Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

Chapter 623 - You Have Changed

Chapter 623 You Have Changed

Gu Yan hurriedly followed Mo Yichen to get in the car. Before she could fasten the seat belt, the car rushed away like a bullet.

Mo Yichen drove very fast, but Gu Yan did not say anything. Gu Yan knew that Mo Yichen needed to vent, and her words would not help him. If this could make him better, Gu Yan was willing to put up with it.

She was only willing to stay with Mo Yichen.

Fortunately, Mo Yichen was driving her home. They parked the car and walked into the house. Surprisingly, Qi Changfeng was in the living room. Gu Yan could not tell whether his appearance was a good sign or a bad sign. However, the nanny had prepared the dinner, Gu Yan had to invite him to join the meal.

Qi Changfeng was not stupid. He had sensed something strange between Mo Yichen and Gu Yan, so he said nothing but enjoyed his dinner. If he didn’t want to be a punching bag, maybe he should ask his questions later.

“You don’t have to worry about anything about the hospital. When we finish our meal, I will go there and bring some food to your mom and Xiangyan.”

Gu Yan was trying to add some food to Mo Yichen’s bowl as she said the words. However, Mo Yichen put down the bowl and went to his room directly.

Gu Yan’s hands were still in the air with the food.

Gu Yan was embarrassed. Qi Changfeng reached out his bowl and caught the food in the air.

Gu Yan’s face was pale, but she still gave a stiff smile to Qi Changfeng.

“Don’t be nervous. I will talk to him later.”

Gu Yan nodded, but she had lost her appetite. So, she put down the bowl as well.

Qi Changfeng was very busy lately. In order to help Mo Yichen, he had to attend business banquets every day. Now, his stomach was full of wine. Seeing Gu Yan put down the bowl, he also lost his appetite and followed her to put down his bowl.

“I am fine. Just enjoy your food.”

Although Gu Yan was not in a good mood, she didn’t want to make her bad emotion affect Qi Changfeng’s appetite.

“I am full. Just go. You can count on me.”

Qi Changfeng didn’t continue his meal but just let Gu Yan leave to deliver the food.

Seeing that Qi Changfeng was going to Mo Yichen’s room, Gu Yan was relieved. Anyway, Mo Yichen was not alone now. Gu Yan knew that Mo Yichen was reluctant to see her, so she didn’t want to push him. She packed the food and left immediately without saying goodbye to Mo Yichen.

Walking into the room, Qi Changfeng saw Mo Yichen standing next to the window. Mo Yichen had heard that someone came in, but he didn’t turn around.

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you treat your girl in this way?”

“Not your business.”

Mo Yichen was wearing an angry expression. He didn’t want to continue this conversation, but Qi Changfeng didn’t allow him to avoid it. He was very clear that if Mo Yichen kept degenerate, they might never take the company back.

“For what? Don’t you feel shameful to let Gu Yan do everything for you?”

Qi Changfeng knew that this was not the style of Mo Yichen. Mo Yichen truly loved Gu Yan. Otherwise, Qi Changfeng would not be willing to quit. However, Mo Yichen’s attitude to Gu Yan was really bad today. Although Qi Changfeng didn’t know what happened between them, he would never allow Mo Yichen to treat Gu Yan like this.

“You know what? This is my business! You should step away! I neither need you, nor her! Leave me alone now!”

Qi Changfeng was surprised. Was this man really Mo Yichen? According to his memory, Mo Yichen would never say words like this.

“Are you mad? Don’t you care Gu Yan? Do you want Gu Yan to live with a loser for a lifetime? What should your mother and your son do?”

“I said I don’t need you to care about my business!”

Qi Changfeng was now burned in anger. He punched Mo Yichen in the face. Mo Yichen didn’t expect that, and he was knocked to the ground at one blow. Mo Yichen got angry too, and then they got into a scuffle.

At this time, Gu Yan had gone to the hospital, and the nanny had also gone out to buy food ingredient. No one knew there was a battle in the room.

When they were exhausted, the two just lied on the ground. Suddenly, Qi Changfeng laughed out. Hearing that, Mo Yichen also laughed out. After this intense fight, he was better now.


Mo Yichen didn’t look at Qi Changfeng at all. Though it was an offer, he knew Qi Changfeng would never refuse him. Therefore, he just went to the wine cellar to pick up a good one. When would be a better time to enjoy his fabulous wine collection?

“I want the best one of your collections!”

Qi Changfeng shouted. It was a long time before they drunk last time. The scene was so peaceful as if they didn’t fight at all.

Gu Yan rushed back home soon because she worried about Mo Yichen. As soon as she stepped into the house, she smelled a strong fragrance of wine. Then, she saw the two sit on the ground drinking wine. Besides, both of them had bruises on the face. Gu Yan was shocked and was about to ask something. But Qi Changfeng stopped her with eye contact.

As a result, Gu Yan had to restrain her curiosity. Gu Yan knew that they had not eaten well in the morning, so she brought them something to eat from the kitchen in case alcohol would hurt their stomach. After that, she went back to her room.

Gu Yan gave them enough space and she didn’t know what would they talk about. If Mo Yichen needed space, she would give him that.

“Yi Chen, you have changed.”

Mo Yichen laughed bitterly. He had already known it.

“I have the same feeling as you.”