Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 944 - I’m Here

Chapter 944: I’m Here

The doctor looked at him and rejected him without thinking. “You can’t. It’s not a private delivery room, so family should try to wait outside.”

“Doctor, please. I’m a police officer. I didn’t go home last night. My wife was about to give birth in the morning, and it was someone else who called me. I’m still on duty, but I promised her that I would be by her side during the delivery. If I can’t do that, I want her to at least know that I’m here, is that okay?”

This was the most sincere request from a man who was a husband and a police officer.

After the doctor heard his speech, he turned around and asked his assistant, “Can you arrange it? After all, no one can reject such a husband.”

“I’ll go and ask.” The nurse immediately went into the delivery room. A moment later, the nurse walked out again. “You can go in, but you only have two minutes, is that okay?”

“That’s enough.” Tang Yan immediately nodded.

“Then I’ll take you to sterilize and put on a sterile suit.” The nurse immediately reached out to Tang Yan. “This way, please.”

Very soon, Tang Yan changed into a sterile suit and put on a mask. After waiting for the nurse to inform him, he finally entered through the automatic door anxiously.

Behind the door, Feng Shanshan was lying on the bed. Because of the throbbing pain, her head was already covered in cold sweat.

Tang Yan immediately walked over and got down in front of her. “I’m here.”

Feng Shanshan did not have the time to see the man’s face clearly when she heard the two words, “I’m here.”

The man’s familiar body temperature and smell gradually made Feng Shanshan feel that it was real. She did not expect him to really rush over.

“Be strong. It’s okay. Trust the doctors and nurses. I’ll wait for you outside.”

It was not until Tang Yan stood up that Feng Shanshan could see the man’s face clearly. His face was full of anxiety, and he was also very nervous.

“Go out. There are other women here. I’m fine.” Feng Shanshan was satisfied and regained her composure.

As this was not a private delivery room, they had to care about others.

Tang Yan nodded and leaned over to plant a kiss on her forehead. “Even after the baby is born, the most important thing in my heart is still you.”

After saying that, Tang Yan let go of her hand and turned around to leave the delivery room.

Everything was worth it. Even if she had to endure the pain of giving birth, even if she had to endure all the hardships, with what Tang Yan said just now, she felt that everything was worth it.

“Your husband has already done better than most husbands,” the doctor said in her ear. “Happy Delivery Woman, go for it.”


Outside the door, Tang Yan had already taken off his sterile clothes and now stood with Mama Sheng and the others. Other than thanking them, he didn’t know what else to say.

“You are Jianchuan’s godson-in-law, and also my godson-in-law. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Shen family or the Sheng family. We know about your situation. You don’t have any other relatives at home. You can just rest assured and leave her to us to take care,” Mama Sheng said very gently to Tang Yan.

At that moment, Tang Yan’s phone rang.

“Go answer it.”

Tang Yan’s heart was filled with Feng Shanshan, so he was a little annoyed when he received a call from the branch. Even while giving birth, his wife wasn’t able to have peace.

Even so, he still picked up the phone. On the other end of the line, Old Cheng reported to him.

“Captain Tang, I got the surveillance footage from the traffic control department. I know when Lou Zhao’s body was moved into the van.”

“You go back to the station first. We’ll talk when I get back,” Tang Yan replied.

“Okay.” Old Cheng hung up.

However, a few seconds later, someone else called. Tang Yan had no choice but to end the call without even answering and he called the chief directly. “Chief, I’m taking a leave of absence.”

“At such a critical moment of a murder case, why are you taking a leave of absence? You’re not allowed to sleep.” The chief firmly rejected Tang Yan’s request.

“My wife is giving birth and doesn’t have any family around her.” Tang Yan’s voice was a little choked up. “Please take charge of the situation for the time being.”

The chief was stunned for a few seconds before he calmed down. “You stay in the hospital and accompany your wife properly. I’ll handle this.”

“Thank you, Chief.”


At Banyan Courtyard, Mu Qiqi paced around the living room anxiously. She did not know if Feng Shanshan had successfully given birth or if Tang Yan had gone to the hospital.

She wanted to call Mama Sheng, but she did not want to distract them at such a life-or-death moment.

Then, when it was close to noon, Sheng Xiao returned home from Zhongteng, bringing with him a certain chilly atmosphere.

Mu Qiqi hurried over. “Why are you back?”

“They’re all in the hospital. You need to be taken care of too.” Sheng Xiao put down his coat and changed into his black slippers.

“Xiao Xiao, did Captain Tang go to the hospital?” Mu Qiqi chased after him and asked.

“He’s there, so it’s not your place to worry.” Sheng Xiao helped her sit down on the sofa.

“That’s good.” Mu Qiqi finally breathed a sigh of relief. “I can’t imagine how painful it would be to have a child.”

Sheng Xiao turned around to look at her and then at her bulging belly. She was already eight months pregnant. There was just a short while to go. He was the one who should be nervous.

“It’s not as exaggerated as you think. Don’t scare yourself.”

“I don’t believe that you won’t be nervous when the time comes.” Mu Qiqi saw through the man’s calm expression and pounded his chest again.

After lunch, Mu Qiqi calmed down. Even though she was very anxious, she could not resist the sudden drowsiness. She could only go back to her room and lie down. She instructed Sheng Xiao to inform her immediately if there was any news about Feng Shanshan.

A moment later, Shen Jianchuan arrived and went to the study with his son-in-law.

“I went to the Lou family’s home to see what happened. Lou Zhao disappeared after he got off work that night. No one knows where he went. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for the police to investigate this.”

“Who will be in charge of the Lou family from now on?” Sheng Xiao sat on the chair as he asked.

“His son, Lou Zichen,” Shen Jianchuan answered with a frown. “This kid is very capable. He doesn’t lose out to his father at all. However, I’m afraid that if this matter is related to the Song family, then Lou Zichen might become the next target.”

“If this matter really has something to do with the Song family, I’ll go and see him,” Sheng Xiao looked at his father-in-law and said seriously.

If this was caused by the Song family, then he was also responsible for Lou Zhao’s death.

“Eighth Brother, this has nothing to do with you…”

“It’s settled then.”

Shen Jianchuan nodded and did not say anything more. After all, this was not what he wanted to see.

If this really was the work of the Song family, then he must make the Song family pay with blood.


12:30 p.m.

Following a loud cry, Feng Shanshan and Tang Yan’s child was finally born. Just as Song Qiaozhi had expected, it was a little boy.

The child was quickly carried out by the nurse. Mama Sheng and Fifth Aunt rushed over, but Tang Yan kept looking into the delivery room because he was most concerned about Feng Shanshan.

“The mother is fine. She’s just too tired and is resting now.” The nurse saw him looking for her and quickly comforted him.