Astral Pet Store

Chapter 76 - Promos. I’m Serious!

Chapter 76: Promos. I’m Serious!

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Su Ping thought for a moment and nodded. “Sure.”

Since he was going to advertise his shop, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go to the academy for this purpose. The students of such a famous school were the ones who were willing to put in a lot of effort on their pets, unlike those ordinary passersby who would just casually raise a house cat for fun and would not spend a lot of time to nurture them.


Su Yanying’s eyes lit up with excitement when she heard Su Ping’s decision. In her view, Su Ping was always a mysterious man. There had to be an extremely powerful teacher, probably a retired but formerly renowned pet warrior, backing him up. It would be very beneficial to get involved with such an entity.

“Should I pick you up tomorrow?” She quickly followed up while the iron was hot.

Su Ping nodded. “When will the match start?”

“There are a few exhibition matches scheduled. Ye Hao and I will be the finalists in the evening,” Su Yanying said immediately. There was a hint of smugness on her face. After all, she had made it to the finals. Previously, she had been looking forward to becoming the champion. However, as she fought more matches with the Lightning Rat, she realized that she would have stopped at the quarter finals at best without her pet rodent. There were way too many hidden talents in college that she had overlooked.

It was for this reason that she was especially grateful to Su Ping for the honor of entering the finals. She gained more than she expected.

“Who is Ye Hao?” asked Su Ping.

“He’s the champion of our academy, the one who defeated me.” Su Yanying giggled. She didn’t seem disappointed at all. That was a Thunder Basilisk after all, the strongest rank below Beast Kings!

Su Ping’s lips twitched when he saw her innocuous look.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow in the evening then. At what time?” Su Yanying blinked happily.

“Let’s see… In the afternoon, around four o’clock.”

“You want to be there earlier?” Su Yanying’s eyes twinkled again. Of course she wanted to spend more time with Su Ping and learn more about pets.

Su Ping nodded. “I’ll have to trouble you with something. Speaking of which, it’s not against the rules to hand out flyers in your academy, is it?”

Flyers? Su Yanying’s shoulders slumped as she looked at Su Ping in shock. He only wants to advertise the shop? Seriously?

Looking at Su Ping’s serious expression, Su Yanying was finally convinced that he was indeed asking her for help in this matter.

But… Why would someone like him need cheap promotion like this?

“Mister Su, with your skills and such, you know, is it alright to be handing out flyers?” Su Yanying asked, looking uncertain.

“Probably not.”

Su Yanying heaved a sigh of relief. I knew it. An expert like him couldn’t actually—

“I can’t do that, but you can.” Su Ping looked at her. “Remember to bring your partner. I’ll print the flyers later, you two will be in charge of passing them out. Make sure to pick whoever looks rich. Don’t even bother with the others. We’ll just waste our time.”

He means it!! Su Yanying just felt that she had fallen into a trap. A general publicist? Me? He asked a school belle like me, who just won the silver medal in the tournament, to do grunt work??

“What do you say?” Su Ping was still asking for her opinion.

Su Yanying wanted to refuse. But when she remembered that she was supposed to thank Su Ping properly…

“Fine! I’ll do it.”

Su Ping nodded in satisfaction. “Is there anything else? Need to buy something?”

Su Yanying subconsciously glanced at a shelf nearby, and quickly jerked her head away when she saw an item priced at 1.2 million.

“I—I don’t need to buy something for my pet to be trained in the shop, right?”

“Huh? No you don’t. Note that the training you’ll get from now on is ordinary. Don’t expect insane boosts like before.”

“What do you mean with ordinary?”

“Like, your pet will only get one skill out of each service, or have its rank improved by half a rank or so.”

Su Yanying found it difficult to speak all of a sudden.

You call that ordinary??

A common pet shop would do a pretty good job by improving someone’s pet just a bit. Learning new skills would cost extra cash. A lot of cash.

When Su Yanying thought about how her Lightning Rat was growing so rapidly, she suddenly realized that Su Ping was not exaggerating things. In this particular shop, being ordinary meant being good!

He IS a hidden expert. No doubt about it. I can’t judge him by common sense.

“I see! I’m going to keep all my pets here,” Su Yanying said immediately. She had to seize this rare opportunity as soon as possible. Luckily for her, there were no other customers present. She feared that she wouldn’t be as lucky once the shop was known by more people.

She suddenly regretted agreeing to help Su Ping advertise. It would be better if she was the only one who knew such a hidden treasure vault.

But on second thought, it was impossible for her to keep things covered anyway. What she needed to do right then was to use the chance to her advantage as much as she could before more people overran this shop.

“Mister, can I get a membership here?”

Su Ping raised his eyebrow and saw through her thoughts.



“The service fee is the same as before. First to third rank, 10,000. Fourth to sixth, 100,000. How many pets do you want to train?”

Su Yanying suddenly realized that she was in a tight spot. She was just a student. She had spent most of her allowance the other day and still owed her good friend Lan Lele money. How would she find that much money?

“I, um…” Su Yanying blushed. “I didn’t bring enough money today. Maybe next time.”

Su Ping didn’t look convinced.

Su Yanying showed a silly smile and waved her hand. “See you tomorrow Mr. Su. Buh-bye!”

With that, she turned around and escaped.

Su Ping shook his head. “It’s not like I’m mugging her. Why did she look so scared?”

He remained at the shop for the rest of the day without receiving any customers, then he went back home at night.

As soon as he entered his home, Su Ping heard Su Lingyue asking their mom for pocket money. Apparently, she wanted to buy a Lightning Rat as well.

Huh… The new pet craze reached all the way to my house.

Su Ping removed his shoes and stepped into the living room. The girl who was affectionately tugging her mother’s arm suddenly sat up straight and regained her indifferent composure within a second.

Su Ping rolled his eyes and asked whether dinner was ready.

Li Qingru gladly went to the kitchen to warm up his meal.

Su Ping washed his hands and sat at the dining table. He looked at Su Lingyue, who had yet to leave.

“I heard that your school has an exhibition match tomorrow.”

“Where did you hear that from?”

“I just heard it from a customer,” Su Ping said casually. “Are you going on stage?”

Su Lingyue wanted to know who this customer was, but her proud character forbade her from asking his brother more unnecessary questions.

“Of course I am. I’m the champion of all freshmen. I will show up in the finale for tomorrow’s performance.”

“Isn’t the finale for third years?”

Su Lingyue was furious. “Well, I’m the champion of my peers! You got a problem with that?!”