Relying on the “Thunder Flash,” the Lightning Rat could teleport and appear at difficult corners to unleash a Thunder Slash. However, whenever the Lightning Rat managed to hit its target, the human-shaped skeleton would quickly tear the Lightning Rat apart.

One life for another!

The gap in abilities between the Lightning Rat and the human-shaped skeleton was significant. Normally, the Lightning Rat would not stand a chance against the human-shaped skeleton.

It was fortunate that Su Ping could bring the Lightning Rat back to life endlessly. As long as the Lightning Rat could inflict harm on its enemy, the latter would be tortured to death sooner or later.

The human-shaped skeleton was ferocious but its intelligence was low. Taking advantage of the revivals, the Lightning Rat had been depleting the human skeleton’s energy but the latter did not stop nor intend to flee.

A few minutes later.

Over half of the dark, foul air around the human-shaped skeleton had been reduced and the skeleton was moving slowly with less precision than before.

At this moment, Su Ping perceived an intense fighting desire from the Little Skeleton. In the next moment, all Su Ping could see was a small, black figure hurrying toward the battlefield.

Su Ping fixed his eyes on the dark figure. It was the Little Skeleton.

But the Little Skeleton was different from before. Its height was the same but now it was surrounded by the dark air. Its arms, knees and other bones were sharper and darker.

The biggest difference was how fast the Little Skeleton could run.

Before, the Little Skeleton had to stumble around. At the moment, it was walking with flying feet, almost as fast as the Lightning Rat.

The human-shaped skeleton was being badgered by the two Lightning Rats. Disturbed by the Thunder Shadow Image, the human-shaped skeleton had lost its bearings. When the Little Skeleton joined the fight, the human-shaped skeleton felt something. It turned around, let out a bellow, and charged toward the Little Skeleton.

The Little Skeleton was not something that could be ignored or stamped to death anymore.

Faced with the human-shaped skeleton, the Little Skeleton turned around and avoided the strike with considerable agility. It escaped the first strike, only to be smashed into pieces by the human-shaped skeleton that waved its other arm in a very tricky position!

Among all the skeleton bones scattered on the ground, several pieces were quite firm. They were still intact after falling to the ground.

Alerted by the system, Su Ping knew that the Little Skeleton had died and could not reassemble. So, he had to choose to revive it.

Even though the Little Skeleton lost its life within seconds, compared with before, it had already progressed notably.

With the help of the Lightning Rat shadow, the frantic Lightning Rat attacked quickly. Several Thunder Slashes landed on the human-shaped skeleton, diminishing a large amount of the dark, foul air.

Five minutes later, with the concerted efforts of the Little Skeleton and the Lightning Rat, the human-shaped skeleton was slain, releasing its dark, foul air.

The Little Skeleton began to scavenge for pieces among the remains. Worn out, the Lightning Rat and Su Ping sat by the side to have a rest.


All of a sudden, a breeze was felt.

Su Ping checked the surroundings as he enjoyed his rest. All of a sudden, he noticed some darkness surging over from the depth of the woods.

When the darkness was hundreds of meters away from him, he realized it was a dark tide!

Shrieks and howls seemed to come from the billowing black waves of smoke. Some horrifying figures floating around in the dark smoke were faintly visible.

“What is that?” Su Ping was startled.

The next second, the tide swept across.

Su Ping felt chills all over his body and his life was being drained. Right after, he appeared in the dark revival space.

“Revival on the spot!”

Su Ping did not choose to revive at another random place because the dark smoke’s nature piqued his interest.

As soon as he was brought back to life, he saw the black smoke was still spreading. Before he could observe closely, he once again felt a chill creeping over and then found himself in the revival space a second time.


Su Ping decided to stay on the spot. He refused to be misled by fallacies.

After more than a dozen revivals, when Su Ping could breathe again, he heard a gentle ‘gee’ sound coming from the dark smoke.

A moment later, the dark smoke suddenly dispersed. Su Ping saw a ghost-like figure flying over. The face belonged to a breathtaking beauty; she was completely flawless, the most beautiful girl that Su Ping had ever seen.

However, from her chest down, the girl’s body was made up of dried bones. Su Ping thought he could see the blood-red internal organs and dark smoke surges.

The girl in the dark smoke was pale and her delicate face was devoid of emotions. She sized Su Ping up and down. Her green eyes spoke of her interest and exotic charm.

Su Ping was fearless. After all, he would not die for real; there was nothing to fear.

He was also sizing her up and down in a brazen manner. He even wanted to squeeze her body to see if it was tangible after all.

“Cannot be identified?” Su Ping cast an identification spell but saw no information, which intrigued him even more. That was an advanced being.

At the same time, the girl in the dark mist suddenly said something in a strange language that was hard to understand; it sounded like the calling of the undead.

Su Ping could hardly take that information in. He was about to ask when the girl waved her hand and the black haze began to surge over.

Su Ping was in that revival space once again. He still had questions so he revived on the spot at once. He saw that girl again.

The girl was taken aback to see him. That playful look in her eyes deepened. She floated over, stopping very close to Su Ping.

Su Ping blinked and all of a sudden, made a grabbing move toward her chest.

It was soft as mist. To be exact, it was essentially made of mist.


Just as he finished sighing, Su Ping saw that the girl began to frown. His body temperature dropped and he went back to the revival space.

Luckily, such death was not painful. Still, Su Ping chose to revive on the spot.

The girl was dumbstruck after seeing him appear out of nowhere once more. Slowly, she began to contemplate the situation…

“Do you have intelligence? Can you understand me?” Su Ping asked curiously.

It was rare for him to meet a being that resembled humans. Maybe he could learn something interesting from her.

The black haze girl slowly shifted her sight to him and something seemed to come to her mind. Her eyes glowed in green and she opened her mouth. All of a sudden, Su Ping felt that the heat and energy in his body were transformed into a form of golden energy that floated into her mouth.

Soon, Su Ping lost his life yet again.

Without hesitation, he revived on the spot.

This time, the girl didn’t appear to be surprised. She opened her mouth and continued to suck away Su Ping’s lifeforce.

Revive! Revive! Revive!

Su Ping repeated the process several times but the girl in the dark haze never stopped and did not reply to his questioning, not even once.

Finally, Su Ping realized that this gal was treating him as an inexhaustible food source!

In a fit of rage, Su Ping decided not to probe further. He chose to revive at a random spot.

Just as he came back to life, Su Ping realized that the view was different from before. He was inside a huge palace.

And yet, the magnificent palace seemed to have been built with massive bones.