Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 671 - Mysterious Li Cheng

Chapter 671: Mysterious Li Cheng

The plane finally entered the mysterious black cloud. There was no explosion or any fireworks. The plane seemed to disappear without a trace. Some changes quickly happened to the black cloud. The liquid-like substances on the black cloud started to move crazily, as if something was opening it.

An incredibly strong suction could be felt from the black cloud, and the sea started to become turbulent. Countless waterspouts started to form and spin toward the cloud. The suction managed to even suck in the sea water, which greatly shocked Xiao Lin. What shocked him even more was the fact that he could vaguely feel what the power behind the suction was.

It was the power of the wall of time!

That meant that there was a wormhole behind the black cloud. So what could possibly be on the other end? The answer was simple: Planet Norma!

Xiao Lin’s mind was a mess, as he did not know why the head of the Intelligence Department, Li Cheng, would do such a thing. No matter what, a wormhole to Planet Norma was absolutely not a good thing for Earth.

However, that strange phenomenon did not last for that long. Opening a passage like that needed a lot of energy. Even though Xiao Lin did not know how Li Cheng did it, it seemed like the man had no way of maintaining it. That was because maintaining a wormhole required tremendous amounts of power, even more than opening one.

After a few dozen seconds, the black clouds in the sky dissipated. Even though the sky was still dark, nothing strange could be seen anymore. Other than Xiao Lin, who was right at the scene, would anyone from Earth even notice it?

Xiao Lin did not have the ability to fly, and he was far out on the sea, so even with his superhuman body, there was no way for him to swim back to the country. However, he believed that the Earth branch would definitely send someone over to investigate after finding out that the plane was missing. It was just that he was worried about the whereabouts of Gu Xiaoyue.

Xiao Lin did not need to wait for too long. After half an hour, he could hear the low hum of a motor in the distance. When he looked over, a fast speed boat was heading right his way. However, Xiao Lin narrowed his eyes, and could not help but be alarmed.

That was because it had been too quick. It had only been half an hour. Even if they were from the Earth branch, there was no way they could have gotten to his location so quickly. Even if he had already deactivated his Ruin state, it did not stop his perception. He felt two auras on the boat, and seemed to have guessed something.

Sure enough, when the boat stopped, the one on the boat was Li Cheng, who had mysteriously disappeared. Li Cheng put on a slight smile when he saw Xiao Lin before throwing down a rope, pulling Xiao Lin up. He acted very friendly, but Xiao Lin did not dare to trust that man at all.

Even when he was on the boat, Xiao Lin did not let his guard down. If it were not for the fact that the man was much stronger than him, Xiao Lin would probably have already attacked. The only thing that relieved him was the fact that he saw Gu Xiaoyue on the boat as well. The woman’s complexion was not the best, and she seemed a bit weary, but her expression was also an obvious concern for Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin immediately inspected her, and angrily turned around to ask, “What did you do?!”

Li Cheng waved it off, saying, “She’ll be fine. I only casted some weakening spells on her. She’ll recover in a day. It’s for her sake, so she doesn’t get hurt.”

Weakening spells could lower the attributes of an individual, and in the worst case, could cause them to fall into a state of unconsciousness. Gu Xiaoyue seemed to be in that state at that moment, as she did not even have the strength to speak. She seemed to have only held on to ascertain Xiao Lin’s safety. When she saw Xiao Lin get onto the boat safely, she fainted.

Xiao Lin propped up Gu Xiaoyue’s body, his heart aching, so she had a better posture to rest with. Only then did he get up, taking off his drenched jacket as he looked at Li Cheng. “If nothing else happens, the rescue team will be here quickly. I think you owe me an explanation.”

In terms of skills, the fact that the man could become the head of the Intelligence Department naturally meant that his skills were not at a level that Xiao Lin could match. Through his perception just now, Xiao Lin could not completely see through the man’s skills. Normally, in those situations, his foes were either too unskilled, or they were far too powerful. Xiao Lin believed that Li Cheng was the latter.

However, unless Li Cheng was betraying Dawn Academy, he would definitely have had a good reason for what happened that day. Otherwise, he would be severely punished when he got back.

Li Cheng looked very calm, and had no killing intent at all, nor did he seem to want to explain himself. He plainly smiled and said, “I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t really explain too much. I had you help me with a small matter today, so I will owe you a favor. All I can say is that I’m not a traitor. Everything I do is for the sake of the academy.”

“Help?” Xiao Lin was confused. He had almost been killed by the guy, so why would he help the guy?

After a moment, Xiao Lin’s face immediately changed. He looked up at where the black cloud was, and widened his eyes in disbelief.

“You used my power! You used my power to open the wormhole!

“That’s right. If you were the Intelligence Department Head, then you’ll naturally know a lot about me, including what happened during the blood moon in New Washington. Since I can get into The Final Lands, then I can definitely open up a gateway to Planet Norma from Earth.

“However, my powers are limited, and I wouldn’t be able to hold it for too long; it’s probably less than a minute. However, in that minute, what did you bring over here?!”

Xiao Lin shot out a string of questions. He was not dumb. Thinking about what happened in the sky and who that man was, Xiao Lin easily guessed everything.

Li Cheng was taken aback, praising, “Not bad. It appears that you’re quite smart. As for the answer, unfortunately, I can’t tell you.”

Xiao Lin narrowed his eyes and his tone turned colder as he said, “You seem to have a fearless expression. Aren’t you afraid that your memory will be wiped when you get back? You’ve already basically violated every rule of the academy today… No, if you’re still standing here waiting for the rescue team, then it means that you won’t be punished. It’s impossible for you to achieve that with your status, which means there’s someone even higher supporting you, guaranteeing that you won’t be punished. In the entire academy, only…”

“Enough!” The smile finally disappeared from Li Cheng’s face. He rubbed his temples in exasperation. “Sometimes being too smart isn’t a good thing. Xiao Lin, let me give you some advice; you shouldn’t ask questions that shouldn’t be asked. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee what I’ll do next. You might be very important to Dawn Academy, but compared to our plans, you pale in comparison!”