Astral Pet Store

Chapter 60 - Bloodsoul Beast

Chapter 60: Bloodsoul Beast

“Let me see again.”

Fan Ganglie was a prudent person. He took out the device to take another look. This time, he was extra careful and was certain that the animal was a Tiger Scale Tapir.

“Is it a Tiger Scale Tapir?” Lin Mokong looked at him.

Fan Ganglie was in a bad mood. He handed the device to Lin Mokong and said, “Take a look for yourself.”

Lin Mokong put the device on and was sure in an instant, “It is a Tiger Scale Tapir!”

He gave the device back to Fan Ganglie. As the former looked at Su Ping, he turned hostile. Su Ping was courting death by being this extremely suspicious and having cast doubt in the group, making them loose too much time!

Fan Ganglie sensed Lin Mokong’s hostile intentions. He heaved a sigh but kept it to himself. Fan Ganglie knew that this was Su Ping’s mistake. But to turn on each other during a mission was a taboo. Fan Ganglie said, “Let’s finish the job first.”


Lin Mokong glared at Su Ping. “Don’t blame me for being harsh on you if you spout nonsense again!”

With that said, Lin Mokong let his Codson Python charge toward the Tiger Scale Tapir by the lake at once. It was just a sixth-rank pet. His Codson Python was more than qualified to kill that Tiger Scale Tapir!

By the lake, the Tiger Scale Tapir sensed the Codson Python was approaching quickly. It turned around and the moment that it did, Fan Ganglie, who was using the device to observe the battle couldn’t help but shout, “Oh no!”

Lin Mokong was surprised to hear this cry of terror. He took out his device to look as well.

This look covered him in goosebumps!

The Tiger Scale Tapir was drinking water by the lake so they could only see one of its flanks. But the moment it turned around, the other half of its body was revealed. There were only bones!

The other half of its head had no flesh and blood, and snake-like tentacles were twisting in its eye sockets; there was an octopus-like creature with tentacles over its skull!

This was indeed a Tiger Scale Tapir but one that had died a long time ago!

Just then, Su Ping was wondering if he had misjudged the situation as well. But Fan Ganglie’s scream made him realize that he was right. He reacted quickly, taking away Fan Ganglie’s device to look.

“It’s a seventh-rank Soul-Spirit Beast!” Su Ping’s pupils contracted in fear.

This was a kind of creature that was in the range of lower beings; he had encountered its kind in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead. The creature was small but powerful. More importantly…


The Codson Python had zig-zagged its way to the Tiger Scale Tapir rapidly. The latter did not move away. Instead, under the control of the Soul-Spirit Beast, the Tiger Scale Tapir was running toward the Codson Python.

This was just what the Codson Python wished for. It opened its bloody mouth and swallowed the Tiger Scale Tapir at once.


Su Ping was scared by this. He shouted at Lin Mokong with a grave voice at once, “If you don’t want to see your pet dying, make it spit out the Tiger Scale Tapir and get back here. Now!”

Lin Mokong was taken aback. How could Su Ping, a person he despised, shout at him? The murderous intent was rising high in Lin Mokong’s eyes. “What did you say?”

Lin Mokong could also tell that the Tiger Scale Tapir was being manipulated by something. But then again, many low-level undead beings could manipulate other creature’s bodies. His Codson Python was a pet of the seventh rank. What harm could the Tiger Scale Tapir do even if it were alive, not to mention a dead one?

Since the two were fighting, Fan Ganglie hurried to interfere. All of a sudden, they heard a miserable cry coming from the distance.

They looked over.

The Codson Python that had swallowed the Tiger Scale Tapir was rolling around on the ground in extreme pain. At the same time, dark air covered the Codson Python. That was dark energy that was unique to undead creatures.

“You idiot!”

Su Ping gnashed his teeth. He knew it was too late.

He turned his focus away from the pets and warned Fan Ganglie at once, “We need to leave now. That Codson Python is a goner. The thing sticking on the Tiger Scale Tapir is a seventh-rank Soul-Spirit Beast. Unless your pet is its natural enemy, none of the pets of the same rank will be able to defeat it!”

“Soul-Spirit Beast?” Fan Ganglie, as well as Li Ying and Fan Yujing stood in confusion.

Lin Mokong, who was about to hit Su Ping, was both surprised and angered by Su Ping’s words, “What are you saying now?”

Fan Ganglie had never heard about this Astral Pet but the fact that Su Ping had noticed the odd situation added credibility to his words. Fan Ganglie interposed with his remark, “If this is a seventh-rank pet, we can kill it if we work together.”

“If there’s only one, sure, of course,” Pulling a long face, Su Ping spoke quickly, “But the Soul-Spirit Beast is just a parasite living inside a Bloodsoul Beast. Usually, where there’s a Soul-Spirit Beast, there is Bloodsoul Beast. If I’m not mistaken, that is not water in the lake. It is blood and the Bloodsoul Beast is right there!”

“Bloodsoul Beast?”

Again, the unfamiliar name of a pet shocked them.

“With a seventh-rank Soul-Spirit Beast transferring nutrition to it, this Bloodsoul Beast must be of the ninth-rank at least or even a Beast King!” Su Ping squeezed the words out from between his teeth.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was in an unclaimed territory and that he had to rely on those people present to explore the area, he would have already made his escape.

“Ninth rank? Beast King?”

Those words snapped the others into reality. They didn’t know why Su Ping knew this, but they could see how the Codson Python was struggling in pain in the distance. They shivered in fear.

Something that could defeat the ferocious Codson Python in an instant and in such a weird way had to be something extremely lethal.

“Let’s go!”

Fan Ganglie made a prompt decision.

Lin Mokong was surprised. After he came back to his senses, he said in a hurry, “Are you leaving my pet?”

“Well…” For a moment, Fan Ganglie didn’t know what to say. He was the one who invited Lin Mokong to join them. It would be bad publicity if people knew he was asking Lin Mokong to abandon his pet and escape.

“You punk. Are you trying to retaliate against me? Are you making this up and want to see my pet die for nothing?!” Lin Mokong turned his looks to Su Ping; his eyes were beaming with murderous intent.

Su Ping never liked this person. Since Lin Mokong was delaying their retreat, again and again, the murderous intent in Su Ping was stimulated as well. He kept his glare fixed on Lin Mokong and said, “Shut up if you want to stay alive!”


Lin Mokong’s face was fierce, and he immediately drew his sword.

At this moment, there was a sudden splash of water in the distance.

In a rush, they looked over. The upper half of the Codson Python that was struggling by the shore had fallen into the lake, stirring up the waters.

The next moment, three blood-red tentacles that were as thick as the Codson Python reached out from the lake, entangling the Codson Python, and dragging it down until it disappeared.

“What…?” Lin Mokong was shocked speechless.

He felt the connection between him and the Codson Python break at that moment.

The only thing he felt from the Codson Python’s consciousness before it died was extreme fear.


One look and Su Ping could tell it was the Bloodsoul Beast. He could not say more. He turned around and ran away at once.

Fan Ganglie, Li Ying, and Fan Yujing followed Su Ping out of instinct with their hearts full of terror.

Lin Mokong came back to his senses. He looked awful and his expression changed several times. A moment later, he made up his mind and went after Fan Ganglie and the others.