Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 697 - Giving Everything in Exchange

Chapter 697: Giving Everything in Exchange

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A large expanse of earth covered with jagged rocks.

Most of the rocks were so dry that they had cracked. It was as though they had not been touched by rain in over a hundred years.

A gust of gale rolled across and hammered a pile of rocks into dust.

The gale picked up the shattered rock pieces, and a tornado of rock fragments was quickly formed.

The surface of the earth was a deserted wasteland, but under the earth, a spark of life was hibernating within.

However, no matter how strong that lifeforce was, there was still no sun underground.

Luckily, there were a few rocks that radiated dim light and saved the underground world from total darkness.


Currently, clanging noises were resonating from an underground mine.

There were a few roars of insults being hurled intermixed in with cries of fear and pleas of mercy. But every time a cry of fear and plea of mercy was let out, the insults grew in intensity.

The crack of a whip sounded out in tandem with the insults. The sudden cracks of the whip momentarily quelled the clanging noises.

Suddenly, a skinny young man dressed in rags dashed out of the mine. His whole body was covered with bloody whip marks.

A fat middle-aged man leading a leashed black leopard chased after the young man.

The middle-aged man did not continue chasing. Instead, he looked at the bloodied, skinny young man derisively.

The young man had reached a security tape made of charcoal that was almost four meters long. He looked behind him at the fat middle-aged man and black leopard, gnashed his teeth, and walked forward onto the charcoal despite being barefooted.

He fought through the burning pain and ran as quickly as he could through the charcoal.

When he was about to reach the end of the charcoal, while his feet were almost burnt to a mangled mess, a loud roar accompanied razor-sharp claws that slashed across the young man’s back.

The young man fell into the freezing black river on the other side of the charcoal.

The fat middle-aged man looked at the young man that had fallen into the river and screamed, “Damn! Underground Shadow Leopard, why didn’t you strike him more accurately? Next time, attack his head!”

The black river carried the young man into an uneven pile of rocks.

The young man’s injured back hit the pile of rocks, and the pain shocked the young man awake. He took the chance to grab hold of the pile of rocks and agonizingly climbed up the structure.

When he reached the top of the pile, the young man fell onto a platform that was less than a meter wide. The claw marks on his back and burned feet caused the young man so much pain that he felt his soul was about to crumble.

In the dead of night, it was extremely frigid. Moreover, the young man’s entire body had just been soaked in the freezing black river for an unknown amount of time.

The combined effects of the pain and cold caused the young man’s entire body to go numb.

He stretched out his hands and used all the strength he could muster to ball his palms into fists.

A black willpower that looked like a blade condensed on the young man’s fists as he muttered, “I, Bei Xu, must have my revenge! I need to avenge my father, mother, and older sister! I’m willing to give up everything in order to have my revenge!”

At that moment, Bei Xu suddenly started to laugh with self-ridicule.

Tears flowed down from his reddened eyes.

In all his time on this earth, he felt that his life had amounted to nothing.

His consciousness ebbed and weakened in the cold darkness.

He finally let his heavy lids close.

In a luxurious palace, a young girl was flipping through a book.

While she was paging through the book, her eyes were not fixed on the page. In fact, her eyes were covered by a white cloth.

The young girl’s chest was puffed, her head was straight, and she looked extremely elegant.

Her fingers were feeling across the heavy book’s pages. There was also something different about this book.

Normal books were flat and had pages that were covered with beautiful words. However, the book laying on this girl’s lap had wooden pages, and each word on the page was a bump etched into the wood.

She was carefully feeling the wooden-paged book.

Perhaps it was because they had been touched so many times, but some of the words had been subtly stained red.

At that moment, a maidservant dressed in black and white walked in and whispered respectfully, “Miss, Master, and Mistress are calling you to dinner.”

The maidservant bowed but did not receive a reply. She then lifted her head and walked over to the young girl with a white cloth over her eyes.

The maidservant knew that the young girl was too engrossed in reading.

When the maidservant walked over to the young girl, she immediately noticed the bloodstained pages.

The maidservant’s gaze softened with heartache. She gently lifted the young girl’s hand off from the book and quickly used a piece of cloth tied around her wrist to wrap the young girl’s fingers.

“Miss, you promised me that you won’t read for longer than two hours. Luckily, I prepared a band that can stem bleeding in advance. Otherwise, your parents would be heartbroken to see the state of your fingers at dinner,” said Sisi.

The young girl with a cloth over her eyes allowed Sisi to bandage her fingers before she gently touched Sisi’s eyes with her palm.

After she ascertained who the maidservant was, the young girl’s previous calmness was replaced with cheerfulness.

“Sisi, the sea dolphins I saw in the book were blue, and the irises were purple. Mom said that the sky is blue and amethysts are purple.” The girl with a cloth over her eyes became slightly downhearted. “But Mom never told me what blue or purple means.”

Sisi listened to the blindfolded young girl talk with unspeakable sadness and heartache.

A blind person had no concept of the blue sky, purple amethysts, or any color at all. Thus, it was pointless to try to describe it.

Her Master and Mistress gave everything to their daughter, and she even had the talent to become a spirit qi professional.

She had also comprehended two Willpower Runes with mind willpower, but she still could not see.

It would be a burden to contract feys.

Sisi racked her brain before her eyes lit up, and she said, “Miss, you can try thinking of it this way. The one that makes you happy is blue, while the one that surprises you is purple.”

The blindfolded young girl dissolved into giggles. The young girl’s laughter was like a thousand birds, and the sound soothed anyone who heard it.

“Then, you are definitely blue, while the strawberry jam I ate yesterday was purple! The thought of you always makes me happy, while getting to eat the strawberry jam that Mom personally made surprised me.”

At that moment, the blindfolded young girl stretched out her hand and covered her eyes.

“I want to see the color of the sky, amethysts, sea dolphins, irises, and the strawberry jam made by Mom! I also want to see how Dad, Mom, Grandpa Butler, and Sisi look like. If my wish can be fulfilled, I’m willing to give everything I have in exchange.”