Astral Pet Store

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Stealing Knowledge

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“Is she still cultivating?”

Su Ping thought of an idea. His consciousness sneaked in quietly.

The astral power seeped into Su Lingyue’s room from the cracks in the walls and doors like quicksand. The astral power in the other rooms were floating faster, converging like a vortex.

The center of the convergence was a slim figure that could be faintly seen amid the astral power. It was none other than Su Lingyue.

“Is she also lying on her bed to cultivate?” Su Ping raised his eyebrows as he saw the figure outlined by the astral power.

Right then, Su Ping noticed that her sister was using a completely different way to absorb astral power.

Inside Su Lingyue’s room, she was like the bottom of an hour-glass. All the astral power that flew into her room were pulled over, gradually forming a vortex. The closer the astral power was to her, the faster they would spin. Eventually, all the astral power was sucked in by her body.

“She’s absorbing faster and in a larger amount!”

“Is she controlling the speed of absorption?

“Is this what they learn at the Academy of Astral Pets?”

Su Ping had tried many methods but failed to hasten the absorption of astral power. He had assumed that the speed could never be altered. However, Su Lingyue’s cultivation revealed to him something new.

While surprised, Su Ping began to examine her ways closely.

Soon, Su Ping noticed that the major location where the astral power was absorbed into was the dantian in her abdomen. Inside her dantian, there was a small astral power vortex!

This astral power vortex was spinning quickly, creating a strong pull which made the astral power outside of her spin as well. That was how the large vortex outside of her came into being!

The pull of this external vortex could influence a large area. The astral power that was beyond the reach of her consciousness could be pulled over as well. They would fly over and become a part of the external vortex, to be rapidly absorbed by Su Lingyue!

“It’s because of the pull!”

Su Ping stumbled with the fact.

How easy it was. How come he didn’t think of it before?

Indeed, his consciousness could not control the astral power roaming outside, only the astral power inside of him!

“Let me have a try.”

Su Ping retracted his consciousness back to his room, limiting the reach of his consciousness to his bed.

He controlled all the vortices inside all the original cores in his cells to spin around quickly.


All of a sudden, it was as if a hurricane had sprung up by his bed out of nowhere. The bedsheet started to float as a result.

The free astral power that was floating toward Su Lingyue’s room was disturbed at once. It was disorderly sneaking into Su Ping’s body in a state of feverish chaos.


Su Ping was surprised. He stopped the spinning at once.

“The astral power is in chaos. Is it because there are too many pulling sources making a mess?” Su Ping frowned. All the vortices spinning around in his original cores was confusing the subtle astral power.

After some thought, Su Ping decided to copy Su Lingyue’s method, creating a large vortex in a place inside his body.


The astral power that was slowly moving toward Su Lingyue’s room stopped all of a sudden. Under some pulling effect, the astral power turned around and flew toward Su Ping’s dantian in his abdomen while moving in a vortex shape.

“Got it!”

Su Ping was glad to feel the vortex structure outside his body.

At the moment, he noticed that all the astral power from Su Lingyue’s room was being pulled away, wisp by wisp.

“The pull of my vortex is stronger than hers?” Su Ping was surprised. He stopped at once.


While in her room, lying in bed as she was cultivating and reading at the same time, Su Lingyue was startled by a sudden tremor in the astral power vortex outside of her.

When she stopped to pay closer attention, the vortex had already returned to normal. She thought she was having an illusion.

“Strange.” Su Lingyue was confused but she didn’t think too much into it since things had returned to normal. She held onto a throw pillow and Snowball to get back inside the world of her book.

It wasn’t a boring reading material, or else she wouldn’t have continued reading by lamplight. It was one her favorite youth comics with righteous-ardor stories.

Different from other girls, she had no interest in romance TV, movies or comics. After all, with such a lousy brother, any fantasy she had about boys had been shattered entirely!

“Didn’t she feel it?”

Su Ping noticed no reaction from his sister. He blinked. Such being the case, he could try out something else.

Having observed the cultivation methodology Su Lingyue had learned in the academy, Su Ping’s mind was wide open in the field of cultivation of astral power.

Since he could create a vortex inside him to absorb and cultivate astral power, maybe, he could create a reverse vortex. He wondered what that would do.

“Let’s see.”

With the experience of cultivating the “Chaos Star Chart,” Su Ping had become quite skilled in creating “vortices.” He controlled the reaching scope of his consciousness around him to no further than the bed. Then, he quickly reversed the spinning direction of the vortex.

Soon, there was one more vortex in his dantian. This vortex was not pulling astral power in. Instead, the vortex was pushing the astral power away. He was inside an area void of astral power.

“Just as I thought.”

Su Ping was pretty much right. He was excited. While the power-free area seemed to be useless, this was a successful attempt.

The astral power being pushed away was flying to Su Lingyue’s room faster than before, which was surprising to Su Ping. He had a fresh idea in his mind.

“If so, with two vortices…”

Su Ping blinked. His idea was difficult but that made it a challenge.

He resorted to action at once.

First, he would start with a small-scale attempt…

Soon, Su Ping created two vortices inside him, one in front, one at the back, one spinning forward, and the other in the reverse direction.

In the air outside the wall behind him, a large amount of free astral power was pulled into his back but he did not absorb it. It was released from his chest.

His body was like a bridge where astral power converged, to later deliver it in wisps.

The astral power that had been compressed inside Su Ping became more concentrated and it was being pulled into the vortex inside Su Lingyue’s room.


Su Lingyue, who was reading the comics, suddenly felt a spread of warmth in her stomach. It was quite comfortable. She felt warm all around her body, as if she were in a hot spring. She couldn’t help but hum in comfort.

As the sound came out from her mouth, she came back to her senses. She tried to feel it carefully. To her surprise, she was surrounded by this warmth because the astral power became more profound by several times all of a sudden!

“What is going on?”

Su Lingyue sat up, shocked. How come the astral power became richer all of a sudden?