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Chapter 83 - Frightened Lighting Rat

Chapter 83: Frightened Lighting Rat

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Su Yanying was ready as well. She could feel how excited people were. She took a deep breath and said to Su Ping, “Let’s go.”

“Of course.” Su Ping nodded.

“Yingying, good luck.” Lan Lele cheered for her.

Su Yanying nodded. She walked to the corridor with Su Ping following her. Many people noticed the two and there was a small-scale cheer for them.

Su Yanying presented herself with a low-key attitude; most of the audience was still focusing their attention on the handsome man standing on top of the soaring dragon. In comparison, Su Yanying’s glow was subdued and she received little attention.

Ye Hao slowly descended to the stage. By then, those that had been paying attention to him finally noticed Su Yanying on the other side of the stage. There was another round of cheers.

Ye Hao was lofty and out of reach. On the other hand, people were more curious about the mysteries hidden by Su Yanying.

People not only regarded Su Yanying as a talent. They thought she was a geek, since no normal person would devote so much energy to a Lightning Rat.

“There’s something off about this Thunder Basilisk, right?”

“It is just huge!”

“This size… the Thunder Basilisk is not in his growth stage anymore. Right?”

Many outstanding students and teachers present were shocked the moment the Thunder Basilisk emerged. Most likely, the Thunder Basilisk had reached adulthood given its sheer size. Which rank was an adult Thunder Basilisk at? At least the seventh rank!

This was a pet that had reached the advanced level, not to mention that the Thunder Basilisk was of the dragon family, the most fierce of all advanced pets!

Amongst pets of the same rank, pets of the dragon family were the strongest of all in combat, far superior to the other pets. Only a few pets of the demon family could compete against those of the dragon family.

“A Thunder Basilisk that has just reached adulthood?” On the spectator’s seats, some of the powerful warriors from top-tier teams were taken aback. A pet of the dragon family of the seventh rank? The master had to be at the fifth rank as a minimum to summon such a pet. If the master was at the fourth rank, the master’s astral power would be sucked out and the pet would escape the constraints that came with the contract. The pet would lose control and even hurt its master.

“A student with a fifth-rank astral power.” Some among the powerful people pulled long faces and only one of them was wearing a smile with excitement and pride. He had signed a contract with Ye Hao to later join his team. As for the fact that the Thunder Basilisk had achieved a breakthrough, he had found out at the contract signing. Because of this, the team gave Ye Hao excellent benefits. Ye Hao could become an official explorer directly.

Besides, Ye Hao could have access to Class B uncultivated areas and train there. This was a great start for him. Not long in the future, Ye Hao was very likely to become a gold medal explorer. He was a talent that had the potential to become a team captain!

The other people then understood what had happened. They cast a look at this smiling man, all with awful looks on their faces.

Previously, they were just sorry that they couldn’t sign a contract with this talent. At the moment, they were furious.

They would be scolded by their captains if they found out that such a talent had been snatched away by others. More importantly, they felt sorry that such a talent would empower another team. This was just a huge loss!

Since the talent was unattainable, people would be prone to pick bones. Several of them glared at Dong Mingsonga and one of them snorted. “Vice Principal Dong, this Thunder Basilisk has reached the seventh rank. Even among the explorers, such a level can be considered formidable. I don’t think this exhibition match must go on. Miss Su’s Lightning Rat is strong. That being said, it is a low-rank pet, not a match to the Thunder Basilisk at all. Besides, if you ask me, this Thunder Basilisk is beginning to show the dragon’s deterrence trait. I’m afraid the combat will come to an end before it even begins.”

He was the one that signed a contract with Su Yanying. She was currently on his team. That was why he would address her as “Miss Su,” and why he couldn’t accept this seemingly unfair match. Not only would she serve as a prop to Ye Hao, but her opponent would also be able to make a show of authority.

Besides, the Lighting Rat was a rat. People would normally say “as timid as a mouse” for a reason. The Lightning Rat was timid and it would be frightened when coming across a pet of the dragon family. If some psychological trauma was caused, then this genius Lightning Rat would be broken!

Hearing his words, the other people sneered. The dog-eat-dog fight had begun.

The others just sat on the side and looked on with a detachment.

Dong Mingsong hurried to calm that man down, “I have told their teachers and Ye Hao promised he would alert Miss Su as well and ask her to send out the Fallen Phoenix. He will pull his punches. After all, the Fallen Phoenix is also an advanced pet. Although the Fallen Phoenix has yet to reach adulthood, it does have its pride and will not be overwhelmed by the dragon’s deterrence. Her defeat will not be embarrassing.”

However, this man was unhappy. “Is it an exhibition match when one side enjoys a land sliding advantage?”

“Well, the exhibition match is just for people to enjoy a show. Only a match where you can win and you can show up is called a fair game, right?” The young man that signed a contract with Ye Hao sneered. “If you have true abilities, just win with your strength. We have made compromises. What more do you want? This is a place where strength rules. Will you have a debate with the monsters and beasts about what is ‘fair’ when you are exploring uncharted lands?”


Dong Mingsong mediated between the two quarreling parties. “The match is about to begin. Let us watch it for now.”

The two pulled long faces and snorted out of contempt, but neither continued the verbal fight.

On the stage, Ye Hao and his sister had landed on the ground. He said to his sister, “Stay within my Astral Shield and do not come out.”

“Sure. Good luck, brother,” Ye Qingyin said with a chuckle.

Many people recognized Ye Qingyin when they saw her. Someone exclaimed, “Isn’t she a new trainee of Star Entertainment Media?”

“Is that so? The singer who made the song ‘The Snow Sings and the Star Dances’ popular?”

“Oh my god. I’m a huge fan of hers. She’s Ye Hao’s sister? God, their family is awesome. They’re so good looking! Please save some grace for us!”

Ye Qingyin’s presence caused some minor disturbances. As opposed to her brother Ye Hao’s interests, she liked music. Therefore, she didn’t go down the path of becoming a battle pet warrior. Instead, she became a singer. She had gone to the exhibition match to cheer for her brother, and at the same time boost her popularity with the exposure.

She believed that she would be the highlight of the base city’s entertainment news the next day.

Su Yanying noticed Ye Qingyin by Ye Hao’s side as well and this took her by surprise. Su Yanying had once heard Ye Qingyin’s song by chance and knew her. But Su Yanying had no idea that she, the star, was Ye Hao’s younger sister.

In this era, battle pet warriors were the mainstream in society. However, battle pet warriors did watch TV and listen to music. Therefore, those singers and actors had their markets and they were supported by their fans as well.

Su Ping noticed the look on Su Yanying’s face and asked, “What is it?”

Su Yanying came back to her senses and shook her head. “Nothing.” The look in her eyes became more serious as she focused her mind. Astral powers surged within her when she opened up the pet space and summoned both the Lighting Rat and the Fallen Phoenix.

She trusted Su Ping when he said that the Lighting Rat could withstand the dragon’s deterrence. Still, just to make sure, she summoned the Fallen Phoenix as well.

The match didn’t stipulate that no two pets could be summoned at the same time. It was just that the demand for the master’s control when two pets were called out was much stricter. Just by applying the augmentation skills on the two pets would exhaust one-third of her astral power, not to mention that she had to multitask.

If she did well, the outcome would be stunning. But if she couldn’t handle it, she would be in a muddle and it could backfire on her.

“Why did she take out the Lightning Rat?” Off the stage, Su Yanying’s mentor and Dong Mingsong were both shocked. Previously, her mentor had found a chance to tell her. She agreed at the time, but it was clear that she didn’t accept it.

“Hmm.” Ye Hao’s eyes glistened with coldness when he saw Su Yanying call out the Lightning Rat. She was incorrigible. He warned her out of goodwill but she was ungrateful.

The Lightning Rat that had just hopped out from the contract space caught the attention of everyone present. As soon as the Lightning Rat landed on the ground, it felt a threat, something that was familiar and unforgettable.

In an instant, all of its hair stood on its roots. A reflection of someone standing on the side was visible in the Lightning Rat’s eyes.

“Hmm.” Noticing how the Lightning Rat was behaving, the contempt in Ye Hao’s eyes deepened. What was the use of having talents and a strong comprehending power? Nothing like this would be of any use when a truly powerful being was there. The Lightning Rat didn’t even dare to stand in front of a pet of the dragon family!