Eternal Reverence

Chapter 834: Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust

Chapter 834: Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust

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Reading through apex sword technique manuals was very beneficial to Li Fuchen. At least, he knew that an apex sword technique was a sword diagram.

In other words, to create the 8th rank of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique, a sword diagram must be sketched.

The sword diagram wasn’t two-dimensional, it was three-dimensional and it was a perfect combination of body and sword dao law.

With Li Fuchen’s terrifying thought process, the sword diagram of the 8th rank was first outlined and the contents within the outline was quickly filled up.

Due to the concentration, Li Fuchen forgot about time and his eyes had nothing but the sword diagram.

As time passed by, the sword diagram which was an inanimate object felt as though it had a heartbeat. There was an indescribably vitality that spread out.

“The sword diagram has life. It also means that an apex cultivation technique has life.” Li Fuchen had an enlightenment.

With this birth of enlightenment, Li Fuchen’s creation speed of the sword diagram became faster.

The number of human body mysteries covered started from the original 8 and grew to 10, 12… 15…

At the same time, the sword intent within the sword diagram was getting increasingly stronger.

Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Technique wasn’t able to progress into an apex cultivation technique, not because of the sword intent, but the cultivation technique itself.

Because the Primary Extreme Sword Art was already at tg apex state for a long time, but the Primary Extreme Sword Technique and the Primary Extreme Sword Art were actually a single entity. As long as the cultivation technique reached the requirement, it would be an ease to increase it to the apex state.

18… 19… 20.


When the sword diagram covered 21 human body mysteries, Li Fuchen’s instinct told him that this was already the limit. Any more would break the stability of the sword diagram.

When the final two dots of the sword diagram were connected, the entire sword diagram suddenly glowed. A horrific sword intent was radiating out frenziedly.

The strength of the sword intent actually exceeded unrated apex state and reached 3rd rate apex state.

It also meant that Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Technique was comparable with the Skyless Sword Tiger Technique. In fact, it had already surpassed the Skyless Sword Tiger Technique. After all, the Skyless Sword Tiger Technique only involved 20 human body mysteries and had one lesser than the Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

When the sword diagram was completed, a surging sword energy poured into the sword diagram from Li Fuchen’s dantian.

After experiencing a series of tempering, compressing, and transmuting, the sword energy that flowed out from the sword diagram was more than ten times stronger, it might be a few dozen times stronger. Concurrently, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was rapidly increasing. Visible to the eye, the sky above Li Fuchen’s secret room was gathering unending amounts of heaven and earth energy. They then funneled into Li Fuchen’s body before going into the sword diagram.

“This commotion?”

In the Swordsmen Guild headquarters, the Phenomenon Sword Saint and the Mystic Deep Sword Saint were alerted.

“Could Elder Li be progressing into a saint?” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint was guessing.

Only the progression to a saint could produce such a huge commotion.

The Phenomenon Sword Saint shook his head, “No, it isn’t like a progression to a saint, it is more like…”

“Cultivation technique break through!” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint thought of something and had an appalled expression.

Since Li Fuchen wasn’t progressing into a saint, it meant that his cultivation technique was going through a breakthrough.

Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique was close to apex state and if it broke through, it would be a fearsome apex cultivation technique.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint might have comprehended the 2nd rate apex sword art, the Mystic Deep Sword Art, his cultivation technique was only at the unrated apex state. It was the same for the Phenomenon Sword Saint.

It was too difficult to have a breakthrough in cultivation technique as it involved the evolution of life and source of bloodline.

If a saint didn’t comprehend an apex martial art or apex cultivation technique, the lifespan of the saint would be around 100,000 years to 200,000 years. Basically, each cultivation level would increase the lifespan by 10,000 years.

But if an apex martial art was comprehended, the bloodline would receive nourishment from a higher level of law. The lifespan would be further increased, but the increase wouldn’t be excessive.

But if an apex cultivation technique was comprehended, the bloodline would be evolved at its roots and there would be an excessive increase in lifespan. By then, it would be easy to live up to a few million years. Of course, it would be dependent on the rank of the cultivation technique.

In legends, a saint that comprehended supreme rate cultivation technique would have a lifespan that would be on par with the universe. As long as the universe didn’t extinguish, the saint wouldn’t die, unless the saint was killed.

Once the cultivation technique reached the apex state, the cultivation speed would also reach a horrifying level. The Swordsmen Guild had records that the cultivation speed of a 2nd rate apex cultivation technique was the same as to absorb spirit qi from peak-grade spirit stones.

After 81 revolutions, Li Fuchen stopped absorbing heaven and earth energy.

The Black Whirlpool Fruit was only effective for three days, it wouldn’t be wise to waste time on cultivation.

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and looked at the timer tool on the side.

“Only half a day has passed by?”

The creation of the 7th rank of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique took him half a month, but the creation of the 8th rank took him only half a day. Such efficiency was far more than ten times.

“The Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword patterns are too profound and it is hard to comprehend all of it within two and a half days.”

Li Fuchen immediately eliminated the choice to comprehend the sword patterns in the Joint-Heaven Sword.

The Sword Spirit could connect the sword patterns because the Sword Spirit was the same entity as the Joint-Heaven Sword and there was basically no obstruction.

For Li Fuchen to comprehend the sword patterns, it was the same difficulty as to comprehend a top rate apex sword art. It was too difficult and it would be impossible even if Li Fuchen was a saint.

There were only two choices left. To comprehend the Hand of Sun or to comprehend the Skyline Sword Art.

After a comparison, Li Fuchen chose the Skyline Sword Art.

Li Fuchen was a swordsman after all and had a preference towards sword arts.

As for the Splendor Sword Art and Primary Extreme Sword Technique, they were still rather crude. A lot of time was required to perfect them and the benefits weren’t significant. It was different for the Skyline Sword Art. Li Fuchen had already read it 100 times and had already memorized the moves in his heart. He just had to comprehend it according to the moves.

In his mind, there was an illusory Li Fuchen that started to practice the Skyline Sword Art from the first move, Sky Earth Roam.

First move, second move, third move…

Sixth move.

Li Fuchen didn’t study on the first six moves of the Skyline Sword as he simply practiced them repeatedly.

The concentrated skyline sword intent was constantly accumulating. Finally, after an unknown number of repetition, there was a new skyline sword intent that burst out.

Seventh move, Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust.

Inside the mind, the illusory Li Fuchen was connected with the sword and had turned into a translucent dragon. It flew extremely fast and thrust through. The instantaneous speed and burst power was simply incomparable.

“The seventh move is obviously the combination of the first move, Sky Earth Roam, and the sixth move, Sky Man Desire Slash.”

The translucent dragon dispersed and Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up with radiance.

The Skyline Sword Art had a total of nine moves and Li Fuchen had already comprehended seven moves. With another two moves, he would comprehend everything.

The seven moves might not be fully proficient, but it was already rather proficient and was enough for Li Fuchen to roam the world.

Next up, Li Fuchen started to study each move.

Among the seven moves of the Skyline Sword Art, apart from the first move, sixth move, and the newly comprehended seventh move, the rest of the sword moves were roughly 3rd rate apex state.

Li Fuchen wanted to push all the moves to 2nd rate apex state and finally push the seventh move, Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust to 1st rate apex state.