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Chapter 81 - Su Lingyue’s Performance

Chapter 81: Su Lingyue’s Performance

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At this moment, the exhibition match on-stage had already ended. The two sides left the stage after the announcer notified their departure. Very soon, new people appeared.

After two consecutive rounds, the quarter-finals finished their exhibition matches. Next was the semi-finals.

After the semi-finals, it was the champion exhibition match.

The champion exhibition match started from the first years, with the third years being the finale.

When the sun set and the sky above the stadium completely darkened, the champion exhibition match began.

When the announcer declared the beginning of the champion exhibition match for the first years, Su Ping, who was dozing off, woke up immediately. His interest was piqued when he thought about that proud sister of his who was about to show up.

To be honest, he had never seen Su Lingyue in real combat.

As for Su Lingyue’s Phantom Flame Beast, it had already reached the mid-tier of the fourth rank. It could even rank in the top eight amongst the third years, much less the first years. Although this fellow was usually arrogant, she did have the right to act the part.

In one of the first grade classes, a few girls were surrounding a girl with black, straight, long hair. When they heard the announcer present the final match, one of the girls reminded the black-haired girl in the middle, “Yueyue, it’s your turn.”

Su Lingyue nodded slightly, her expression cold.

This was her usual behavior in school. The people around her didn’t find it strange and were already used to it.

“All the best, Yueyue. Defeat him with your most beautiful pet skills!” Another round-faced girl clenched her fists and cheered.

Su Lingyue nodded.

At this moment, the announcer presented her name and the other person’s. At the same time, a beam of light shone over, enveloping Su Lingyue in the crowd, attracting everyone’s attention.

“All the best!”

“All the best!”

The girls cheered her on.

Su Lingyue stood up. When she passed the mentor in front of her class, the mentor said to her earnestly, “Don’t be careless. Even if it’s an exhibition match, it won’t look good if you lose.”

Su Lingyue nodded and walked onto the competition stage.

Her opponent was already standing on the other side of the stage. He was waving at a certain part of the stadium, as if someone he knew was there.

Many students brought their families to watch the exhibition match.

When Su Lingyue saw the other party’s actions, she thought of the admission ticket she had given in the morning. Her heart skipped a beat. I wonder if he’s here yet? She subconsciously glanced at a particular place of the audience stands; it was the area for the admission ticket she gave.

There was a sea of people there, but she had excellent eyesight. After a sweep, she didn’t see that familiar and detestable face.

After that, his face became even more detestable in her heart.

As expected, he didn’t come… Humph, it’s good that he didn’t. I don’t care for him. Su Lingyue was fuming in her heart. She gritted her teeth. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have given him the ticket. It would have been better to throw it in the trash can!

She looked away and casually glanced at other places. It was the area for the upperclassmen. Suddenly, she saw something familiar… To be precise, it was a person. She looked carefully and her eyes widened.

It’s him?

Is it really him?!

Our little Ne Zha1… Pui! Pui! Pui!

It’s that bastard?!

How did he get into the upperclassmen area?

Wait a minute. Isn’t that the owner of the Lightning Rat next to him?!

Su Lingyue was a little surprised. After double checking, she realized that she wasn’t mistaken. Not only was he there, but he was also sitting in the front row, surrounded by famous people from the school.

What… is going on?!

The referee at the side of the stage was also speechless. What is going on? I’ve already called out to her three times, but she still doesn’t hear me?!

“Su Lingyue?” the referee shouted again.

Su Lingyue heard this and came back to her senses. She looked at the referee.

“The match has begun,” the referee reminded.

Only then did Su Lingyue react. She looked at her opponent, and noticed how his originally smiling face had turned into a furious one… feeling that he had been despised?

Su Lingyue felt a little wronged, but there was no way to explain it. Besides, it was fine if he was angered. She was not afraid. Her thoughts had returned to the match. Thinking of the despicable fellow below the stage, she raised her chin slightly. Hmph, I’ll show you how powerful I am!

She directly let the Phantom Flame Beast reveal its true form and enter a battle state.


The Phantom Flame Beast jumped down from her shoulder and landed on the ground with a baby-like roar. However, after it roared, its body was instantly enlarged, turning into a ferocious tiger that was nearly two meters tall. Black wings grew out from its back.

The advanced pets of the demon family had three abilities—flight, illusion, and fire!

Also, their close combat skills were not bad. They were the most popular among the advanced pets. Even in their young state, their prices were very expensive.

Her opponent also summoned his pet. It was the most popular dragon-type pet, the Silver-Winged Dragon!

This was a dragon hybrid, but it had extraordinary combat strength. It had a ninth-rank bloodline, but it was still in its growing stages. Its body was only five meters long, and its combat strength was around the fourth-rank.

“Attack!” Su Lingyue raised her hand, and four amplification skills were instantly applied to the Phantom Flame Beast. She was a first-year student, but her amplification skills were all level two. Judging from her casting speed, she was extremely skilled; it wouldn’t be very long for her to reach level three.

If a strong pet could be bought with the wealth of a family, most students would still be unconvinced, but this augmentation skill was enough to show Su Lingyue’s skills and hard work. This was not something that could be achieved with money.

Her opponent was also using an amplification skill, but he was clearly slower than her. Furthermore, the increase in strength was actually at level one.

For first years, a first-level augmentation was the passing mark for the year-end examination.

However, the speed of the opponent’s casting was also very fast. It wouldn’t take long for her opponent to reach level two.

As soon as the Phantom Flame Beast went on stage, it unleashed the familiar spiritual intrusion and interfered using illusions. This illusion not only affected pets, but also their owners.

The moment the Silver-Winged Dragon was affected by the illusion, it suddenly let out a dragon’s roar. The spiritual power of a dragon-type pet was extremely strong. Considering the pride of the dragon species, it was unwilling to bow its head so easily. With the dragon roar’s dispelling, the illusion that had invaded its master’s mind was also cleared.

However, the effect of the illusion was still effective. It had stalled for time.

The Phantom Flame Beast flew out at a rapid speed, spewing flames.

Flames surged out like a sea, and the scorching temperature was swept out. The entire stadium was rising in temperature.

The Silver-Winged Dragon roared and blasted out cold air. It also flew up and clashed with the Phantom Flame Beast.

The collision between flames and ice, the roar of a dragon, and the intense battle made the crowd cheer even louder.

Su Ping nodded slightly. It was a good show.

“The first-year students nowadays are very strong.” Lan Lele and Su Yanying sighed. They had not been as strong when they were first-years. This was truly the era of a new generation!

The battle continued, and it was extremely intense. Not long after, an unexpected illusion interfered. Su Lingyue’s opponent was suddenly distracted, and the Silver-Winged Dragon, who didn’t receive any instructions, suddenly became a little rigid. It was caught by the Phantom Flame Beast, and a huge fireball blasted it out of the stage, causing the front row to tremble like an earthquake.

The cheers erupted again.

Su Lingyue looked at the Phantom Flame Beast that was slowly descending and a smile appeared on her face. From the corner of her eye, she saw that hateful face was smiling. Just like the people around him, he was clapping for her.

She was slightly taken aback as she stole a glance with a smug look in her eyes before she looked away. She turned around and bowed to thank the crowd before turning to leave the stage.

At this moment, the girl’s back was facing the lights of the entire stadium. Only her silhouette was left. However, the illuminated corner of her mouth was slightly curved upwards.