Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 423: I’ll Solve It for You

Chapter 423: I’ll Solve It for You

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Freezing Cold didn’t think that Zhou Luo was really crazy. King-class experts at the bottom were exceptionally shrewd because it was hard for them to obtain resources.

Freezing Cold stared at the two masked youths for a moment and carefully looked at the empty Star Web store.

He couldn’t help but suspect that the Star Web store that his Huge Axe Mercenaries comrades had introduced to him to try his luck and see if he could get high-quality Bronze feys by doing odd jobs had a deep background.

When Freezing Cold usually logged onto Star Web, he would spend half of the time on the Celestial Stairway duels and the other half in the Celestial Stairway video library, watching the duel videos. He rarely visited the Star Web forum and never paid attention to some Star Web stores’ gossip.

At that moment, Freezing Cold felt that after returning to the Huge Axe Mercenaries, he had to ask his comrades what this Star Web store was all about.

However, he still thought that maybe he was overthinking it. Maybe he should poke and prod a little.

Lin Yuan was a little surprised to hear Zhou Luo’s words. Zhou Luo actually didn’t directly make a request. Instead, he only said that he would be willing to issue the servant oath if he could help him become stronger.

Although Zhou Luo did not say it, Lin Yuan understood that before Zhou Luo would swear to himself with the Willpower Rune, he had to show what he could give to Zhou Luo.

Just as Lin Yuan was about to give Zhou Luo a promise, Freezing Cold said, “Even if things don’t work out for me, you should take out the Bronze/Epic lizard-species feys that I requested before and let me take a look!”

Hearing Freezing Cold talk about the Bronze/Epic lizard-species feys, Zhou Luo widened his eyes at once, and his breathing became heavier.

Lin Yuan ignored Freezing Cold’s words. Instead, he looked at Zhou Luo and asked, “Your affinity is also toward lizard-species feys, right?”

Zhou Luo nodded at his words.

Lin Yuan waved his hand and summoned a lizard with a body length of nearly four meters and three huge bone plates on its body. Its huge dark-purple bone plate was pointed up. Spirit-snake-like black energy was swimming above the huge bone plate like a drawing board.

This lizard fey’s sharp teeth were like the venomous teeth of a snake fey.

However, when the lizard was summoned and erected its three huge bone plates and roared, its sharp teeth instantly ejected, and the fine hollow sharp teeth wrapped around its lower jaw.

Although the roar was the hissing sound of lizard feys, it was sharper and had the unique intimidation of dragon-species feys.

The moment Zhou Luo saw this lizard fey, he felt his brain rapidly filled with blood, making him a little dizzy. Such an incredible lizard fey that had awakened its dragon-species bloodline at Bronze/Legend was legendary and rare! He was actually lucky to see such a fey in this life!

Based on the youth wearing the strange mask, it seemed that he was going to give this fey to himself.

Lin Yuan found that after he summoned the Dark Snake Dragon Lizard, Zhou Luo’s eyes never left it. He knew that Zhou Luo liked this lizard-species fey, so he said, “This Dark Snake Dragon Lizard is considered a little superior.

“Its exclusive skill, Darkened Body, can effectively help it resist physical damage and increase its movement speed. At the same time, it gives some enhancements to its dark-type abilities.

“Since you’ve chosen to serve me, this Dark Snake Dragon Lizard is the future that I’ll give you.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Zhou Luo’s heart pounded even more violently. Extreme excitement and ecstasy surged to his heart.

Although he had guessed it before, he still felt a bit in disbelief now. This young man wearing a strange mask had actually given such a superior Bronze/Epic fey after he decided to pledge his allegiance.

It was simply a great deal!

When Freezing Cold saw this Dark Snake Dragon Lizard, he felt that he had managed to give up a small goal and had lost 100,000,000.

He had actually given a superior fey like the Dark Snake Dragon Lizard, just like that, to this king-class expert, whose main fey was so pitifully weak and deformed.

Freezing Cold felt that such behavior was simply a defeat.

If this Dark Snake Dragon Lizard was given to him, he would be qualified to try his luck at Ascending Dragon City’s Long family with two dragon-species feys. At the same time, he could be sure that he had underestimated this Star Web store’s background.

Zhou Luo had slowly calmed down from his excitement and hurriedly stood up from the stool before he respectfully said to Lin Yuan, “Master, Zhou Luo is at your disposal from now on.”

When Lin Yuan heard Zhou Luo’s words, the corners of his mouth under the strange mask curved up.

“Come over right away to the Royal Capital according to the address I sent you. After you swear with the Willpower Rune, you can also take this Dark Snake Dragon Lizard and nurture it early.”

As Zhou Luo was about to thank him, Lin Yuan added, “The sarcoma on your Iron Bone Iguana’s neck is mutating in a good direction. It just needs extremely pure fire-element energy to prompt the completion of its mutation. When you come to the Royal Capital, I can solve it for you.”

Zhou Luo’s body trembled from the pleasant surprise. At this time, he was far more surprised than he was when he knew he was going to get the Dark Snake Dragon Lizard.

Zhou Luo could be said to have lived with the Iron Bone Iguana since a young age. In order to survive, it was unknown how many times they had experienced life and death together.

Zhou Luo didn’t have other feys, so he had poured all his feelings into the Iron Bone Iguana. It could be said that the Iron Bone Iguana was akin to his life.

Zhou Luo’s face was red with excitement, and his lips were trembling a little as he said, “Master, you have heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls?”

Zhou Luo was also bewildered. Master Duan Li had discovered the Iron Bone Iguana’s mutation only after some examination.

However, that young man wearing a strange mask had seen right through the real reason for the sarcoma on the Iron Bone Iguana’s neck with a single glance.

Lin Yuan was slightly stunned when he heard Zhou Luo talk about the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls. Then he remembered what Gao Feng had said before. After the Elemental Shellfish were induced to mutate, the elemental pearls they produced were divided into several grades depending on the purity of the aura absorbed.

The heavenly-maiden-grade was the highest grade of the elemental pearls.

Since the elemental pearls in his hands absorbed the spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, it could be said that the purity was almost 100%. The heavenly-maiden-grade was also a supreme existence.

Lin Yuan had previously thought that Zhou Luo did not know the cause of the sarcoma on the Iron Bone Iguana’s neck, but he did not expect Zhou Luo to know about it very well.

“Yes, I’ve some heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls that contain fire-element energy produced by the Scorching Elemental Shellfish.”