Astral Pet Store

Chapter 80 - Appointment Fee

Chapter 80: Appointment Fee

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Su Yanying then remembered she had not made the proper introductions. She immediately said, “Ye Hao, this is Boss Su. My Lightning Rat was trained in his store. He is also half the owner of my Lightning Rat. Speaking of which, Boss Su might know more about the Lightning Rat than I do. Boss Su, Ye Hao is the champion of our school’s annual tournament. He is the one who is most willing to spend money on pets.”

The latter half of the sentence was obviously a hint to Su Ping.

“Boss Su?” Ye Hao was surprised. Su Ping was about his age. The latter was a few years younger than him. How was he such a young boss?

Moreover, the Lightning Rat had been groomed in his store? Didn’t that mean that he had a master in his store?

To be able to hire a cultivation master at such a young age, could it be someone from a large conglomerate or a large family clan?

He didn’t doubt Su Yanying’s words; such a lie would not do Su Yanying any good. If word got out, it would lower her standing in the eyes of her mentor and the battle team. After all, everyone thought that she had trained the Lightning Rat herself.

In that short moment, many thoughts surfaced in his mind, and the coldness on his face disappeared without a trace. He maintained his composure and smiled. “So, the Lightning Rat was trained in Boss Su’s store. I wonder where Boss Su’s store is? If there’s a chance, I hope that you can help me cultivate my Thunder Basilisk. No matter how much it costs, I’m willing to pay for it. Of course, money is nothing special. Boss Su, you may not be interested in it, but if there’s anything else that I need to do, I’ll do my best. I’m absolutely sincere!”

When Su Yanying and Lan Lele heard his words, they thought to themselves, Nope. He just wants money.

Su Ping would not reject a business offer. Judging from the man’s appearance, he was obviously rich. He nodded. “Since you’re so sincere, I can consider it. If you give me a hundred thousand now, I can consider nurturing your pet with priority.”

“One hundred thousand?” Su Yanying and Lan Lele were startled when they heard Su Ping’s exorbitant demand. They couldn’t help but glance at Su Ping. And this is just to get in line?

They thought that Su Ping had been nefarious enough. But, he could be even worse. This was daylight robbery!

Before Su Ping opened his mouth, he had asked the system inwardly and got the answer he wanted.

The system was only responsible for keeping a close eye on the cost of the service in the store. It didn’t care about anything else.

For example, the gratitude fee and the queuing fee were all things Su Ping could arrange and decide for himself.

However, the system would not help to convert the extra money Su Ping collected into energy. Therefore, money was just money.

Although money could not be used to buy items from the system store, money was very useful in the Federation, nearly omnipotent in fact. Just as Lan Lele had said, you could buy anything with enough money. This included the things in warehouses. With enough money, one could also spend money to hire settlers to buy them with merit points before trading with them.

Su Ping had come up with this idea at the last minute. He didn’t expect it to work. This could be considered as taking advantage of the system’s loopholes. After all, the system’s prices were too rigid; loopholes could be found in rigidness. Humans happened to be the most cunning creatures, able to exploit such loopholes.

What pained Su Ping was not having thought of this sooner. Otherwise, he could have gotten more money from Su Yanying.

However, Su Yanying didn’t even have the money for the nurturing. He couldn’t get much from a poor person.

Su Ping glanced at Su Yanying, who was standing next to him.


Su Yanying was baffled.

Why did she feel like she was being despised?

“One hundred thousand?” Ye Hao was stunned for a moment when he heard Su Ping’s words. He gave him a strange look. It wasn’t that he found it strange to be asked for money, nor did he find it very exorbitant. On the contrary, he felt that the pricing was too low.

To be able to cultivate a low-level Lightning Rat to such a level, it had to be done by a master trainer.

As for the store that had a master trainer, the queuing fee was only a hundred thousand?

Was a hundred thousand even considered money?

In his eyes, that was not the case.

As far as he knew, those well-known pet shops with a master trainer needed years to make an advanced appointment. If they wanted to cut the queue, they would need at least a few hundred thousand. If they were to directly cut the queue to the front of the line, they would need at least a million.

“No problem.” Ye Hao immediately nodded his head. As he agreed, he glanced at Su Yanying and then at Lan Lele beside her. Although 100,000 wasn’t money to him, it was a little foolish to give it willy-nilly. He thought that Lan Lele’s family was rich after all, so everything they said could be trusted.

Su Ping was stunned for a moment when he saw Ye Hao agree so readily. He regretted it immediately.

When a man is poor, his ambition isn’t far-reaching!

It seemed like he had accepted too little!

He sighed in his heart, but he couldn’t go back on his word at this moment. Was he going to simply accept it? He pondered for a moment and suddenly remembered that he had said he was going to consider. Yes, consider.

The word “consider” was debatable.

He glanced at Ye Hao and said, “Since you’re so straightforward, I’ll let you be the tenth in line.”

Su Yanying and Lan Lele were dumbfounded once again.


Are there people making advanced appointments at your shop?

If they remembered correctly, every time they went to Su Ping’s store, the boss would be slumped on the counter doing nothing. The store was bleak. There weren’t any customers.

Besides, if someone really made an appointment, would they still be forced to send out flyers?!

Ye Hao, on the other hand, felt that it was very normal and was rather happy. However, he noticed that Su Yanying and Lan Lele’s expressions seemed a little strange. He couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss. He pondered for a moment and felt that there shouldn’t be any problems. There was no chance that they were lying.

If he was a liar, with his family’s connections, he absolutely could make Su Ping pay a heavy price!

“Okay.” Ye Hao agreed. He asked for Su Ping’s account and immediately transferred 100,000 to him.

Su Ping clicked his tongue poignantly when he heard the sound of a deposit notification. This was a rich and handsome guy from a famous school. He spent money without batting an eyelid. Sure enough, it wasn’t wrong to come here to fleece… no—solicit business.

“Okay. I’ll inform you of the exact time when it’s your turn,” Su Ping said generously.

Ye Hao nodded slightly and suddenly asked, “Boss Su, from what you said earlier, have you personally seen Beast Kings before?”

“Yes,” Su Ping said casually.

Su Yanying and Lan Lele were stunned when they heard this. They looked at Su Ping in astonishment. He had seen a Beast King before? They had only seen one in the disaster news at most. But in reality, they hadn’t even seen a ninth-rank pet, not to mention a Beast King.

Ye Hao was taken aback. He took a closer look at Su Ping. Could he really be a member of a big family? Only those big family clans had the ability to protect their clansmen so that they had the chance to see a Beast King in real life as a way to embolden them.

However, it was also possible that he was just taking a peek from afar. It wasn’t as amazing as he thought.

“Boss Su is indeed extraordinary,” he praised with a smile.

Su Ping was pleased. This young man has a bright future.

With the two ladies by his side, Ye Hao didn’t want to appear too humble. After all, his status wasn’t too bad either. After informing the two girls, he turned around and left.

Once Ye Hao was gone, Su Yanying asked Su Ping at once, “Boss, is it true what you said? Have you really seen a Beast King? And, is my Lightning Rat really not afraid of one?”

Su Ping nodded his head. “It’s basically immune to deterrence-type skills. So, feel free to fight with the Lightning Rat. After all, your match will be the grand finale. I’m sure everyone here has heard about your Lightning Rat. If they don’t see it in action, wouldn’t they be disappointed? They might even think that all the hearsay was just a bunch of false rumors.”

Su Yanying was taken aback. She had never thought about this. Su Ping’s words made sense. In that case, even if the Lightning Rat was intimidated by the advanced Thunder Basilisk, she had no choice but to battle with it.

Lan Lele nodded as well. “Boss is right. If you use the Fallen Phoenix, even if the other party is willing to give in, it will be a one-sided defeat, making the Thunder Basilisk stand out in the entire exhibition match. Your brilliance will be completely covered up and no one will pay attention to you anymore. Instead, if you use the Lightning Rat, as long as you display the skills of your pet, it will be enough to attract attention. It doesn’t matter if you lose.”

“I understand.” Su Yanying nodded. Seeing that something was wrong with her expression, she asked, “Why?”

Lan Lele snorted at the direction where Ye Hao had left and said, “This Ye Hao has ill intentions. These days, all the academy has been talking about your Lightning Rat. I think he’s just jealous and wants to steal your limelight. What kind reminder? He’s just a snobbish fellow.” She had been born in a business environment, so she was more sensitive to these things than Su Yanying.

Su Yanying was not stupid. She understood what she meant and frowned slightly.

Lan Lele snorted and said, “It’s a good thing that Boss cheated him out of a hundred thousand. He paid a small price for it. Hmph, who asked him to scheme against someone?”

Su Ping objected, “What do you mean by me cheating him out of a hundred thousand? My pricing is very reasonable, all right!?”