Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1542 - Touched!

Chapter 1542: Touched!

The atmosphere in the church immediately became tense.

Everyone looked towards the last row, including Gu Meng and Fu Cheng.

A layer of redness and moisture appeared in Ye Qing’s usually calm and dark eyes. His tall body, which had stood up from his seat, could not help but tremble.

He walked slowly from the chair to the corridor, but he did not go forward.

He looked at the couple, his low and hoarse voice coming from the depths of his throat. “You can continue after I’m out.”

With that said, he did not look at them anymore. He turned around and walked out with difficulty.

His usually straight back seemed to have been crushed by something heavy.

It was not too far away, but it felt like she had used up all of her energy.

He opened the church door. The moment the sunlight pierced his eyes, a tear fell from the corner of his eye.

The most important part of his chest seemed to have been cut off by a sharp knife.

However, he could not cry out in pain. He could only continue to be in pain until he rotted and became numb.

Ye Qing’s departure made the atmosphere in the church tense up.

Little Gugu, who was sitting beside Gu Che, wanted to get up and chase after the tyrant, but before he could move his legs, he heard Uncle Fu say, “I don’t.”

Everything seemed to have frozen.

Not only did the guests below think that they had heard him wrongly, even the bride standing beside the groom could not believe her ears!

What did he just say?

The priest also thought that he had heard wrongly and asked again, “Groom, are you willing to marry Miss Gu Meng and love her and dote on her for the rest of your life? Will you never leave her regardless of illness, wealth, or poverty?”

Fu Cheng stared at Gu Meng, the image of seeing her for the first time appeared in his mind.

He had been allergic to cats and dogs since he was young. When he went to the fishing village that day, he had passed by a small path and happened to meet a dog.

At that time, he was at a loss and wanted to walk back, but that dog seemed to be deliberately going against him. No matter where he walked, it followed behind him.

Just as he was about to call Mu Yi, a beautiful girl ran over and chased the dog away.

He thanked her and she smiled back brightly. “It’s nothing. You’re welcome.” With that said, she skipped away.

Perhaps, to her, it was indeed a small matter, but he could not forget her smile even after all these years.

It was brighter than the sun, purer than the morning light, and clearer than spring water.

It struck straight at one’s soul!

“Brother Fu!”

Hearing Gu Meng call him, Fu Cheng regained his senses.

He went forward and his slender fingers gently lifted her veil.

“Groom, you have not completed your vows yet. You can’t remove the bride’s veil before the ceremony of exchanging rings!”

Fu Cheng glanced at the priest and smiled. “I have something to say to her.”

“It won’t be good if we pass the auspicious hour.”

“Father, please go and rest first!”

The priest was speechless. Was he not planning to hold a wedding?

Fu Cheng ignored the priest’s confused gaze. He looked at Gu Meng in front of him, his eyes taking in her makeup as a bride. She was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

Gu Meng did not understand what Fu Cheng had meant and she furrowed her eyebrows tightly. “Brother Fu, we can talk after the ceremony.”

“Xiao Meng, let’s not get married.”

Gu Meng widened her eyes, as if she did not understand what Fu Cheng meant by not getting married.

“Brother Fu, why? You’re not getting married anymore?” Gu Meng’s voice was hoarse. “Did I do something wrong that made you unhappy? Tell me and I’ll change…”

Fu Cheng interrupted Gu Meng’s unfinished words with a straight face. “Xiao Meng, I won’t allow you to be so aggrieved. Do you know why I agreed to hold this wedding? It’s not because I want to hoard you for myself, but because I want the person who went out to cherish and love you more in the future!”

Gu Meng felt a lump in her throat and hot tears fell from her eyes, sliding into her lips with a bitter taste.

She blamed and resented herself.

If it was not for her, Fu Cheng might not have ended up like this!

She did not know how to make it up to him. If she could, she would rather destroy herself!

She had received very little warmth since she was young. She cherished every person who was good to her, and she was willing to repay the kindness of others!

Fu Cheng had sacrificed too much for her. She wanted to marry him in hopes that he would be happier. But now, he said that he did not want it anymore!

Looking at Gu Meng whose face was full of tears, Fu Cheng went forward and hugged her.

His slender hand patted her slender shoulders that were trembling nonstop. “Xiao Meng, I’ve watched you turn from a young girl to a mother. I know how hard it’s been for you. I really like you so much that I’m willing to give up everything.”

“If you like me too, we can get married and be together. But your heart has long been given to that man. Loving a person means making her happy.”

“Why would I go back on my words at this time? It’s not because I want you to lose your face, but because I can’t stand that person outside! Even though he knew that he was terribly wrong in the past after remembering you, and he tried his best to save you, in my opinion, it’s not enough!”

“Xiao Meng, I will never forget the scene of you fighting with wild beasts in order to find the Ghost Herb. You were bitten so hard but you refused to give up! I will never forget the sadness you had while standing in the square and watching him get engaged to another woman! I will never forget the despair and helplessness you felt when you called me with your big belly!”

“The Xiao Meng I know is optimistic and strong, full of life like a sunflower. If she hadn’t been forced into a corner, she wouldn’t have called me!”

“I don’t regret taking you away because I know that if you didn’t leave then, you would have gone crazy and broken down! I don’t regret losing a leg either!”

“You don’t have to feel guilty or sad. My original intention was for you to be happy. If you live in self-reproach and guilt because of me, I will be unhappy too!”

When Gu Meng heard what Fu Cheng said, she was already sobbing.

Cen Xi and Ling Hui in the audience also cried.

Fu Cheng’s love was noble and heartbreaking!

Gu Meng wiped the tears on her face and glared at the handsome man in front of her with red eyes. She roared like a trapped beast, “Why are you saying so much? Let’s continue the wedding. I promised you that I would be your wife. Take out the ring…”

Fu Cheng pulled the agitated Gu Meng into his arms again, his chin on the top of her head as two tears fell from the corner of his eyes. “I threw the ring into the rubbish bin when I came this morning. Xiao Meng, the best repayment you can give me is your happiness!”