Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1609 - Mysterious Princess (4)

Chapter 1609: Mysterious Princess (4)

Granny Gong was a veteran maid, and this wasn’t her first time visiting the grassland, so she had to know something.

But this time, she avoided Feng Wu’s eyes.

She avoided her?

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes involuntarily and found it rather odd.

However, as the head maid in charge of the daily affairs in the crown prince’s residence, Granny Gong reacted quickly. After a brief moment of awkwardness, she was back to her normal self.

Granny Gong quietly walked to Feng Wu’s side and said in a low voice, “This Princess Ranmil is the most special figure on the Senal Grassland. Legend has it that she’s the embodiment of the moon goddess and can communicate with the eternal sky.”

Feng Wu asked, “What?”

Granny Gong went on, “But it’s true that she can control the essence of grass and wood, and she has amazing medical skills. Here on the Senal Grassland, she’s known as the young holy physician.”

Feng Wu said, “Really?”

Granny Gong added, “It’s said that she was born on an eternal-night day, and a luminous bead appeared in the sky because of her birth, and lingered there until the sun rose again three days later.

“Princess Ranmil is the pearl and messiah of the grassland. All the grasslanders worship her.

“She’s as untouchable as a goddess. She’s pure and kind.

“Common herdsmen don’t dare to look her in the eye when they meet her, and will only kiss the grass she walks on.

“So —”

Granny Gong reminded Feng Wu in a solemn tone, “You must be very careful and cautious around Princess Ranmil.”

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes.

Did such an innocent, harmless, and pure girl really exist in the world?

By then, Princess Ranmil had arrived.


Sefiro jumped to her feet in pleasant surprise when she saw Ranmil. She yelled, “Sister, come here quickly! They’re killing Lady Tung here! Come here!”

They were both princesses. While Sefiro was jumping up and down anxiously, Ranmil remained as noble as a goddess.

She seemed to walk at a quick and graceful pace when she actually wasn’t that fast at all.

Meanwhile, everyone seemed amazed by her elegant and innocent demeanor.

She seemed to have a pure air about her, which drew all attention.

Moreover, she had a unique and faint scent on her, which was pure and cool.

Even Emperor Wu, who had arrived late, couldn’t help but feel attracted.

“What’s wrong with Lady Tung?” Ranmil had a beautiful voice, which gave everyone the impression of beads landing on a plate.

Sefiro was about to speak, when Ranmil gave a little wave to silence her.

Sefiro had been on edge, but when her sister was around, she acted so obedient, as if she didn’t know what anger was.

Ranmil frowned after checking the lady’s pulse. “Lady Tung’s condition is serious. Why are you still stalling? Keep putting it off and both the mother and child will be in danger.”

Sefiro said, “Well…”

Ranmil frowned. “She needs Sunleave Grass to relieve the cold energy in her. Quickly, go fetch some Sunleave Grass.”

Sunleave Grass?

The crowd was surprised.

Master Chu had mentioned that grass earlier as well before Lady Tung passed out. That was to say, if Ranmil’s diagnosis was correct, so was Master Chu’s.

Embarrassed, Sefiro kept blinking at Ranmil.

Ranmil looked at her in bewilderment. “Sister, is there something wrong with your eyes? Hold on. After I treat Lady Tung, I’ll treat them for you.”